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Tang Luo had a nagging feeling that Qiu Ye Jing's Cloud Spreading World was so long ago.

Although the slope was not big, but every time they went up, the Jade Pivot Pavilion would always go up. Yu Ren didn't like to ride on horses and carriages, so he was the most traditional kind of person.

Only, it was unknown if it was because he had not walked on this road for too long, or because he was really old, Tang Luo had no choice but to stop midway and catch his breath. The servant that was leading the way saw through, and laughed: "Master Tang has worked hard, Jade Pivot Pavilion is right ahead, we will be there soon."

He waved his hand to indicate that it was all right and took the opportunity to glance at the attendant. His face was very young and unfamiliar. To this day, he did not know any of the people in this palace. Ever since the Feather Emperor had lived in seclusion, he had often attended to him. As the Prime Minister, he had often attended to him, especially when Xue Yin Shu's wings were gradually growing, and was at odds with his political views.

Right now, there was only one possibility for Xue Yin Shu to call him back, and when he thought about it, a sad smile appeared on his face.

He had been in charge of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion for more than ten years. Even though he was only a puppet, he would eventually become the person to bear the brunt of all these storms.

They had finally arrived at Jade Pivot Pavilion. Tang Luo turned solemn, adjusted the elegant green court uniform, and slowly walked in.

Seeing Tang Luo coming in, Xue Yin Shu did not say anything, picked up a paper roll and threw it in front of him.

"Take a look at this first." Xue Yin Shu's voice was ice-cold.

Tang Luo did not care about his anger, she bent down and picked up a paper roll, quickly skimming through it. She could not help but take in a breath of cold air. If you leave without fighting, you will be punished for abandoning the Fortress of Ten Li! "

This letter was written by the lord of the Central State's Dragon Binding City. In recent days, Dragonbinder City had escorted a criminal to the capital. This convict named Wang Kan was a general guarding a small town called Fortress of Ten Li under the jurisdiction of Dragonbinder City. A month ago, he was attacked by bandits at night, and they had actually led the army to flee without authorization.

Although the Ten Li Castle was a small place and not a military place, but as it involved the gathering of information and the replenishment of the troops, it was also a crucial point. The bandits had been rampant in that area for a long time, and their constant suppression had given Dragonbinder City a headache. The bandits were powerful, and there were not many defenders of the Fortress of Ten Mile. Therefore, the situation was quite reasonable. However, no matter the situation, she could not retreat without fighting like Wang Kan. This was simply too shameful and infuriating, causing the City Lord to become furious. He wanted to use martial law to kill Wang Kan.

Such a person could have been killed, but in order to live, he said that his own brother was Yue Xiao Zhe and requested for the Feather Emperor to punish him.

The Luna Sightseeing Pavilion was a special institution directly subordinate to the Feather Emperor. Yue Xiao Zhe was the most mysterious person in the Empire, so no one dared to be presumptuous when it came to related matters. Thus, the City Lord of Dragonbinder took this man to the capital, and while doing so, he requested for Wang Kan to be severely punished.

He was also a clever man, he did not send him to Qingdu, but instead sent him to Qiu Ye Jing.

"Punishment for his crimes?" Xue Yin Shu remained calm and continued, "According to the lord's words, this Wang Kan should be punished to death?"

Tang Luo said: As long as we confirm what is said in the report, escaping from a battle is already a capital offense, not to mention that the person in charge of the army has committed such a heinous crime. There is no reason to pardon him, it's just that ….

Seemingly having guessed his "only", Xue Yin Shu revealed a cold smile, but he did not go along with Tang Luo's words, and asked him another question instead: "Master should know why I called you back from Qingdu. I only ask, does Wang Kan really have a little brother, a Yue Xiao Zhe?"

Tang Luo slightly hesitated, but in his heart, he quickly flashed across the names of those tens of Yue Xiao Zhe s. In the end, under Xue Yin Shu's forceful gaze, he said, "Yes. Wang Kan's brother is Yue Xiao Zhe 18. "

In Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, there were often times when names were not used to refer to each other, and numbers were used instead. Only Tang Luo knew everyone's names, and even their relatives and families. Based on the memories that Tang Luo had of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion s for over ten years, he was able to confirm that Wang Kan's words were not false.

"Then I will continue to ask." Xue Yin Shu stood up and slowly walked to the front of the table, "Do you know what is Wang Kan's justification for clearing his crimes?"

Tang Luo thought for a while, then said with a heavy heart, "Could he have said … We abandoned the city to wait for news from his brother? "

"That's right." Xue Yin Shu's anger became even stronger, "He also said, as long as we can get information from the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, we can heavily injure the enemy in an instant. Then Master must also know what I want to ask next. Your Number Eighteen, was it really near Dragonbinder City at that time? "

"Absolutely not!" Tang Luo said anxiously, "At that time, he was in Shang Zhou Province searching for the thing Your Majesty wanted. He still hasn't returned, how could he be near Dragonbinder City?"

"Alright, alright." Xue Yin Shu suddenly laughed, "A Yue Xiao Zhe far away from Shang Zhou could make all the people in the fort of the Central Region run away without a care for their safety. Is this the power of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion? "

This was what Tang Luo was afraid of, and she could not help but clench her teeth: "Wang Kan was trying to force himself, trying to lighten his crime, to create something out of nothing."

This action was extremely foolish, it was just that Wang Kan had already done an even greater foolish thing. But how could he leave the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion in such a state?

"I know it is. What is the lord so nervous about? " Xue Yin Shu's words revealed a hint of coldness, "You have Yue Xiao Zhe's name in your hands, but do you really have complete control over their actions?"

Tang Luo took a step back, as if he had heard something inconceivable. "What does Your Highness mean by that?"

"What do you mean?"

Xue Yin Shu forced her, but Tang Luo didn't seem to have any intention of answering. He just stood there in a daze, his face filled with worry. Seeing him in such a state, Xue Yin Shu knew that it was useless to push him any further, so he did not continue.

Tang Luo let out a long sigh, and finally brought the topic back to the matter at hand. He lowered his head and hesitantly said: "Then Wang Kan really deserves to die, but … Can this matter be temporarily put down before being subjected to torture? "

That's right, if he killed Wang Kan, then Number Eighteen would not be able to be used anymore. Yue Xiao Zhe knew too many secrets, if his family and relatives were to be killed by Yi Chao, then they could not take the risk and give him the right to freely communicate.

In order to prevent Number Eighteen from disobeying orders, it was best to temporarily conceal the results of his brother's treatment.

How could Xue Yin Shu not understand the twists and turns? There was no anger in his heart upon hearing Tang Luo personally say it, only deep disappointment. He walked to the window and looked out at the swaying shadow of the tree. He indifferently said, "Okay, it's done."

The sun had set and the moon was dark. Only the stars in the sky shone brightly. Under this situation, Xue Yin Shu's figure looked exceptionally lonely. Tang Luo could not help but feel a surge of guilt in his heart, as he softly whispered: "Your Highness …"

Xue Yin Shu raised a hand to stop him, and said calmly: "Tang Luo, you understand, as far as I am concerned, this Luna Sightseeing Pavilion has no choice but to be eliminated."

Tang Luo's body trembled. It was true that Xue Yin Shu wanted to abolish Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, that was already a matter on the surface. However, this was the first time he had said it so openly.

He could not sit still and do nothing as he stared at Xue Yin Shu, "In the eyes of the Your Highness, there really is a danger of a calamity for the entire Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, do you want to get rid of it?"

Xue Yin Shu also looked at Tang Luo, and said solemnly: "You should know what I am thinking. Unless father can bring the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion back to the field and be of use to the country, otherwise, there is no other choice. "

"Why can't Your Highness … Do you think it doesn't exist? " Tang Luo's heart sunk, his voice became soft, as if he was begging, "Yes, there are people like Wang Kan in this world, but this sin was not committed by our Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. Your Highness is really … is it not compatible at all? "

"It doesn't exist?" Xue Yin Shu was seemingly surprised at this teacher's naivety, as his voice unconsciously carried a dense tone, "How can it not exist? Wang Kan is here, your Number Eighteen is here — and how many of these people are hiding in and out of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion? "

Tang Luo laughed desolately: "Your Highness doesn't need to say much. It's just that you want this Jiuzhou right?"

Xue Yin Shu seemed to have lost the interest to argue, and laughed instead: "So what?"

Tang Luo lowered his head slightly. The Luna Sightseeing Pavilion had established a great achievement in the matter of the establishment of the Kingdom, and after that, he had intimidated everyone. No one in power would allow such an organization to stay out of his control. After six years, the child in front of him had grown from a young man to a true ruler. This was the only path he had to take, but it was still a chilling path.

"Your father is completely different from what you wanted." Tang Luo's voice was filled with endless exhaustion, "You … No need to, no need to. "

Xue Yin Shu merely chose to ignore Tang Luo's explanation and continued: "There are some things, if you find it hard to explain to the Your Majesty, it's also good for me to meet your pavilion master." There was a trace of ridicule on his face, "Perhaps he and I can talk about speculation and become close friends, so as to not make things difficult for Luna Sightseeing Pavilion ever again?"

"Pavilion Master has always traveled in all directions, so it's hard to find him..."

"Enough!" Xue Yin Shu suddenly shouted, "Tang Luo, you have repeated this answer for so many years, have you not grown tired of it?"

Tang Luo took a step back with a pitiful expression on his face. He wanted to explain, but no words came out.

Seeing him like this, the anger in Xue Yin Shu's heart grew even more. The Luna Sightseeing Pavilion had already been established for twenty-nine years, and everyone knew that the first generation Great Elder Zhang Qing Han was a good friend of Xue Xiao Yi, and was also an exceptional expert in the art of accretion. After he passed away, Tang Luo took over the position of elder. But it still had a pavilion master, and no one knew who he was. Outsiders all guessed that the so-called pavilion master was Xue Xiao Yi, but Xue Yin Shu couldn't think of such a thing.

If this person was Xue Xiao Yi, then there was no need to deliberately mystify things like that. Tang Luo did not need to reveal such a pained expression every time he mentioned this person.

Such a person actually existed. It seemed that he was very close, but no matter how hard he tried to investigate, he still didn't know anything about him.

"Therefore, you won't tell me what's going on with the apotheosis." Xue Yin Shu coldly said, "Teacher, these things, ever since I was fourteen, I have been asking you again and again. Today, I will ask you one last time — —" He suddenly walked in front of Tang Luo, his eyes shining with a sharp light: "Why is it that every Yue Xiao Zhe is proficient in apotheosis? Why is it that the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion is able to allow people who have no talent in secret arts to use the apotheosis that even high level masters cannot? "

This kind of high level accretion technique was the way to establish oneself within the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. The apotheosis was something that could only be learnt and practiced by the extremely gifted Arcanist s of the accretion. If one wanted to use it proficiently, it would even require a very long time. But the so-called Yue Xiao Zhe, these people were born in a complicated background, and there were even people who were seeking the martial way, and only had a vague understanding of the secret techniques, but they were all using the apotheosis to probe and heard countless of secrets. Xue Yin Shu had consulted a few famous accretion Arcanist before, but no one was able to explain the situation clearly.

Under Xue Yin Shu's burning gaze, Tang Luo clenched his teeth, in order to prevent himself from speaking the truth. After waiting in silence for a long time, one last thing Xue Yin Shu wanted to do, was to die. He retracted his gaze and coldly said: "Since that's the case, please go ahead."

"I can't bear to do this to you." Tang Luo finally opened his mouth. Even though his voice was hoarse, it was still calm, "Because I have long since been ashamed of myself and am willing to pay the price with all I have." As he spoke, he thought about the child inside the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. His hesitation gradually faded and he even smiled, "But no matter what, I will definitely not let the name of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion disappear from my hands. Your Majesty would also not allow it. If we are to become enemies in the future, there will be no need for you to show mercy. "

There was a smile on his lips, but his words were hard as iron, hard and sad.

This Crown Prince in front of him, he had once taught him how to write by hand, listening to his books every dusk. However, no matter how long the friendship between teacher and student, it would eventually be worn out in their respective positions. Because of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, they had no choice but to be enemies. The battle at Cloud Extinguishing Pass was the last test. He knew that this day would come.

Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. It was said to know everything in this world, but in the end, it could not control the hearts of men. He had been in charge of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion for so many years, but at this moment, he could only say a farewell declaration.

"Sir, don't worry. You only taught me how to build a nation, how to hold on to my faith. What else was there to say? As for the person you arranged to be in my room … " Xue Yin Shu said in a dull voice, "I only wanted to say, this is truly unnecessary. For me to go against the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion, I will definitely have some sort of noble deed, so why do I need some sort of secret method? "

Some things, in fact, were not entirely of his own free will, and he was only following orders. However, there was no way to explain it, nor was there a need to. Therefore, towards Xue Yin Shu's accusation, Tang Luo did not try to explain, he only bowed and left the Jade Pivot Pavilion.

Xue Yin Shu didn't look at him the entire time. It was only when he turned around to leave that he finally turned his head to look at his back.

Sometimes, he also thought that this was pushing the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion a little too far. If he could take a step back, did he not have to suppress the impatience in his heart and turn his respected teacher into an enemy — at least, not so early?

But that was impossible.

Luna Sightseeing Pavilion was no longer used by the military, and the matter of Cloud Extinguishing Pass was the best proof. However, its reputation still far surpassed that of Yi Chao's three main armies. In the eyes of many, the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion was a myth, and because of it, the Feather became invincible. Under this kind of light, the might of the three armies no longer attracted much attention, and the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion was gradually losing control again. Although Di Suo and Tang Luo did not think so, they had already exposed the tip of the iceberg.

The real problem was the Yuezhou. On the south coast of retrograde migratory sea, the shadow of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion was shrouding over them. The investigation was being conducted secretly, and at the moment, he could not even reveal a single detail to Tang Luo.

So be it. He took this opportunity to sever all the illusions and dependencies he had of the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. This was the determination he had made after the battle of the Cloud Extinguishing Pass.

The Xue Clan had used their Luna Sightseeing Pavilion s to intimidate others. Now that he was going to completely remove them, there would definitely be people who thought that he was destroying his own Great Wall.

However, the Great Wall in their hearts no longer existed.

Currently, the various prefectures and counties were on their own. Ever since he had taken charge of the country's affairs, he had treaded on thin ice and had to think twice about his every move. His Empire, Feather's Empire's, shouldn't be like this.

Yu Ren's intelligence and talent could not be used to calculate such things forever.

The Luna Sightseeing Pavilion was the most obvious obstacle in his path, and solving it would solve many problems. Furthermore, it was still only a day away, and he would not be able to let go to clear up the structure of the entire Jiuzhou.

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