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Bi Wen Xuan waited at the top for a long time before he finally made a move. He panicked and grabbed Pang Da Hai's collar: "Where's Your Highness?"

"Your Highness is fine! Quickly run, Mountain, Cat's Eye, and Shattered Rock, quickly go and carry them! " Pang Da Hai decided on a candidate in his heart along the way, and advised, "Don't worry Gongzi, he will definitely be safe and sound."

"What's a promise?" Bi Wen Xuan exerted all his strength and almost lifted Pang Da Hai up, "What's going on next?"

Pang Da Hai quickly explained what the crow had said to Xue Yin Shu. Although Bi Wen Xuan felt that this was a huge mess, but he could do nothing about it.

"After three rings, go down immediately!" Pang Da Hai instructed the four people who were already standing by the entrance.

In the next moment, Bi Wen Xuan stared at the entrance. Soon, the injured soldiers were all brought up to the stage. One after another,'s grey head popped out from behind the seventh person. Only after this He Luo did Tang Zi Qi and Xue Yin Shu jump out one after the other. Although the two of them had just jumped out of the pit filled with rocks and soil and their clothes were stained with dust, they still carried with them the elegance and grandeur unique to Feather.

Bi Wen Xuan was finally relieved, he walked over and punched Xue Yin Shu: "You made me worry for nothing, when I go back to the Cloud Climbing Restaurant to eat, you're going to treat me to dinner."

Crow curled his lips and said, "We can still chat later." This place is about to collapse. If you don't leave, I will leave. "

He ran off into the distance. The rest of them were enlightened and quickly retreated. For a moment, it was as if people, Yu and He Luo were competing to run, each running faster than the other. Swift Run and Mountain carried the injured He Luo and ran in front of everyone.

When everyone had reached a safe place, the "Rest in the Mountain" resounded once again with a dull thumping sound and vibration. This time, the duration was longer than the previous ones, and there were still a few aftershocks. This meant that the underground space they had stayed in before had completely collapsed.

As he heard the thunderous rumbling sounds, Bi Wen Xuan gazed far into the distance, a trace of heaviness appearing in his usually calm eyes.

Destroying an underground inn meant nothing to him, but the situation in the middle of the city was very complicated. Nothing could be so simple, which made him feel slightly uneasy.

Xue Yin Shu came behind him, and said indifferently: "Pay attention to that He Luo."

Bi Wen Xuan lowered his head slightly and understood: "I understand."

Not far away, He Luo who was called Black Crow's beak, looked in the direction of rest in the mountain, and muttered to himself: "This is the will of the True God."

"What is the will of a true God?" When he turned around, he saw that it was the Feather woman who was looking at him with a smile.

"Without the permission of a true God, we would have to build a strong foundation underground, which is how such a disaster occurred."

"So, when a true god is unhappy, the sky will fall and the earth will collapse. Does it matter how many deaths or injuries you cause?"

"What do you mean!" The crow's beak jumped up. With regards to He Luo's mainstream teachings, any doubts about the existence of the True God would be unacceptable, "You dare to insult the True God, are you going to make us He Luo your enemies?"

Tang Zi Qi said: "Do you really think that this disaster is caused by the will of the true god? There are many things, the main reason is not because of a god, but a 'person' … "

The crow slightly opened its mouth as a trace of surprise flashed in its heart. However, he quickly retracted his gaze and lowered his head, not saying another word.

Tang Zi Qi ignored him and went over to Bi Wen Xuan's side. He, who always left the shopkeeper to himself, was so busy that he did not have the time to say a word.

Fortunately, after counting the number of people, only one of the seven people who had been trapped was seriously injured. The earliest explosions killed only two people. Cleaning up the scene, arranging for the wounded, taking care of the dead. He had too many things to deal with. He had purposely arranged for this day to be a outing, but the result was that it went against his wishes.

"Ah Xuan is very busy, A Zhi has to be good next time." Tang Zi Qi prepared for a rainy day, helping him to clear his worries.

"En!" The girl had always been very obedient.

Xue Yin Shu looked at Bi Wen Xuan and smiled: "It's probably because the heavens think that he's too lazy and too idle."

Tang Zi Qi curled his lips: "Compared to you, anyone would seem to be very bored."

By the time they had driven back to the palace, the moon was high in the sky. In the carriage, Xue Yin Shu closed his eyes as though he was tired.

There were too many things that had happened in one day, and what he had learned was also extremely important and mysterious. He needed to calm his heart to sort them out and think.

Tang Zi Qi didn't think of anything as he focused on him.

He could be considered a very good-looking man. He had a sharp and distinct profile, deep eyebrows, straight nose, and thin lips. Within Yu Ren's extreme elegance, he faintly emitted the cold aura of a ruler. However, even if he no longer had such a face, as long as he sat there peacefully, this aura would not disappear.

Because it was a type of firmness and toughness.

After observing for the past few days, she felt this kind of determination and steadiness. It was completely different from the other person she knew. Was this difference enough to prompt her to choose her future path?

"You've been looking at me." Xue Yin Shu suddenly asked, "What are you looking at?"

Tang Zi Qi laughed, "I'm looking to see if you're a good tree or not."

He opened his eyes. Seeing the look in his eyes, she realized that her previous judgement had been wrong. He didn't look tired at all, and his eyes were still sparkling. That's right, if today's situation made him look tired, then he wouldn't be the one to overturn the clouds in Empire.

He said lightly, "I'm not a tree."

"A good bird chooses a tree to rest on. Leaning against a big tree is good to take advantage of. Whether or not you are a good tree is very important to me."

Xue Yin Shu's eyes moved slightly as he said, "There is something I still do not understand."

Tang Zi Qi looked at him, not dodging his gaze: "What?"

He looked into her eyes for a long time, even for a split-second with a hint of controlled frenzy, but then he turned his head and lifted the curtain from the window.

Qiu Ye Jing was very beautiful in the night. The lights on both sides of the wide and straight street converged into a river, and the horse carriage that was moving forward seemed to be slowly strolling inside. The buildings behind the lights had already become blurry shadows. It was impossible to tell if it was a human or a Feather house. As the most prosperous city with a mixed population, it was also a rare city that could accommodate the six races equally. Its vast and rich history gave it an enchanting view of the night.

This was his city.

Perhaps it was this sort of darkness that made people drunk, but his expression relaxed a lot. He turned around and looked at her. "Who are you?"

His words were too understated, and it was hard to believe that the hesitation and hesitation in his deep gaze earlier was due to this sentence. However, this sentence was precisely what made it difficult for her to reply. All she could do was feign a relaxed smile. "Haven't you found out who I am these past few days?"

"You are from Wanzhou. Your grandfather was called Tang He. He had once served in the alliance army of the Central State Battle of the Thousand Wings Territory, but unfortunately died in battle. Your father, Tang Shengyun, was captured in the South Wing Incident sixteen years ago, and you and your mother were bound together. Two years later, although Yi Chao had recovered Nan Wen, the majority of the captured soldiers were injured, and their families had often suffered humiliation. That was when your mother died. That was when you were four years old. "

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