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The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C17 Pile His Life into It
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C17 Pile His Life into It

"Because it was my mistake to bring you into this world, so I have to be responsible for your life."

[Is this the so-called responsibility?]

It seemed to be just to get rid of her burden.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she held back the sadness in her heart. Tang Xia said in a low voice, "Dad, this is the last time I will call you dad. From now on, I have nothing to do with you anymore."

"I think so too, so please don't appear in the Tang family in the future, and don't tell anyone that you are the daughter of my Tang family."

Every word was like a knife that could kill without spilling blood.

She came out of the study in a daze. At the end of the corridor, a black figure stood there and looked at her from afar.

She tried her best to not be sad or sad. When she arrived in front of Tang Jin Yuan, she deliberately sped up and ran down the stairs as if she was fleeing, out of the door.

Perhaps because she ran too fast, she fell heavily to the ground when she stepped out of the door. Her snow white knees were broken, and a few inhumane old women stood on the grass and laughed at her.

"Are you alright?"

A white hand reached out. Tang Xia glanced at Tang Jin Yuan, but she did not put her hand on his palm. She tenaciously got up and limped out of the manor.

Perhaps because he was worried, Tang Jin Yuan couldn't help but follow her out. He parked the car beside her and rolled down the window, "Xia Xia, I'm sorry."

She stopped in her tracks. Looking at Tang Jin Yuan's sincere face, Tang Xia's eyes flashed with a hint of amusement, "What are you apologizing for? It has nothing to do with you. "

"I know. They don't really like you and have done a lot of things to hurt you. I'll apologize to you on their behalf." He slowly drove beside Tang Xia. No matter how slow she walked, he would drive as slowly as she could.

"No need. You can leave now! Don't have anything to do with me, before I get sick of you." Tang Xia turned around and walked into a small alley. There was no way she could drive in here.

After returning to her own small rented house, she took out the key and opened the door. Everything in the house was in a mess, as if it had been burglarized.

The landlady came over with a 20cm tall popcorn. Her eyes seemed to be shining as she looked at the expensive dress she was wearing. "Xia Xia, weren't you taken away by a group of very rich men? Why are you here now? Fortunately, I didn't rent out the house. I knew that you would definitely come back to take a look."

"Thank you, Mrs. Wu. I'm a little tired. I want to rest. Good night." She locked the door and leaned behind it in silence.

Her gaze suddenly stopped on the delicate small box.

"Thank goodness you're still here." She put the small box in her heart. At that moment, the hole in her heart seemed to be filled in an instant.

"Jing Chen, why are you still not back? Why aren't you back yet?"

She opened the box and put the sapphire ring on her right hand. This was a gift from Jing Chen on Valentine's Day this year. He even said that the ring represented his interest in it.

If he dyed her finger, he would take her for the rest of her life!

Thinking of this, a certain part of her body started to ache. She really hoped that everything that had happened in the past two days was just a dream, a nightmare, and that she would wake up after a nap.

She simply cleaned up the bed and the sofa, which seemed to barely be able to accommodate people.

Today, she was really too tired and didn't have the mood to do anything. She sat on the bed and didn't want to move at all. She didn't know how she fell asleep.

She had a nightmare. In her dream, she couldn't breathe. She struggled hard with all the strength in her body and woke up abruptly.

"Ah..." She screamed in fright. Above her eyelashes, there was a charming face.

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