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"Tang Yao, what are you saying? She's your sister, how can she be anything? Look at you, where did you find the character and character that a young miss of a Qian Jin should have, and what are you wearing all day long? "

Hearing Tang Jin Yuan's not light nor heavy reprimand, Tang Yao did not bother to respond. He walked in front of Tang Xia and her sharp gaze seemed to want to stab a hole into her face.

"Compared to this fake seductress, I'm not even close to her."

Tang Xia was very clear on the reason why she had come today. She did not want to waste her saliva on this woman, and sooner or later, she would definitely take back all the humiliation she had suffered.

She reached out to pull the sleeve of Tang Jin Yuan's suit. "Please take me to see daddy, okay? "I'll leave after I ask."

Her gentle voice sounded in the air, causing people to be unable to help but feel tender towards her.


He coldly looked at Tang Yao, signalling for her to be quiet, and walked up the stairs.

The second floor was finally a bit quieter. There were no servants, and there were no sharp-tongued stepmother and Tang Yao. Tang Jin Yuan's footsteps were not fast, and the two of them did not say anything along the way.

"Father is in the study now. Go!" Do you want me to wait here for you? "

"..." This sentence sounded like protection?

The character of this brother of Wen Wen's and Tang Yao's were far, far different.

"Thank you. No need for that. Go and busy yourself first!" I'll be out soon, and I'll leave as soon as I come out. "

"Then... "Alright."

Tang Jin Yuan watched her as she walked into the study. After standing for a while, he withdrew his gaze.

The window of the study was facing west, and the setting sun was shining through the half-open curtains. The entire room was bathed in an orange light.

Hearing the sound of footsteps as someone came in, his father turned his chair around and pushed his glasses up on his face. After seeing the person's appearance, his expression suddenly sank.

"Why are you here? You clearly know that you are not welcome here, why are you still here? "

"Daddy …"

"Don't scream anymore in the future!" This kinship that does not need to exist, does not need to be protected by this form of address. "

She embarrassedly bit her lips, and solemnly nodded her head, "I just wanted to ask, did you really accept Mu Family's betrothal gift?"

His father sighed deeply, "I was just saying, why did you suddenly come to find me. In the end, it's still for the money. Yes, I did accept it, but it doesn't mean anything. Your account has already been taken away. From now on, you are not a member of my Tang Clan."

"Why do you want to collect the money?"

"Did you come because you want to go back? Our Tang Clan is a business family. I think you should understand, after the goods on the shelves are sold out, who will be the one to get the proceeds? "

Heh … The goods on the shelves?

In her father's eyes, she was just a product that anyone on the shelf could buy.

Her existence had always been a burden, a disgrace. Her father had long wanted to kick her away. No matter who she was, as long as she was a male, he would be willing to do so.

This was her father. What family love, what blood was thicker than water, all of this was a lie.

"You can't accept those things without my permission."

"You have no right to say such words." His father replied with a furious glare. It was as if looking at her would hurt his eyes.

Tang Xia didn't understand when did he become so cold-blooded and heartless.

"Why would you do that? "You have never cared about me. On what basis do you control my happiness, my life?"

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