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Fortunately Jing Chen had gone abroad, and he had not seen this entire process. Otherwise, it would have caused a lot of misunderstandings.

The well-dressed Mu Ling Feng came in from outside, and his deep eyes stopped at Tang Xia's face. The color of his eyes were slightly startled.

He never had any interest in women, but the face in front of him, was like a ray of light that firmly caught his eye. He walked over and held Tang Xia's hand, and asked: "You, what's your name?"

"I... Mr. Mu, I think we should forget about it! "I'll go back on my word." Tang Xia gently pulled his hand out from the center of his palm and took a step back.

"I ask, what's your name?"

"My name is Tang Xia, but my name doesn't seem to be important, I want to leave."

"Tang Xia!" The man softly said this name, "If you say so, then forget it." I, Mu Ling Feng, do not even have time for you to decide! "

What kind of Overlord clause was this? Tang Xia frowned, flung her hands, and left.

"The wedding is about to begin. You can't afford to screw it up."

"Sir, the wedding has already begun. Please welcome the bride and groom to the ceremony." The host opened the door to the dressing room and respectfully said.

Soon after, the wedding march sounded. There was no other way out. It was as if they were chasing after a duck to fight.

The front hall was lavishly decorated and filled with guests.

It looked to be around four to five hundred people, and many of them had seen their faces on television. There were even many famous celebrities with cameras at the edges of the hall, filming the whole process with 360 degrees without a dead angle. Such a grand wedding, if they messed it up, it would indeed be a huge joke of the Imperial Group.

Seeing that the bride wasn't Jiang Xin Rou, the Jiang family's guest area started to stir slightly, but due to the power of the Mu Family, even if they didn't understand what was going on, it wasn't good to be able to speak up in front of so many media, so they could only muster up their courage and sit in their seats, watching the wild girl who had appeared out of nowhere as she pulled Mu Ling Feng by the arm and walked in front of the host.

They read the wedding vows in front of the witnesses and exchanged rings.

Mu Ling Feng tenderly held up her white hand, and placed a pigeon egg-sized diamond ring on her right hand. She elegantly lowered her head and kissed the back of her hand, "From today onwards, you are my, Mu Ling Feng's, woman."

F * ck! Is that in the script?

Looking at his intoxicating eyes, Tang Xia did not reply. She only knew that once this wedding was over, she would no longer have anything to do with this man.

"Next, is the groom kissing the bride."

The host yelled into the microphone, causing everyone below to hold their breath. This was Mu Ling Feng's first kiss in front of the public.

Tang Xia could not help but take half a step back. No way, it's fine if she took part in the wedding ceremony, but he really couldn't kiss her.

Her movements weren't big. Only the host, who was so close to her, could tell how unwilling she was.

"You dare to retreat? All your previous disguises have been wasted. "

's blurry voice could not be heard clearly by others, but Tang Xia could hear it clearly. The hand at her side tightened, and as if she had made a huge decision, she closed her eyes.

It was like being tortured.

The host reported again, "Please, the groom kisses the bride."

Mu Ling Feng got closer, lowered her head and gently kissed her lips, the heat on her lips was like an electric current that shot to the bottom of her feet, and in that moment, her entire body was burning.

Tang Xia stood there and did not dare to move. If Mu Ling Feng did not let go, she would not dare to push him away.

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