The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C8 You Screwed up My Wedding
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The Sticky Overbearing CEO/C8 You Screwed up My Wedding
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C8 You Screwed up My Wedding

"Stealing from me, screwing up my wedding, guilty."

The man walked straight into the door and sat down on the sofa as if he was going back home.

"What nonsense are you spouting? I don't understand a word." Tang Xia pretended to be dumb. Although her words were firm, it was obvious that she lacked confidence.

Her sharp gaze swept around the room and finally stopped on her fair face. She asked, "Do you want to spend the night with me in a place like this?"

"Marry? In your dreams! I have a boyfriend. Being able to help you be your bride is already my limit. Don't push your luck."

She frowned.

This woman actually pretended to be obedient after getting the advantage.

"Yang Yi, take her away."

Mu Ling Feng did not want to waste any more time with her, so she stood up and left with big strides.

Soon, Tang Xia was picked up by the men in black. No matter how much she shouted, they acted as if they did not hear her and stuffed her into a black Bentley car.

The car drove into an English garden villa. There were three floors inside the wall, three floors outside, and each floor was guarded by bodyguards.

Before she could even figure out where she was, she was taken off the car and thrown into the living room.

"Wash her up."

The entire living room was as big as half a football field, and the dim light of the crystal lamp shone on her face.

A few women in English maid clothes walked over and dragged her into the bathroom.

"Let go of me, why are you doing this to me? If worst comes to worst, I'll return the things to you. No, if worst comes to worst, I'll give you money. Just consider it as me buying them for you, okay?"

Thirty million yuan. Even if she sold herself, she wouldn't be able to gather that much money.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was sent to a bedroom by a maid. The door was locked, but no matter how hard she knocked, no one answered.

Tang Xia kicked the door angrily. The light fragrance of the flowers in the room calmed her down quite a bit.

When she turned around, she suddenly froze.

Mu Ling Feng sat on the sofa leisurely with a wine glass in his hand. The glass was filled with a blue liquid, making it look very strange.

After a long while, his cold gaze finally swept over. "You plan to stand at the door for the night?"

"W-What are you holding in your hand? What are you trying to do to me?" She couldn't help but take a step back and lock her gaze on the blue liquid in Mu Ling Feng's hand.

How could he go back on his word like that?

Didn't they agree that as long as she was the bride of the wedding, he would give her the blue amber? She had done it, so what did it mean to bring her back?

"You messed up my wedding!"

"How is this possible?"

"Because of your escape, our Mu family has lost all face. Helpless, I told the guests that you left first because you were pregnant and not feeling well."


"What? Now the whole capital knows that you have the heir of the Mu Clan in your belly. So, your belly has to be big."

- Puff... -

[What nonsense is that? How can you say that your stomach is big just because you are pregnant?]

"Why should I bear the consequences of your lie? At most, I'll return the blue amber to you and you can let me go. "

"Return it to me? What can it change?"

To Mu Ling Feng, that 30 million yuan stone was just a decoration. It was dispensable.

"I don't need to change anything. I just know that you have to let me go. I can't stay here."

Must I?

In Mu Ling Feng's world, there were not many people who dared to speak to him in such a tone.

He shook the liquid in the cup and pursed his lips. Tang Xia looked at him in shock." Hey, what are you drinking? 'Could it be some kind of medicine?'"

"A medicine?" What an ignorant woman.

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