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The morning mist was like a veil. They had a panoramic view of the vast rivers and mountains.

"Be careful, it's about to land!" He Luo's voice carried a bit of nervousness, but even more, there was joy and jubilation in his eyes as he faced a challenge.

The wind kite was getting closer to the ground, and Ba Qi Lu carefully controlled its speed and direction. It swept past layers of treetops, lifting up a great amount of dust and leaves. Finally, it came to a halt in a clearing in the forest.

The three of them lay on the ground, unable to move for a long time. Especially Ba Qi Lu, he was simply paralyzed on the ground. Other than taking big breaths, there was nothing he could do.

Tang Zi Qi pulled him up from the ground, and looked around: "Is this the southern foot of the Qing Liang Mountain?"

"I don't know." Ba Qi Lu moved his numb wrist, "Originally, I had calculated the approximate landing point. With the two of you, and being tortured by Xue Yin Shu, how could I possibly understand anymore?

The wind kite fell to the side, as it fell apart. Tang Zi Qi asked: "Is it all broken?"

"Yeah. It was originally a pile of improvised materials, so what else could they do? " Ba Qi Lu walked over to the pile of trash and leather materials, "It's already good enough for us to arrive here safely. Originally, it was a machine that could only glide downwards. With Xue Yin Shu's arrival, we had to finish playing it. "It's a good thing that I have this …"

Ba Qi Lu took out a small piece of black iron from the wind kite's remains and placed it on his palm.

"Can ferro-fusiform still be used like this?" It was indeed a small piece of ferro-fusiform. It should have been left over from when he was creating the Floating Spindle Armor previously.

"It can only be effective in my hands for a short period of time. It can't be effective in the hands of others." Although Ba Qi Lu's tone was big, he did not exaggerate.

"You want to bring it to the Qingdu?"

Ba Qi Lu nodded. No matter what changes were to occur in Yi Chao's situation, he had to finish what he had to do.

"Qingdu..." Ye Hua Shi who had been silent all this time looked up at the sky and muttered softly.

She did not anxiously chase after Tang Zi Qi to ask what had happened to Jian Xi Zhu. Perhaps he had been prepared for it when he heard about it. She wanted to go to Jian Xi Zhu's side and face everything together, that's all.

"What about you? "Where are you going?" Ba Qi Lu turned and look at Tang Zi Qi.

She said, "I will go with you to the Qingdu."

"Then, are you still going to help him?" Ba Qi Lu laughed and looked at her with interest.

She knew that he was referring to Xue Yin Shu. Then, would she still continue to stand on Xue Yin Shu's side?

All along, the most important reason why she had wanted to help Xue Yin Shu was to protect the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion. Then, after the incident of the arson, would she and Xue Yin Shu still be able to stand together and watch the Jiuzhou s? How could she face the person from the crescent stone?

She thought about it for a while as if nothing had happened. Finally, she gave a carefree laugh. "I don't know. What should I do? Let's see how happy I am! "

"Then let's go. "Speed up and try to find a place to rest before dark."

The two Feather girls nodded, and the three of them quickly disappeared into the mist in the morning forest.

On the other side of the vast Weihai, on the mountains, rivers, and rivers, the ten thousand year old Qingdu was silently waiting.

Five days later, outside the Bi Mansion.

The magnificent carriage stopped outside the tall, red gate. Although it was midsummer, the carriage was dressed in a tight winter attire. The thick flannel curtains blocked the windows, as if the people inside were also feeling cold in this kind of weather.

If he really saw the person inside, he might not even say "it looks like it". This was because the man sitting inside was tightly wrapped in a leather coat, which showed that he was truly afraid of the cold. Even so, his face was still as pale as paper. Only his lips were an abnormal shade of crimson. It seemed that there was something wrong with his body.

The curtain was lifted, and Yu Ren got on the carriage.

"You just came," Bi Wen Xuan complained, "If you still didn't come, I wouldn't have waited any longer."

Xue Yin Shu did not feel offended, but asked with concern: "Ah Xuan, are you alright?"

Bi Wen Xuan laughed: "Being tossed around by those medicinal herbs that have the effects of a secret technique, it's strange if it's good. However, compared to back then, the pain is still far worse. "

"Perhaps after experiencing extreme pain, everything else is nothing." There was a trace of regret in Xue Yin Shu's tone.

"What about you?" Bi Wen Xuan sized him up, "I heard that you almost fell to pieces after falling from Silver Sky Tower?"

"How could that be? If a single Huang Yu were to fall to her death, wouldn't that be a great shame and humiliation? "

Bi Wen Xuan looked at him, "But you are indeed injured, right?"

Xue Yin Shu tilted her head. From the Silver Sky Tower, or to be more precise, when he fell from the wind kite, he was almost exhausted, and in the end, he was also injured a little. But compared to Bi Wen Xuan, this little bit of injury wasn't important at all.

"It's spreading like wildfire. Crown Prince has sacrificed his life to become a beauty, and this has made Mr. storytelling, who lives on the streets, earn a fortune." Bi Wen Xuan did not care what he thought, and went straight to the point, "If this were to happen, the trust that the various families have for you might go down the drain."

"So what?" Xue Yin Shu didn't seem to be worried at all, "In the end, only one between my father and I can be chosen."

The Schroeder's disease did not have any other suitable successors. Even though Xue Xiao Yi had neglected national affairs for many years, under the rule of Yu violets and Xue Yin Shu, the Schroeder's disease was still the only royalty of the Feather. It was impossible for any of them to replace him. However, the people who were eyeing the Feather's royal power covetously were waiting in the dark.

As a result, he was not worried about the various families in Feather. There were some things that were more worrisome than those aristocratic families.

"Ah Xuan, do you really not need me to accompany you to Xia Yang?" He no longer talked about himself, and instead looked solemnly at his good friend.

"I'm going to the sea, what can you do if you go?" Bi Wen Xuan laughed unrestrainedly, "Besides, you are in a mess here. Let me guess, are you going to the Qingdu or what? "

"If you don't need me to go to Xia Yang, I will go to Qingdu. As for the Yuezhou, let Yun Chen go. "

"Yun Chen?" Bi Wen Xuan raised his eyebrows in surprise. But after thinking about it, he understood.

If he could get in contact with the Yuezhou, it would all be for the ferro-fusiform mine. As for how many Floating Spindle Armor could be created, it was actually not important. The most important thing was that they could not let the ferro-fusiform mine fall into the hands of others. The matter of the ferro-fusiform mine was still a secret, but since he was unable to start with Ba Qi Lu, he could only negotiate with the elders of the Thundereye County and A Luo Ka. It would be easier for the world to fall into chaos if he went to the Yuezhou himself. Furthermore, the trusted aides of the Wind Hawks that were far away had to stay with Qiu Ye Jing to look at the bigger picture. On this road, Yun Chen was actually the best choice.

"Even if the ferro-fusiform didn't cause all these problems, I would still have made a trip to the Qingdu." Xue Yin Shu said indifferently, "The matter with the Luna Sightseeing Pavilion cannot be delayed any longer."

Bi Wen Xuan pondered and said: "You must go to the Qingdu, is it because of the coastal case that you have obtained concrete evidence?"


Xue Yin Shu didn't say too much because she didn't want him to worry about her again. Bi Wen Xuan did not ask anymore. Just then, the carriage's curtain opened a crack, and Wen Jiu said: "Gongzi, we should go."

"Then, Your Highness, please go back." Bi Wen Xuan gestured to invite them to get off the carriage.

The two of them did not speak anymore. Xue Yin Shu patted his shoulder and said, "Take care."

He got out of the carriage and watched it leave, a fine cloud of dust rising in the sunlight.

It was as if everyone had left Qiu Ye Jing overnight. Perhaps everyone would leave him far, far away. He would be at a loss, but he would not be confused. He would only resolutely advance. Because he knew that everyone had their own direction.

At the end of the < Chapter of See the Moon >, Bi Wen Xuan went to the Luo Hua City, and Xue Yin Shu also went to the Qingdu. They would face their families, and they might face disagreements and betrayals, so what about Tang Zi Qi's fate? Please continue to enjoy the [Moon Sightseeing Chapter], Xue Yin Shu's road to power as a king will continue to struggle on, reading the exclusive update.

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