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C13 Interesting

He put one hand on her round shoulder and the other slowly moved toward her, as if checking something.

"Tsk, tsk... I didn't expect you to be so petite. This place doesn't disappoint me."

Looking at his disdainful expression, Tang Xia was so shocked that her eyes widened. This bastard, what was he doing with his hands?

"You pervert, let go of me!"

"Didn't you say I'm gay? You haven't even started, and you're already afraid?"

"You're not gay, you're just a wolf."

Without any effort, he pressed her moving body against his face and whispered softly into her ear, "I'll teach you what a normal man would do to his wife."

His voice was as gentle as water, but when it reached Tang Xia's ears, it was as if it came from hell.


A big hole was torn in her sapphire blue dress, revealing a large piece of snow-white skin. Mu Ling Feng's fiery gaze admired her, and he did not hide the desire in his eyes at all. It was like just looking at her was enough to make her feel uncomfortable.

'This man is really... Crazy!'

Tang Xia was scared stiff. Her red lips pursed into a trace of paleness, and she did not know how sexy this small action of hers was.

"I'm in the wrong. Don't be like this. I won't say that you are Gay anymore. I won't say anything else. Let me go!" She begged for mercy in a panic. She did not care about her dignity anymore. In front of this dangerous man, forcing herself was just asking for trouble.

"Unfortunately, it's too late." He reached out his hand and gently held her chin. The heat from his fingertips burned her fair skin.

If in this world, any apology was useful, then the world would be in chaos.

As if she could feel the desire in his eyes, Tang Xia's slender and weak body twisted and turned with all her might. Her pure and clean face was beautiful and helpless.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!"

He lowered his head and bit her collarbone with punishing force. Only when he heard her painful cry did he loosen his grip. He gently licked her inch by inch, rubbing and rubbing.

His hot breath was fatal.

"Don't... Get lost! Let go of me!"

She was pressed onto the sofa and couldn't move. This feeling was fear, despair, helplessness, and discomfort.

She did not know when her dress had been torn into pieces, but her light blue bra was like a blue enchantress that wrapped around her fair skin. This was her last line of defense, and the woman's graceful figure was undoubtedly exposed.

A sense of shame that she had never felt before surged into her heart. She had never been so naked in front of a man.

A tear rolled out like a crystal.

Mu Ling Feng's movements paused.

At this moment, Tang Xia was like a rose that had been blown by the wind. She was weak and lovable.

His slender hands picked up the hair on the side of her face and lowered his head to kiss her dry tears. Mu Ling Feng stood up solemnly, picked up a velvet blanket, and covered her body, suppressing the flames that were rampaging in her body.

The thing that he couldn't stand the most was a woman's tears.

As soon as her body was freed, Tang Xia retreated with all her might to a corner of the sofa. She curled up and covered herself with the small blanket.

He looked at her without batting an eyelid. It was unknown whether her face had turned red from anger or bashfulness, but it was indescribably enchanting and alluring.


Tang Xia's heart skipped a beat. She found it hard to imagine what had just happened to her. Mu Ling Feng, who looked down on everything in front of the screen, had actually... She had almost lost her chastity.

Absolutely not. The most beautiful and precious thing could only be left to the person she loved, and the person who loved her deeply, could only be left to Jing Chen.

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