The Strongest Magic Doctor in City/C1 Lee Yifann Got Dismissed
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The Strongest Magic Doctor in City/C1 Lee Yifann Got Dismissed
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C1 Lee Yifann Got Dismissed

"Lee Yifann, how dare you! It's only been a few days and yet you are already dismissed by the People's Hospital! You have disgraced the Medical University!"

Zhoa Huaming's voice was almost deafening in the office of the Medical University's TCM hospital.

Staring at Lee Yifann, his face darkened while his cheeks trembled. He was furious. He felt he wanted to swallow Lee Yifann alive.

Zhoa Huaming had been in charge of the students doing their internship for many years in the People's Hospital. This was the first time he had encountered a student being dismissed from the hospital!

His student being dismissed was not only a disgrace to him, but also discredited the Medical University!

"When I sent you to the People's Hospital for your internship on the first day, I told you that you must listen to the hospital's management regardless. Did you forget that? Now that you have caused such a problem, tell me how I'm supposed to have this resolved?"

Zhao Huaming angrily slammed his fist on the table. He was the director of Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital for over 20 years, and he was close to retirement.

Lee Yifann started his internship at the People's Hospital a few days ago. In those few days, he had performed an operation without the proper authorization and almost caused the death of the patient because he disobeyed the hospital management, resulting in medical malpractice.

The hospital management was furious and immediately dismissed Lee Yifann.

As Zhao Huaming was the person who arranged for Lee Yifann to go to the People's Hospital for his internship, he would definitely bear the brunt as well. He would definitely have an earful from the principal and what's worst, his bonus would be deducted.

Lee Yifann in his white T-shirt and jeans, pursed his lips together and insisted, "I did not disobey the hospital's management. It really was not my fault. I..."

Zhao Huaming banged on the table and the cups on the table shook.

He could not control his anger anymore. He stood up from the chair and stared at him. "You dare argue? If you listened to the management, how did this medical accident happen? Why were you dismissed, if it wasn't your fault?"

While Lee Yifann was born into a poor family, his academic performance was exceptional and he worked hard. That's why Zhao Huaming gave the opportunity for an internship at the People's Hospital to Lee Yifann in the first place.

But Lee Yifann disappointed him! He had never thought that he would have done such a thing?

Lee Yifann's face was pale. He gritted his teeth and defended, "I was trying to save the patient!"

"Save the patient?" Zhao Huaming roared furiously, "You almost killed the patient, that's what you did! Did you take the wrong medicine? You're still talking rubbish!"

"What I did, was really to save the patient. Director, you've got to believe me!" Lee Yifann said as his face became much paler.

"Just shut up!" Zhao Huaming coldly snapped at him, "You have only learned medicine for a few days and you think you are a devine Doctor? Are you aware you almost killed a patient which nearly caused a medical accident? You really need to reflect on yourself! Just don't say anymore. After some lengthy discussion, the school has decided to expel you from school."

"What?" Lee Yifann was shocked. "Why did the school want to kick me out?"

Zhao Huaming snorted coldly, "You got discharged by the People's Hospital, your qualification as an intern got revoked, and your grade results are no longer valid."

"Even if that is the case, you can't deny my academic grades! I could go to another hospital and restart my internship there." Lee Yifann was not able to accept being expelled.

In the past, there were students who had their grade results cancelled, but they still went ahead and applied to restart their internship.

Why was it he had to be expelled from school?

"Tell me which hospital do you think in Luzhou City would dare to hire you now? You are blacklisted by all the major hospitals!" Zhao Huaming said coldly, "If the principal did not suppress this matter, you would have been in the headlines."

Lee Yifann showed a pleading expression, "Director, please don't fire me. Without the student status, I'm a goner."

If he didn't obtain the formal qualifications, then his five years of university medical studies would all be in vain!

Zhao Huaming's face was cold, "This was decided by the principal. I did intercede for you, but you have caused so much trouble. You have to accept this reality."

Accept this reality?

How could Lee Yifann accept this unjustified reality?

For more than ten years, he studied really hard. Just as he was about to succeed, the school wanted to expel him?

This meant all the time and effort he spent studying would be in vain.

He was very reluctant, and pleaded once again, "Director, you know how my family situation is. My grandfather gave up so much just so I can study. How am I suppose to explain to him that the school dismissed me? Please reconsider!"

Thinking of Lee Yifann's family condition, Zhao Huaming hesitated.

Unfortunately, things had gotten to this point. He really had no authority to change this situation. He could only shake his head and said, "It's useless even if you plead with me. Expelling you was the minimal punishment for you already. Take my advice, go home and go in for farming."

Lee Yifann's expression changed. "Farming? I've studied my butt off these past five years, and that's all I got in the end?"

"This is justified! Did you think you committed a minor mistake? If the principal did not have this matter suppressed, you would not even be standing here!" Zhao Huaming said coldly, "You are the one who caused this disaster. However, if you just go home now, you can still stand a chance."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Lee Yifann felt something was off with the director's words.

Zhao Huaming sighed deeply and said, "The person you almost killed has a very powerful background. He made it clear that as long as he is still alive, you can never find a job in any hospital in Luzhou City."

Lee Yifann's face turned pale instantly, "This is too excessive. Are they trying to kill me?"

"As a former student of this hospital, I advise you to go back to the country side and lay low. Don't be so stubborn. No one can help you!" Zhao Huaming's words were very cold.

"Director, I..."


Lee Yifann was on the verge of collapsing. He face was as pale as a ghost. His heart felt a strong sadness and grievance. He forcefully swallowed back his tears and did not let himself cry. He was reluctant to leave but turned around and left.

He was absent-minded and lost as he walked. There was no way he could accept it. Him trying to save people had actually caused him to be expelled from school!

Absolutely not!

If he were to be dismissed from schoo, all the hard work he had put in over ten years would be in vain. His grandfather who was in his sixties, opened a clinic to earn an income to pay for Lee Yifann's tuition fees. How was he to explain this to his grandfather?

"I can't be expelled! I have to go and plead with the principal..."

Lee Yifann was unwilling to give up without a fight. He quickly went to the principal and plead his case, but the principal mercilessly destroyed all hope he had.

He then went to look for the director of education, the vice principal, and even the school board.

As a result, he was either thrown out or ruthlessly reprimanded.

Being expelled was a fact that couldn't be changed.

Some students heard about his incident and felt injustice for him. However, majority of them ridiculed him, saying he deserved that outcome.

In a short time of the day, Lee Yifann had almost experienced the different aspects of human nature. His classmates who had greeted him in a friendly manner in the past had all considerably distanced themselves from him.

However, he currently had no intention of worrying such trivial things.

He had no idea what he needed to do now. He even regretted why he even tried saving the patient.

Ten o'clock that night, he returned to the dormitory. Exhausted, he sat on his bed in a daze.

His old, worn-out cell phone suddenly rang.

Still in a daze, Lee Yifann answered the phone. It was his grandfather on the other end of the phone, "Yifann, why haven't you called me recently?"

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