The Stripper's Redemption/C4 Dance for him
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The Stripper's Redemption/C4 Dance for him
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C4 Dance for him


“Just be happy and okay, I mean It's not bad to meet them,” Isabella said, trying to coax me into going to some dinner gathering. I hated the idea of it, it sickened me to the core. But I wasn't going to let Madeline's presence affect my birthday mood. It was my birthday, I was turning 21 years, and I couldn't be any happier. If my dad were here. He would have done so much to please me

“Isa, I can't just go there. Boom I'm Shania your sister… I have no relationship with that family,” I retorted while getting ready, already Danny was busy calling me nonstop asking me how far. The jerk sold me out on my birthday

“The family is well known… your mother is really… umm…”

“A seductress of rich men,” I finished the sentence for her when she was hesitating, she didn't have to say anything. Madeline was a beauty to behold. Isabella facepalmed herself and walked closer to the mirror.

“Sweetie, stop being a drama queen okay… you look beautiful, so gorgeous I'm jealous,” she said in a small tone, rolling my eyes at her. I shoved her hand away and rose from the chair. Unless it was time

Normally any man or group who threw some bachelor party would book the club for their celebration. I wondered how special the groom was for us to go to his farmhouse. I hated doing my work in a foreign place

Men tended to be so overbearing

“Happy birthday girl… I'll be at your grandparent's house waiting…nail it,” Isabella said when seeing me off. The thing I liked about her. She was supportive of my work. I knew the job I did was something many frowned upon. But she never looked down on me. Not even once, she came to all my shows

I was grateful for having her as my bestie and roomie. It was so cold outside that I tightened the front of the long coat I was wearing to keep warm. Inside was a shimmering black dress reaching mid-thigh high with black heels. My hair was tied in a ponytail. I walked up to the black van parked outside the building. The driver and two other females were waiting for me.

“Hi sweetheart,” the two girls greeted me when I settled in. I nodded with a faint smile, and the car was on the move. I quickly wore my mask

The Night was getting darker. I only had an hour to put on a good show and then rush to my grandparents' house. To kill time, I took out my phone, and log in to my secret account on the s*x master's page. I used Barbie's name and profile picture. The site was mostly frowned upon by people. They were against what the s*x master did. Especially men who felt he was the reason the women around wanted more in the bedroom, they compared him to them. As for me, he was just this sexual guru, a hot one for that matter

(“How can I make an appointment with you… I'm your biggest fan”) I sent a private message to his inbox. I waited for a while but got no reply. Of course, I was too excited. Leaning against the car seat, my eyes closed shut. I was getting agitated for nothing, however after I realized the van had stopped

“We are here, wow it's so beautiful,” one of the girls said and opening my eyes, the door slid open. The two girls walked out, and I was the last one

grabbing my bag, I draped it over my shoulder and stepped out

“Come on… let's do this and leave from here,” I said as we were guided to the entrance by some men in black suits. As I guessed, the place was glorious. It was dark; however, the glowing lights made the place look extravagant, something beautiful

Soon we were shown the room to change. It would have been better if we were back at the club. The two girls changed and went to wait for me outside. I quickly put on the sexiest lingerie I could find. Something enticing and seductive. Danny said the men were exclusive and expected more from the butterfly queen. Hence, with a little touch of makeup and full sexy red lipstick, I was good to go. Although I wore something long outside to hide.

I could feel the tension as we climbed the stairs going up to the room the men were in. The place was quiet, as if no one occupied it. The sound of our heels knocking on the marble floor was the only sound which could be heard until we reached the top and heard music and cheering men.

Exhaling, I knew I had to do this. But why was I nervous, I wasn't an amateur, hell no

I've been doing this forever. Maybe Danny's constant warning about the supposed groom had gotten to my head. Either way, I didn't care. No customer was special, they got what they paid for and a sexy seductive and hot show was what I was going to give them

And like they were ready, we graced the small stage. The men were on the other side. The room was large enough for me to do as I wanted. My butterfly mask was on. This time I went with a black mask with gold feathers. This was my identity, whenever I wore my mask. I felt in control, to do as I wanted without limits. This was what I enjoyed doing. The music played, and colored lights flashed beautifully. It was just like back at the club. I felt energized. This time I was going to take this to the next level, I saw the pole set up already. It was going to be my friend. The three of us were in position. The curtains were drawn apart revealing the men before us, They seemed excited or anxious to see us. I was expecting a number of men, but unfortunately, I only saw three men. Seated across the stage, my heart skipped a beat when they whistled. Something all men did whenever they saw the butterfly queen. What bothered me was the man in the middle dressed in black clothes didn't react, the lights were flashing; hence I could only see his face a little. But I saw his stern expression, as if he were concentrating on something. He wasn't cheering at all. The two men seated to his sides even rose to their feet, clicking bottles of liquor. I slowly tugged at my shoulder, teasing them to take off my clothes. The scenery was intense, it wasn't clear to me why but the man's intense gaze made me feel weak in the knees, but I managed to strip. Swayed my hips in a way that I knew we'd drive any man crazy

I knew I was killing it, I didn't mind about anyone else, not even the two girls doing their thing when suddenly, a chair was kicked away with force startling not just me but even the two men who had joined us on the small stage. Stopping in my tracks, the man had risen from the chair, he didn't look so tall when he was sitting, but once he was on his feet. I pitied my 5 feet height. His shirt sleeves were folded to his elbows and the front up to his neck was open. He was nothing but an imposing being advancing with predatory steps. Sharp, striking eyes which would make anyone lose it. But I didn't mind. If not for the mask I was wearing, I would have given him a death glare of a lifetime,

“Ace. What is it?” The music stopped and one of the men asked him because his action was inappropriate and disturbing to my work. He paid but that didn't give him the right to do as he wanted

“Get out all of you” he muttered sternly, his eyes were on me. I didn't do anything wrong, right? Why was he looking so furious,

“Ace… we talked…”

“Get out!” He yelled so loud that the two girls were already at the door frightened, while the two men stared at him for a while and then stormed away, left and slammed the door shut. I was about to go when he stopped me

“Dance for me,” he muttered, his voice was throaty, not sure if it was my ears. But this time he sounded calm, I was confused, but when he dragged a chair forward and sat down. I was lost. “Dance,”

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