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The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C20 Young Master Mu Invites You Home
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C20 Young Master Mu Invites You Home

After a long while, Mu Ling Feng nodded slightly, "Alright, I hope that I can see you at home after work. That is our home."

He deliberately emphasized the last sentence, as if he was afraid that she would not be able to hear him.

She angrily walked into the washroom and slammed the door shut, as if she was venting something. By the time she came out, Mu Ling Feng had already left.

She definitely could not stay here any longer. She did not want what happened last night to happen. She could not be lucky enough to escape every time.

After hearing about her past, her good friend, Wen Wen, was stunned speechless for a long time. She even forgot to chew on the potato chips in her mouth as she stared blankly at Tang Xia's inhuman face.

After suddenly seeing the news of Tang Xia and Mu Ling Feng getting married on the news, she still thought that she was dreaming.

Tang Xia reached out her hand and shook her fair shoulder. "Wen Wen, don't be in a daze. You have to take me in. I am homeless now."

"I don't dare. You are the Young Grandmother of the Mu Family now. How could I dare to interfere with the matters between you two? You should go back! Besides, Mu Ling Feng is so handsome, and you don't even know how many women in the capital are crazy for him, obedient, and cherish their marriage. You have already grown up, and you don't need me to protect you anymore. Go back!"

Wen Wen spoke as if she was coaxing a child, and she lovingly reached out her hand to caress her.

"Good girl, you are a good person. You are like a living thunder, and we sisters will never separate from each other for the rest of our lives."

She had used up almost all the good things she could think of.

Finally, Wen Wen nodded and said, "Then, I have to make it clear that if he comes looking for us, I will definitely hand you over honestly."

Tang Xia threw a pillow at him. "You have no conscience. Can't you just say that I've never been here? How dare you betray me? I will never come back to see you again."

As the night slowly fell, Tang Xia sat on the balcony with her chin buried in her knees. She looked towards the west where the sun was gradually setting. Over there was Paris, where Jing Chen was at the moment.

He had been gone for almost a week.

Every day, she had been looking forward to his return. She had been looking forward to his return, but ever since he verified the relationship between her and Mu Ling Feng, she did not want him to come back.

She did not know how to explain herself. She hoped that he would not come back until the relationship between her and Mu Ling Feng was broken.

Jing Chen, you must not come back so quickly.

A man's voice came from outside the door. At first, she thought that it was Wen Wen's boyfriend, so she didn't pay too much attention to it.

She and Wen Wen had known each other since high school. They had known each other for more than seven years. She had been walking around and had many boyfriends, but none of them truly loved her and ended up in the end.

Her long eyelashes trembled, and she felt a little sad in her heart.

"Young Grandmother, Sir wants to invite you home."

The balcony door opened and Yang Yi walked in. The orange light of the sunset shone on his body, and his tall figure looked like a character from a comic.

Tang Xia sat on the balcony without moving. She looked away indifferently, "I'm not going back. I'm not your Young Grandmother."

"Mu Shao told us that if you don't agree, we can forcefully bring you back."

Wen Wen came in from the living room and advised, "Xia Xia, just listen to me. Go back! Although I really want to treat this handsome man to a meal before leaving, he doesn't seem to have time."

So what if he refused? Did she have the right to refuse?

In the end, Tang Xia was still picked up by Yang Yi. When she was stuffed into the black Bentley car, Wen Wen was still leaning against the door with an infatuated look.

Wow! So handsome!

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