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"Teacher!" Tang Zi Qi rushed over.

Obviously, Yu Shuang Lin had won. Even so, her forehead was dripping with sweat and her face was deathly pale. She muttered with uncertainty, "Could it be that you … You're still alive? "You can actually …"

Xue Yin Shu understood that he should first keep an eye on Yu Shuang Lin. However, he was more worried about Tang Luo's injuries, and couldn't care about her right now. He went over to check on Tang Luo's situation, and held him down: "Don't move."

The clothes on Tang Luo's back were charred, but that was not the most important thing. More importantly, Yu Shuang Lin had used a Yutang power that carried an extremely deep mental force. Tang Luo, who was not completely prepared, was like a small boat that had been pushed by a huge wave, with his blood boiling, it was best not to move at this time.

However, a withered hand reached over and grabbed his collar.

Old Yu Ren seemed to be unable to endure any longer as he supported his body with all his might and sighed softly, "Why do you have to suffer? For a body like this, it's not worth it."

Tang Luo laughed, "When my master is in trouble, I shall replace him with my own body. I am extremely grateful."

"But even so, I can't use it again." Old Yu Ren revealed a look of regret, but he remained indifferent.

Then, he suddenly fell down.

Xue Yin Shu pulled him up, but he found out that he was already dead. Dead without a sign.

Tang Luo's expression was calm, he did not seem to feel any grief for the old man's death, he only coughed out a mouthful of blood and weakly closed his eyes.

Tang Zi Qi looked at the old man's corpse, his eyes revealing a complicated expression. Xue Yin Shu turned his head to look, Yu Shuang Lin had indeed already disappeared.

"Your Highness!" At the same time, a few Feather servants ran over, and were surprised by the chaos, but they were also experienced people, and did not ask, only waiting for Xue Yin Shu's instructions. "Let's go up first." Xue Yin Shu said, "A woman escaped from here. "Catch her, don't hit her too hard."

That night, after returning to the garden, Xue Yin Shu immediately sent someone to guard the secret room. The floating boulder was clearly a type of arcane creation, and out of caution, he did not move it as he pleased. Looking for a few Arcanist s, they all said that they could feel an unusually abundant amount of accretion's energy from it.

The reason why Yu Shuang Lin had charged into the Miyagi was undoubtedly for this floating boulder. But what did she mean by what she said after she was attacked? " You're still alive, "she said to the old Yu Ren." Who is he? At that time, Xue Yin Shu's first reaction was Zhang Qing Han, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it wasn't that simple.

Tang Luo had sacrificed his own body to block one of Yu Shuang Lin's attacks, and had even called it "Master". Other than the Feather Emperor, Xue Yin Shu could not think of anyone else who could receive such protection from Tang Luo. Back then, although Zhang Qing Han's reputation with his secret technique far surpassed Tang Luo's, in the end, the two of them were his comrades, so it was impossible for Tang Luo to ignore them. What was even weirder was that although Tang Luo helped him block Yu Fei's attack, he still quietly died. The feeling he gave others was as if he was a lamp that had run out of oil, but towards this Tang Luo was completely calm.

He sent someone to investigate, and very quickly, he was able to find out the origin of that old man Lin. His name was Sen He and he had been a gardener in the palace for the past fifty years. Sixteen years ago, he was assigned by the Queen of the Shredded Immortals and had come to the frost wood garden to guard the forest. He was ninety-four years old by then. He had lived a quiet and unknown life without any strange experiences or actions. He would have very crude white secret arts, but no one knew that he had the ability to compete with the Charm.

Fifty years, almost the same age as Feather Emperor. It was hard to imagine what sort of relationship his admittance to the palace had with the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. However, sixteen years ago, the Queen ordered him to stay in frost wood garden. This seemingly ordinary arrangement had a deep meaning to it all of a sudden.

"So, at least Aunt Viola knows about the strangeness of frost wood garden?" Knowing the unforeseen event in the palace, Bi Wen Xuan, who had rushed to the palace, immediately thought of this. The Queen of the Shredded Immortals's maiden name was Yu Hua Lan. She had raised him for many years and this was what he had always called her in private.

"I also want to convince myself that my mother might not know, but I still can't convince myself." Xue Yin Shu revealed a wry smile, "Now that I think about it, there was ultimately a reason behind my mother's wandering within the frost wood garden all those years ago."

Bi Wen Xuan comforted her, "Aunt Viola has her reasons for doing this."

Xue Yin Shu naturally understood his good friend's kindness, but in his heart, he still had a feeling that it was difficult to dispel. Although he had once regretted not asking Luna Sightseeing Pavilion's full story when his mother was still alive, he had always felt that it was his own fault. Like his father and Tang Luo, he had never thought that his mother had intentionally hidden things from him alone.

"The arrangement of the frost wood garden s were arranged by her." Xue Yin Shu said, "Why, even mother made so many arrangements under my nose, yet didn't say a single word to me, how can, how can she?"

Bi Wen Xuan placed her hand on his shoulder, "Profundity, you are now the ruler of a nation," Bi Wen Xuan's words never cared much about being overbearing or not being overbearing, "Up till now, it no longer matters what Aunt Viola has done."

Heh, it doesn't matter anymore. Even if she was his mother, she had already left this world for four whole years. Her influence on him was immeasurable, but it would eventually fade away. He was the master of this Empire, the ruler of all living things. This point could not be changed.

He looked towards Bi Wen Xuan and nodded. The latter gazed at him leisurely with a smile on her face, like spring water.

"Is there any news about Yu Shuang Lin?" Bi Wen Xuan asked.

"There will be soon. There was nothing to worry about. "However..."

"Speaking of which, why don't I plead with you?" Bi Wen Xuan laughed, "I know that you need to ask her some questions. Even though it wasn't pleasant before, she was my benefactor after all. When I was young and met with some misfortune, if it wasn't for her and Zhang Qing Han assisting me from the side, I wouldn't have been able to sit here today. So, I'll be in charge of bringing her back, how about that? "

Xue Yin Shu laughed bitterly: "Actually, I didn't want to make things difficult for her. She refused to cooperate in the slightest, and I was forced to do so because of that. "

"I can explain that." Bi Wen Xuan said, "Two months ago, the official ship you were patrolling in retrograde migratory sea, did it sink a pirate ship?"

Xue Yin Shu's eyes flashed, "The retrograde migratory sea pirates have always been rampant, and in recent years, there has been a proliferation of snow sand salt. It was common for the Navy to clash with them, each with casualties. "A while ago, a group of pirates was really annihilated. Could it be …"

"I've also just received the news. All these years, Yu Shuang Lin hid his name and stayed in the pirate ship 'Raven'. I don't know the reason why she came back this time, but it should be related to the destruction of the Raven. " Bi Wen Xuan proudly patted Xue Yin Shu's shoulder, "Look, you're still not as clear of the sea as I am."

Xue Yin Shu looked at him thoughtfully, "If you say that, of course I can trust you."

"Actually, there's nothing much for Yu Shuang Lin to worry about. I'm more concerned about that girl." Bi Wen Xuan revealed a playful smile, "Tang Zi Qi is a very interesting person."

"Interesting and dangerous."

"So? Why did you let her go to frost wood garden? " Bi Wen Xuan asked faintly.

Xue Yin Shu was startled: "What?"

"The frost wood garden is Aunt Viola's favorite place when she was alive, and also the place where she passed away. You normally don't like people going there."

"I was just casually saying …"


"Of course."

Bi Wen Xuan made a "Tch" sound, obviously not believing her.

At that time, he just didn't want Tang Zi Qi to stay by his side as much as he wanted, so he randomly assigned him to a place. Choosing the frost wood garden was just a casual remark.

"In retrospect, it was only because of that inexplicable feeling." Don't you think she gives off the feeling that she's similar to my mother? "

"What do they look like?" Bi Wen Xuan shouted, "Aunt Viola is gentle and dignified, virtuous and gentle, unlike this Tang Zi Qi …"

"Their eyes look alike." Xue Yin Shu said simply and then said no more.

There was a kind of shrewdness in their eyes. More importantly, they were all looking at him with a similar indescribable emotion in their eyes. It startled him, though he wasn't sure what it was.

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