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C5 Boundaries


Throughout my life working at the strip club, I have never been humiliated in such a way by a man. Mainly I was the one in control. Men danced to my tune, they got pleasure by just watching me. Unfortunately, the man sitting in the chair was different. The way he was looking at me as I gave him a show had me feeling goosebumps, he sat like some boss with his legs spread. He had a bottle of champagne in his hand. Gulping down while he watched, shifting in sexy poses as if to entice me

The intensity in his eyes had me figuring things out if I was doing this correctly. For the first time, I questioned my job

The music was seductive slowly as I moved my hips to its rhythm. I've never felt so sexy as I was feeling, I did most private shows, but this one felt different. Rotating my hips right in front of him. I liked his change of expression when I did something which he found amusing. I didn't stop as I walked toward him, I stopped right in front of him. Gave him a seductive smirk and ran my hand on his thigh going up until I stopped at the huge bulge in his pants. An exhale came from him. More like a shivering hiss of someone who had been touched by something hot. He gazed up as I straddled one of his legs, sat down on it and seductively grinned up and down while giving him a lap down, my huge luscious a** connected with his abs and I felt his hands on me. I moved back when he touched me but he grabbed me by the waist, flipped me until I was facing him and let me straddled on his lap. Swallowing hard he slipped his hand on my back, he was warm and cold and soft. I didn't allow men to touch me.

"The mask… it needs to go off," he mumbled, completely clouded by pleasure. His face was flushed and his eyes glassy, his chest was rising and falling rapidly as if he had been running. I shook my head. Didn't even bother to answer. He was taking things way too personal. This isn't how nice my work

They were rules men were supposed to follow,

"The mask stays on," I mumbled not sure why my voice was shaky and sounded hoarse but he was just a customer, my identity was crucial

"Sweetheart, I hate asking twice…" he muttered and unexpectedly reached for the back of my head and before I could stop him, he tugged at the loose string keeping the mask on, yanked at it and I saw as the mask came off and he tossed it away. The entire time my eyes were closed shut. Afraid of being seen. This was against the rules. Anger boiled within that I felt rage building in. The urge to snap at him kicked in and when my eyes opened. I met with the man's gaze. A blank expression scanned my face. His hands were all over my body and reached for my face.

"Strip," he muttered as he leaned close to my face. I swore his cologne was overwhelming, something delicious that I have never smelled before. But even so, I stilled my heart

"Sorry, sir… the one hour is over… my services are done," the words choked out of me, barely keeping eye contact with him when I rose to my feet, only for him to pull me down his lap.

"Baby girl, I'm not just anybody I paid for a full show… strip for me…such a f***king beauty," he murmured while rubbing his face against my arm, his hands slipped down and grabbed my a** startling me when he squeezed me tightly. I felt him licking me and sucking in my flesh. A warm sensation rushed through my body causing a strange feeling to cloud my mind. I've never been so close to a man like this. Soon he moved away and when I glanced at him. A sinister smirk had plastered on his face.

"For a professional, your services are lousy… I need more than just… touching baby girl," he murmured while tugging at the bra strings, I was confused. Where did Danny get such a man, wasn't he getting married? Where was his bride? Before I could figure out the answer, the bra came off freeing my breast, he made groaning sounds as if amazed

"I can assure you I'm a professional and the best... and you sir have to know the rules of the game," I said angrily, how dare he say I was bad at my job

"Show me then... what this butterfly can do... can you fly little insect," he muttered while tugging at the waistline of my panties

"Shall we try this," he whispered and leaned down my chest, my breasts still itching from the tight bra effect. Just the brush of his lips on my nipples sent me over the edge, I wanted to escape, to go away but he made me sit on him with my legs crossed to his sides

"Ahh," he groaned as he ran his tongue over my swollen nipple, a shiver ran through me that I bit my bottom lip and ignored the fire burning from within

I didn't want this. I've never felt like this, normally my feelings were caged, and I was never turned on no matter how hot a man was. But this man was different. His touch was intoxicating. His mouth was overwhelming and hot that I found me losing it

Losing control over my urges, all the caged lust was slowly escaping and rendering me useless. All my dominance vanished aside and fell prey to him. He cupped my face as he took one of my breasts in his hot mouth. My hands automatically moved to his arms

So strong and muscular, I gripped him tightly. Afraid of letting go. He pressed his hand on my back pushing me to him as he ran his tongue over my nipple, so swollen and sensitive that when he teased to bite it, a low gasp escaped my throat as I leaned down, burying my face in his shoulder. He took his time sucking on me, fondling the other one as he intensified his moves

I screamed out when he bite down my nipple causing me so much pain

He seemed happy with his deeds. The pain only lasted for a while when he cupped my face, my eyes were drowsy, I only saw his blurred face when I felt his warm lips on mine.

The beautiful clamor of the music jangled in my ears. I forced myself to relax, unfortunately, my body was shaking. The man was something she had never tasted before, searching with subtle strokes of his tongue. I was shocked by the intimate exploration, and even more by the alarming sensations that shot through the vulnerable places of my body. Thrilling weakness overtook me, I quivered in his hold, my hands probing for his neck, his hair, the locks thick and soft against my fingers. The uncertain invitation of my hands caused him to draw a breath as if my touch had affected him intensely. He slipped one hand up to the side of my face, nestling my cheek as he pulled back just enough to nibble and torment me, grasping gently at my upper lip, then the lower one, ravishing me with feathery brushes of heat. this was a total stranger, but what he did to me. No man had ever

Compulsively, I wielded shaky pressure behind his neck, encouraging him back down to me, and when his mouth took mine in another penetrating kiss, I moaned aloud. Before the sound could escape my swollen throat, I tore my mouth away panting and gasping for air. Realizing what I was about to allow

"Mister this is a breach of contract and rules… the butterfly queen doesn't take such nonsense," I spat out with heavy breaths and prepared to go when he shoved me down with force and took my mouth again, this time he didn't show any mercy as he gripped the back of my neck firmly

Damn, I was going to regret this. I wanted this. I wanted his hands and mouth all over my body, touching me in a way that made me feel pleasure. He left my mouth pushing my head back, my eyes closed shut as warm liquid leaked from the corners. My mouth hung open as I felt his mouth on my throat. My a** grinded on his hard c**k

The burning path of his lips began at the tiny curve just beneath my right ear, awakening exquisitely delicate nerves as he searched the line of a delicate vein with his tongue. His fingers swept over the top of my shoulder, his thumb finding the section of my collarbone, his open hand scouring the fragileness of my body. Caressing the side of my throat, he found a place that made me shiver, and he wavered there until I felt another moan compelling me to break from my kiss-moistened lips. His stiff tongue urged me to open to his kisses.

I didn't kiss men, rule number two… never

But he just did, so subtle and soft yet aggressive, so warm and hot yet demanding. So hungry and I craved more as I opened up to him. Responded with aggression as if have been starved for eternity

The hunger in my chest rushed up my throat and my hands slipped around his neck and we found kissing each other. The sounds echoed throughout the room carried away by the melodious music

"Dammit, f**k this…ah," he cursed as he left my mouth and scooped me in his arms. He looked at me with a seductive look and took my mouth again. This time his mission was to knock the air out of me. And my body was taking in everything, enjoying the just. Before I knew I was being carried somewhere I didn't know, I was too lost in his lust to mind

I heard the creak opening of the door and the slamming of it

Before I could stop myself, I was thrown on a soft thing. It was a mattress. Opening my eyes, he started taking off his clothes. He stripped completely, I could see him clearly

"Let's play kitten," he murmured seductively as he came up on me. My heart was screaming run Shania, you are overstepping your boundaries. But when he ripped my panties away and dragged my legs down until they were dangling and he went on his knees. Everything changed, I wanted this so badly. It was like my life depended on it.

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