The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C2 There Was a Woman Hiding Here
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The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C2 There Was a Woman Hiding Here
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C2 There Was a Woman Hiding Here

A powerful aura filled the air, and the air in the dressing room grew colder.

The sound of leather shoes stepping on the floor was very clear, and every step seemed to be beating her heart.

Not good, a big boss is coming in.

This was also the feeling of the hardest monster to fight in an anime. Tang Xia tightened her grip on the wooden box in her hand and could not help but take a step back. The changing room was not very big, and there was only one exit.

"Jiang...What's your name?" The man's luxurious voice was filled with a hint of coldness.

"My name is Jiang Xin Rou. Y-Your bride."


This was probably the most ridiculous self-introduction Tang Xia had ever heard.

On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom actually did not know the name of the bride? And when the bride was carrying someone else's child, she said to the bridegroom in such a dignified manner, I am your bride. Such disgusting words.

"My bride?" Mu Ling Feng asked back with a light tone; his words were full of sarcasm.

The man called Su Ming did not dare to make a sound.

"In your opinion, I, Mu Ling Feng, am a trash collector?" His words were soft, but they were like a clap of thunder. The gloomy air made it hard for people to breathe. Even Tang Xia, who was hiding in the locker room, couldn't help but tense up.

Damn it, can we fight somewhere else and let her go out first?

She was truly afraid that Mu Feng's anger would burn her tail. She was only here to take back what belonged to her, and she didn't want to be involved with this adulterous couple.

Jiang Xin Rou suppressed the fear in her heart. He was actually saying that she was trash?

She raised her head and met Mu Ling Feng's sharp gaze. Jiang Xin Rou's voice was trembling as she said, "Since Mu Shao already knows, then let us have our way! I'm already pregnant with his child, so I can't marry you. Anyway, we don't have any feelings for each other. We've only met once! To you, I am just a stranger whose name you don't even know. Su Ming and I truly love each other. Please grant us our wish!"

As she finished speaking, Jiang Xin Rou's voice was filled with a heavy sobbing tone.

"Do you think so too?" Mu Ling Feng glanced at Su Ming and asked.

Su Ming did not dare to make a sound. He lowered his head, and his face turned pale inch by inch. He was like a beast on the verge of death, and even begging was unnecessary.

"Yes, yes, that's exactly what he thought! Please grant his wish, Mu Shao!"

Jiang Xin Rou spoke once again, and she almost knelt down in front of the man.

Mu Ling Feng nodded slightly. A few men in one-colored uniform came in from outside the door. After receiving Mu Ling Feng's gaze, they dragged the adulterous couple out.

'Damn! Why are there more and more people?'

Tang Xia nervously took a step back, and when her feet accidentally touched the stool, it made a boom sound.

Even though the sound was not loud, it still could not escape the sharp ears of the people outside the door.

The door was kicked open. A man stood with his back to the light, looking at her with a sinister gaze.

"Hello, hello..."

Tang Xia raised the corner of her pink lips, revealing a foxy smile.

In the next second, she was roughly pulled out by the man and thrown in front of the sofa. "Mu Shao, there is a woman hiding here."

Tang Xia rubbed her wrist that was in pain from being pinched. She slowly raised her gaze and looked up at that noble face.

Mu Ling Feng sat on the sofa, crossed her legs, and looked down at her.

"Mu, Mu Shao, oh, no, Mr. Mu, I am a staff member here. I was tidying up the bride's clothes in the changing room. I didn't hear anything just now, so I was ready..."

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