The Stripper's Redemption/C3 Family issues
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The Stripper's Redemption/C3 Family issues
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C3 Family issues


The deafening sound of the buzzing alarm caused my headache to intense, stretching my hand I tried to reach for the darn alarm disrupting my beauty sleep. It was Saturday, I deserved a peaceful morning to sleep in late

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the alarm.

“Argh,” with all my strength I stretched my body across the mattress and finally grabbed the alarm clock which had fallen off the nightstand halfway on my bed, I turned it off and draped a pillow over my head

My entire body was aching badly, I swore I wouldn't be able to do anything for the day. However, when the events of the day lined up hit my mind. I jerked up, throwing the pillow away as it landed on the floor. Pushing my hair off my face, the room was bright, birds chirping outside my mind

“Ahh, please can't it be night,” I wanted to know if everyone hated morning as I did. If anyone asked me who my enemy was. Then I'd certainly say morning

Slowly pushing myself up, I sat upright and used a rubber to tie my hair in a bun. Glancing at my phone. It was exactly 6 am. I guess I could start with going out for a run.

“Just for twenty minutes… Then I'll come back and arrange my outfit,” I said, dragging my sore body towards the bathroom for my morning routine. I wondered if Isabella was awake, she made me stay up all night watching her disgusting movies

After a while I was all ready, I settled for a matching training outfit, black leggings, a small training bra and some white sneakers

tied my hair in a high ponytail, grabbed my phone and AirPods and stormed out of my room. I had music to keep me company, the weather was blissful for a run in the park.

“Isa… I'll be right back!” I shouted, hoping she was awake and could hear me. Furthermore, I didn't get a reply, and I knew the pig was sleeping like a log. Isabella was lazy between the both of us. I was better because I never turned off my alarm Fifty times, promising to get a minute. I left my apartment and took the elevator to the first floor

The building we stayed at was an exclusive one. People minded their own business, it was rare to see neighbors not like I was interested

“Good morning miss Palmer,” greeted the security man, his name was Beau, a friendly man

“Good morning Beau,” I said and made a run for it heading out, the city was rather quiet. Turning my music on, I started running to the opposite side, heading to the park near the library. It was always peaceful there, I liked it a lot

It didn't take a while when I started slow, my breath building up as I moved my legs at a slow pace. It was not my intention to rush myself, unfortunately I came to an abrupt halt when suddenly. A few black cars drive carelessly, block my face.

“What the hell,” my breathing was heavy, wiping sweat from my forehead, I shielded my eyes with my hand as I waited to insult whoever blocked me. Soon a few men in Black suits came out. They looked like bodyguards

“Are you blind huh… can't you see the road or are you just bad drivers, “I scolded them and prepared to leave when they blocked my way again. Turning back, I removed the AirPods and adjusted my bra which didn't cover my belly at all

“Good morning miss… kindly come with us,” one of the men said with a bow. I didn't know who they were, however, glancing at the three black cars parked behind them. I got an idea of who it was

“No, thanks…,” I remarked bitterly and turned to walk away when they blocked my way again. By this time, I was irritated, angry at their approach and wasting my time

“Please miss… come with us…she's waiting,” the man said again gesturing me to the car. I didn't want this but looking at the men, I knew running wouldn't help. Even siding and raining insults on them wouldn't work

“Fine,” I finally agreed and walked right past them heading to the car. The men followed me. Guided me to the back seat of the car until I settled in

The men settled in as well and drove the car away from there. I didn't understand how one would flaunt their wealth like this. Three cars just to get me. I didn't like any of it, but all I wanted was to tell the person off. I had so much in my heart that I needed to pour out. After five minutes, we arrived, at a fast food French restaurant. Not the ordinary kind but the exclusive kind

Only wealthy people came here. The colorful atmosphere said it all. The beauties walking around said it all. I hated such things, but when the man opened the door for me. I stepped out not minding how I was looking

I didn't care about anyone; hence I made my way to where the man was taking me. We didn't go inside, but went the opposite way, climbing a few stairs until we came to an opening. It was a garden with nicely placed tables and chairs. There was no one here. I would say anything knowing she must have booked the entire thing just so she could be alone

And I was right because before I could even reach where she was. I saw her seating elegantly. From a distance, she was a beauty, a gorgeous-looking woman with milky golden hair falling to her shoulders. She wore a white floral dress, bringing out her porcelain white glowing skin. Her flawless beauty was noticed. Keeping that aside, I finally reached where she was and like she was expecting me. She glanced up smiling at me

“Take a seat, will you,” she said softly, even her voice was angelic? So pleasant to the ears. Ignoring that I wasn't in the mood

“Tell me what you want… before your men brought me here… I was busy,” I said coldly, I didn't care how rude I sounded, but the woman before me didn't deserve any ounce of respect from me. She didn't look offended by my words but smiled and stirred her coffee,

“Sit princess… at least putting on nice clothes would have been nice, why go around wearing such clothes …don't you think it's inappropriate?” She remarked with a smile which was nothing but fake. Swallowing hard, I was forced to sit down just opposite her, hiding my anger. We were only separated by a table. Soon the waiter came and placed what looked like French toast and some other things these rich people loved eating, and I hated

“Eat up baby, you seem to have lost a little weight,” she commented making me feel even angrier,

“How does it concern you… if body-shaming me is what you called me here for… I'm leaving” I said and prepared to go when she stopped me. My morning was ruined seeing this woman, just looking at her face and seeing myself made me feel nauseous

“Shania, that's enough… it won't hurt to be polite to your mother,”

“What mother? Don't tell me you left your so-called business and your husband to waste your precious time here… save it, okay… I'm far too busy,” she didn't have to pretend to be happy to see me. She was ashamed of me.

“Stop it Shania… at least yes hello to me… I'm your mother, not your enemy,” she said with some authority to her voice, how dare she order me like her employees? I wasn't one of her helpers

“I'm not your employee okay… just leave me alone…” I lashed out, hating the sight of her.

“I came to invite you, Shania… it's your birthday… the family wants to meet you, so please put our differences aside and do this for me…” my mother said while sipping on her coffee, she thought she could come and do as she wanted. My world and hers were different.

“ I'm not meeting your family… I have my grandparents with me and so you know… they are preparing a birthday dinner for me,” I told her straight, it was my birthday, Madeline was bothering herself because I would never accept her family

“Your sisters want to meet you, your stepfather… even your stepbrother hopes to meet you,” Madeline said placing the mug on the table, she was wrong. Those were her family, not mine. We lived in the same city, but no one knew the all-power Madeline Kingston was my mother. She would have been a Palmer if she didn't get married to another man when my father died

“My father is dead… I'm the only child Madeline… stop wasting your time,” I said, rose to my feet and prepared to leave when she said something which made me

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