The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C14 A Truckload of Blue Amber for You
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The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C14 A Truckload of Blue Amber for You
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C14 A Truckload of Blue Amber for You

But he'd kissed her hard, and he'd almost seen her. How was this Gay? This was something that was worse than a beast, but at this moment, she didn't dare to say another word. She didn't dare to challenge his patience and touch his bottom line.

"Alright, don't look at me with such a gaze. I don't want to force you right now, but one day, you will be willing to do it."

Dream on!

Tang Xia could only feel that her brain was in a daze. She sat on the sofa for a long time and did not dare to move for a long time.

"You are now my wife, and no matter what I do to you, it's just a couple's duty. I will give you time to prepare, and you must accept me as soon as possible."


'Dream of a bright day!'

"I'm not your wife, and I don't even know you. I already have a boyfriend. Please don't be so overbearing, okay? I know you have a lot of power, but please don't deprive me of my love. Apart from Lan Huber, I really only have him."

Him? The him she was talking about?

Her brows furrowed slightly as she looked at her delicate face with a cold gaze. "Tell me, what's the name of that man?"

"He..." Looking at the cold and ruthless light in Mu Ling Feng's eyes, Tang Xia swallowed back the words that she was about to say. "This is my private matter. It's not convenient for me to tell you."

Very good!

A trace of hostility flashed across the man's eyes, "Do you think I won't know if you don't tell me? My woman, Mu Ling Feng, will never allow you to cheat on me."

An affair? Between her and him, there was no need to use the word extramarital affair.

Mu Ling Feng narrowed her long, narrow eyes, and a trace of malice flashed across her eyes. She stood up, straightened the tie on her neck, and glared at her, "You better be obedient. I like obedient women."

She kept saying that she was his wife and that she was obedient. She, Tang Xia, was not familiar with this man.

"There are a lot of women in the capital who dream about becoming your wife. Among them, there are many women who are better than me and have better backgrounds than me. Why do you keep pestering me?"

Pester her?

This was the first time Mu Ling Feng had ever heard someone use such a word for him. For some reason, a trace of indescribable feeling appeared in the bottom of her heart. Was she being despised?

"What others can't do, you can do it in one stroke. Why don't you treasure it? With your current position, those women will go crazy with jealousy."

Her sharp gaze was like a sharp dagger. "I am not the same as those women. I only want what belongs to me, and what does not belong to me. I don't want it. That blue amber is really very important to me."

"It's just a piece of blue amber. What is the point of it? If you like it, I'll give you a car another day. "

"No, all the blue amber in the world is not as important as it. They are not as valuable as it."

"No worries. You are my woman now. I will give you whatever you want. A mere blue amber, why are you so precious?"

"It's none of your business. I'm not your woman either."

"You just signed it, and you want to deny it? Oh right, you seem to have a recording pen with you?"

Damn it! This was simply an insult to her intelligence.

She blamed herself for being careless. Originally, she thought that there was nothing to lose. She was so poor that she was left with nothing but her entire body. She didn't expect that Mu Ling Feng would just happen to want her.

"Tang Xia, no matter what, you can't change the situation right now. You are the Young Grandmother of the Mu Family. Everyone in the capital knows that you are the one who will take my hand and enter the wedding hall. This is your fate. Just accept your fate!"

Mu Ling Feng got up and left the bedroom. The maid brought her new clothes, and after changing, she ran out of the castle-like garden villa as if her life depended on it.

Mu Ling Feng stood in the corridor on the second floor and watched her petite figure walk further and further away. He felt a trace of disappointment in his heart.

"Mu Shao, do we really not need to chase after Young Grandmother?" Yang Yi asked from behind.

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