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“Sweetheart you should be happy, you did well,” Danny said, he was my boss and the manager of queen's club. For a young man, Daniel was handsome and kind-hearted. The club was divided into two parts. The one on the second floor was an exclusive strip club where I performed as their queen, while the lower one was just a regular bar. Nothing special happened. People came to drink there and relax with their partners or friends

“We should celebrate… after a long time I want to go out,” Bella said, hugging me. I was too exhausted to think about partying or celebrating

“Danny, you handle the rest. I have to go home,” I said, kicking away the heels. Both stared at me as if they were lost. Of course, I knew what they were thinking. Danny brought a large envelope full of cash. Men paid so much money to see me. It was like this every time, the club made millions in a night. If Danny wasn't the young richest man, then I didn't know who was. He knew just how to run his business, other strip clubs envied him because of the customers he got every night

“Sweetheart… like you said… Tonight no private shows…but…” Danny stammered as he walked up to me and half sat on the dressing table. I was busy getting ready the heavy makeup to hear what he had to say

“I know… so what's up?” I asked wondering why he was hesitant

“Tomorrow night… I know it will be a special day, but we have a massive booking,” Danny remarked, and I instantly looked at him. He didn't forget what we discussed previously. Looking at him, I knew he had done something,

“It's just a night. He's an elite Shania… he's loaded and a hottie and Tomorrow…”

“You know I can't Tomorrow… Danny what's with you… I clarified it,” I already told him what I'd be doing the following night. I worked every day even on Saturdays, but the following day was different. He knew I got a day off once a year

“It's his bachelor's party… I want to refuse this…but he paid triple the amount just to have a show…please baby, reconsider… it's his last day, and you know how men are,” Danny pleaded, grabbing my hand. I shrugged him away and rose to my feet. Isabella stood to the sides, knowing this didn't concern her.

“We talked about this…send ivy or Julie…please don't ask… I won't make it, “I simply refused and walked to my closet. It was already past midnight. He knew any better than to trouble me

“My lady, my sweet baby… my beautiful queen…help this loser out…if the butterfly queen doesn't go… I'll be sued, Sweetheart, do you want this cute baby face to go to jail?” Danny rushed to me and said with puppy eyes. Just like every time, he used cute faces to get me to say yes. If not for the fact that he was too adorable for his age. I would have turned him down.

“Fine… but…”

“I spoke to the guys. I told them strictly an hour… no touching and no overtime and no getting intimate," he said, cutting me off, he knew the rules. No one was supposed to touch the butterfly queen. The rules I lay down for the business. I saw as Danny beamed in excitement,

“So it's settled. Tomorrow night… I'll have Tyler send over the van to pick you up," saying that, Danny hugged me and stormed out of the room. The entire time, I was hiding my phone. Glancing at the glowing screen, unfortunately, there was nothing. With a sigh, I placed it back on the table and took off the wig I was wearing the entire time.

I was Shania Palmer, known as the butterfly queen, my identity was a secret, I did my services with a mask. But I was just an ordinary girl,

“Worried Hun … I'm sure she's gonna call,” came Bella as she hugged me from behind, I knew she was trying to comfort me. However, she was wrong

“It's not her Bella… I'm just trying to figure out, how I'm going to split myself Tomorrow,” I didn't plan to work tomorrow, but now I had to perform at some bachelor's party

“You'll be fine…plus it's just for an hour,” Bela remarked and moved away. I nodded and wore my usual clothes. A baggy white t-shirt and baggy ripped blue jeans and some black canvas. Quickly tied my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my purse

“Come mama, I know you are exhausted…let's go home…prepare a hot meal and have some fun,” the good thing about Bella was that she was helpful. Would lighten up anyone's day with just her goofy personality. A 21 years old girl with a giant butt as she called her ass and big boots she said drove men crazy. She was beautiful with a carefree spirit.

“So did you get a reply, I was wondering if he got back to you?” Bella, she'd when we used the secret exit door to leave the building. The night was dark and cold. I regretted leaving my jacket.

“No… I don't think he'll respond…there are a million women he deals with, I'm just one of those he probably doesn't even know to exist,” I said as we walked to the parking area. Bella scoffed sarcastically obviously frowning upon whom we were referring to

“You have been his fan forever… I wonder why he's so special…if he knew the butterfly queen is following him… He would be jumping to line up just like every man…that jerk,” Bella lashed out, I couldn't help but laugh at her outburst, I swore if the actual person was in front of her. She would have beaten them to a pulp

“I'll wait… I'm sure he'll text me and…” I was saying when the phone in my hand vibrated. Startled, I raised it, and it was a notification. I thought I was seeing things, my eyes widened in awe, shocking me that I nearly threw my phone away, but like I was a crazy person. I grabbed Bella's arm and started twirling her. She didn't understand my excitement, however, when I fully came… she snatched my phone and feasted her eyes on the screen

“What? Did he…oh my gosh, Shania…this is huge!” She exclaimed and we both squealed like little girls only to stop we saw a car approaching

“I take back every curse I said about him… I mean he replied to your message…does this mean you'll get an appointment,” she asked, surprised as I was. This was nothing to some women. But for me, it was everything. More like crazy everything

“I'm not certain… but I hope he does…” I said when we reached my car. A red sports car. She was my baby and favorite.

“Damn yes he will… every woman loves that man…” Bella said and settled in, so did I. Keeping the phone aside. I strapped in the seat belts, so did Bella. The person we were referring to was this sensational man on the web called the s*x master. A well-known hottie who dealt with women. He was known to help women with their sexual life. Many women died to get an appointment from him. However, it was rare. He handpicked whom he wanted to meet. Both single and married women went to him. He was like this angel of pleasure, unknown by the masses. Occasionally I felt we had some things in common. He didn't show himself, women who went to meet him said he did his deeds with his clothes on and a mask. Which made him an interesting man. I've been trying for three years but to no avail; however, he just replied to my message. I couldn't wait.

Soon we reached the building where our apartment was. Just a few minutes from Danny's club. Bella and I stayed together, since our college days we never parted. She had a job as a secretary at some company while I worked at the club. During the day I worked at some magazine agency for publishing books and other things

“Besides that, I'm sure you'll be fine… Bella said as we entered the elevator heading to the fourth floor where our apartment was. Shortly after, my phone vibrated. Taking it out, I found a message. This time from a person I would rather not see

(“Sweetie, let's have breakfast tomorrow… I'll be waiting”) I read the message. Whatever happiness I was feeling vanished. Sucked out completely. Bella must have noticed my change in behavior because she snatched the phone from me and shoved it in her purse

“If it hurts…don't go,” she muttered, but it was no use. I had to see her.

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