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Bi Wen Xuan walked into the house, and the lamp in his hand lit up half of the room. Charm was looking at him with a sword in her hand. Sometimes, he couldn't help but marvel at the fact that charm was such a peculiar creation. It absorbed the threads of consciousness in the world, from the formless and intangible at the beginning to the hope of blending into the crowd to truly experiencing and perceiving the world. Perhaps it was because the Rage God wanted to compensate them, but no matter how many vicissitudes the Demonic Sound Clan had experienced, it was difficult for them to look old. Just like now, although Yu Shuang Lin's face was filled with fatigue, his eyes were still clear. They stayed in a deadlock for a little while. Yu Shuang Lin raised his eyebrows: "Ah Xuan, you've grown up. What do you want to do?"

"Aunt Yu, don't be so nervous." Bi Wen Xuan slowly walked closer, "I'm here to help you, do you believe in me?"

"Oh?" Yu Shuang Lin's expression softened, "Why are you helping me? Actually, we only met once when you were young. "

"To be able to make the favor of saving my life sound so light, I must have something in return."

"How are you going to help me?"

"What the Crown Prince wants is just a piece of the past. To you, this should only be a small matter. " Bi Wen Xuan said sincerely, "Although I cannot just let you go, but I can still promise you that after this matter is over."

Yu Shuang Lin became impatient and thought about the main culprit behind the destruction of the Raven. "I don't wish to interact with Yi Chao."

"Is it because of the Raven?" Bi Wen Xuan laughed, "The one doing this is Yi Chao's official ship, but Raven has been living in retrograde migratory sea for so many years, why would they be destroyed so easily? Is the mastermind really the Yi Chao officials? "

"What do you mean?" Yu Shuang Lin grabbed his arm.

Bi Wen Xuan comforted her and said gently: "I am not too sure either, after all, there were many news on the sea when I came here, but retrograde migratory sea has been quite strange recently, I believe you are very familiar with it."

"No matter who did it, the ship and the men will never come back." Yu Shuang Lin said indifferently.

"But did you come that night just to see A Zhi?" Bi Wen Xuan suddenly tightened the grip on her arm, the warmth in his eyes turning into a burning sensation, "Don't tell me you're just missing her. I don't know what you want exactly, but for you to escape all the way here, do you really think you need to give up so easily? "

Yu Shuang Lin remained silent.

A faint sound came from outside the window. Bi Wen Xuan walked to the window, propped up a bit of the shabby curtain and looked out, then calmly said: "They have left, you are free. That is all I can say. If you want to leave, I will not stop you. "

At this time, Yu Shuang Lin slowly put down the sword in his hand, and laughed: "Little Xuan, since you're here, I won't make things difficult for you. I can tell you the story your Crown Prince friend wants to know. But I also have something I want to know, and you have to make those who know the inside information speak as well. "

Bi Wen Xuan turned his head, knit his brows and asked probingly: "Are you saying … Old Master Tang and his female students? "

"Looks like everyone is thinking the same thing." Yu Shuang Lin's face was pale white, but his eyes shone brightly.

This morning, as soon as the Tang Mansion's courtyard door was opened, a soft body suddenly pounced on her. Tang Zi Qi was shocked as he embraced the person in his embrace, causing the young girl's innocent face to appear right in front of him.

"Hmm? A Zhi? "

"Sister Tang, the birds, fly!"

"A Zhi said that the bird can fly, so you want it to return back to the sky, right?"


The girl had already stood up, and the Silvertail Sparrow was shaking its head restlessly in her embrace. Tang Zi Qi looked at this innocent little girl and was a little hesitant in his heart.

"A Zhi, did you come alone?"

"No, Xuan said, Wind Controlling Pavilion!"

In a blink of an eye, Bi Wen Xuan and Xue Yin Shu appeared outside the door. The two of them were dressed in their usual attire, looking radiant under the morning sun. Tang Zi Qi thought for a while, then said to A Zhi: "A Zhi means that we need to go to the Wind Controlling Wind Pavilion to release the birds?"

"Hm!" Sister Tang, come with me. "

So the excursion went on as if it were a random flower.

Qing Liang Mountain had been covered in snow all year round. Only when the spring snow on the foot of the mountain had completely melted, did the accumulated cold and passionate life come to life. The long, red apricot and white pear, competing. If there was a good place in spring that no one bothered about, it would be the Wind Controlling Pavilion.

Qiu Ye Jing leaned on a mountain and walked northwards from the city. Along a zigzag path, he could just barely make out a green pavilion. It was built on the jagged rocks that protruded from the cliff edge. It seemed to move with the wind, making it extremely difficult for an ordinary person to climb the cliff. It was said that this pavilion was built by a few nobles of the Feather who could fly everyday.

The two Gongzi s, the two young ladies, and their respective attendants leisurely walked to Wind Controlling Wind Pavilion. If they wanted to go to such a place, it wouldn't be difficult for anyone else – the others were either flying Feather s, and those who couldn't fly would all have good skills. Only Bi Wen Xuan's physical strength was never good, and his practice of the secret technique was also to fish in the sun for three days to climb the mountain. By the time he arrived, the sky would have already darkened.

Looking at the extremely weak Bi Wen Xuan, Xue Yin Shu smiled lightly and pulled his arm: "I'll lead you up."

Bi Wen Xuan withdrew his hand and shook his head, "No, no. If I can't even do this, wouldn't it be a great shame? "

He walked up to the Wind Riding Pavilion and whistled loudly. Soon, a rattan basket was placed down from above. The azure vine had a beautiful fiery cloud flower embossed on it. He leisurely walked to the basket and sat down, then proudly waved his hand towards the crowd. When he raised his head, he saw that A Zhi's foot had already stepped into the basket.

"A Zhi... This basket can only be used for one person. "

"Wherever Ah Xuan is, A Zhi will be there."

Bi Wen Xuan felt that he had miscalculated, "How about A Zhi go up first and I'll go up later?"

A Zhi looked at him intently. He stepped out of the basket, and A Zhi also stepped out. The girl held the Silvertail Sparrow in her arms, not saying a single word as she squeezed close to him with a calm expression.

Bi Wen Xuan looked at the girl beside him. However, Xue Yin Shu was extremely gloating, "Alright, why are you still dawdling? Quick, let's pull it up. "

"I don't know how much this thing weighs. If it's two people, then the rope would be broken into pieces!" Bi Wen Xuan shook his head.

Xue Yin Shu didn't care, he just pulled the rope. As soon as the signal was given, the person at the top turned the wheel and the basket containing the two people slowly rose up from the ground. Seeing Bi Wen Xuan's bitter face, Xue Yin Shu said: "Don't worry, I won't fall on you."

He gestured to Yun Chen. He and Yun Chen then spread out their wings and followed Bi Wen Xuan and A Zhi up into the sky, protecting them. No matter who made this device, logically speaking, they wouldn't even be able to handle two thin and weak people like him. If there really was an accident, he and Yun Chen could just grab hold of one of them.

By the time everyone had gone up, there were already quite a few flowers, fruits, wine and tea in the Yu Feng Inn. The basket mechanism from before was set up at the side of the cliff and it was controlled by two He Luo. The moment he pulled the wrench, the wheel would spin automatically.

Xue Yin Shu suddenly remembered something. On the way up the mountain, he had seen He Luo in groups of twos and threes, and he did not look like an ordinary person. When he asked, Bi Wen Xuan said, "Those are the He Luo who came to build the 'Rest in the Mountains', did you forget? You nodded about this. "

As he said this, Xue Yin Shu remembered. Last year, Bi Wen Xuan asked for a piece of land from Liang Shan, and said that he wanted to build an underground tavern specially for He Luo. Although most of He Luo had already adapted to life on the surface, they still had a complex feeling towards the underground city. Every year, He Luo would travel and trade for countless of times, but the most authentic He Luo Inn was also a residence with smaller dimensions of various things. How could they let the guests feel satisfied, and let He Luo and the others feel at home? Of course, a businessman like Bi Wen Xuan had to rack his brains. He decided to build an underground inn under the Qing Liang Mountain for He Luo's use. The other reason was, of course, to be able to gather more information from within He Luo's body.

A Zhi held onto the Silver Tailed Sparrow, raised his head and looked at the sky, then looked at Bi Wen Xuan and suddenly said, "A Zhi can't bear to part with it!"

"Didn't you say that you were going to release the birds when you were at home?" Bi Wen Xuan said, "A bird will not be happy to stay in a cage for its entire life."

"The birds have flown away, A Zhi is unhappy!"

Tang Zi Qi held her hand: "Birds will fly across mountains and rivers, and will see many things that A Zhi cannot see. Maybe one day, it would bring its child back to visit A Zhi. Is A Zhi happy like this? "

The young girl tilted her head as she thought about it for a moment. Then, she nodded her head heavily.

She reluctantly rubbed the Silvertail Sparrow against her face. Suddenly, she stretched out her arms and opened her palms. The bird pecked at her hand twice, then flapped its wings and flew into the sky.

"Will the birds find their home when they are happy?"

"Definitely. It will be free, it will find its own happiness. " Tang Zi Qi looked at the Silver Tailed Sparrow in the distance, his eyes brimming with uncontrollable yearning as he replied seriously.

Xue Yin Shu looked at the two girls, not noticing that his lips had revealed a slight smile. They were so happy, so free and happy, like the bird that had vanished into the sky. He had never felt so envious before.

But to him, this was only for an instant. He still stopped smiling and asked Bi Wen Xuan: "Is she here?"

"She?" Tang Zi Qi turned his head around sharply, "I think so too, Your Highness and Gongzi probably did not send me here simply to accompany A Zhi in flying the birds."

Xue Yin Shu looked at her deeply. However, Bi Wen Xuan smiled and interrupted her, "I already said it, Miss Tang definitely knows this in her heart. Besides, our A Zhi is really happy to let the birds fly. "

"It's just that the Your Highness is very busy, if it wasn't something important, I'm afraid it wouldn't be in such a good mood." Tang Zi Qi laughed, "And she has some connections with Gongzi. If you want to find a witness, Bee is the most suitable. So I think there's nothing else. "

"Isn't it?" Bi Wen Xuan said as if it was a matter of course, "I was asked by someone else. Old Master Tang's body is unwell, and I'm too embarrassed to bother you, so I can only trouble the young lady. "

"So, Yu Shuang Lin came?"

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