The Strongest Skill System/C1 Strongest Skill System
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The Strongest Skill System/C1 Strongest Skill System
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C1 Strongest Skill System

Ye Mo had a very long dream. In the dream, he had always been falling into a dark space, and other than the cold air, there was nothing else.

Descending, all the way down, there seemed to be no end.

After an unknown amount of time, a small, demonic, five-colored dot of light appeared in the dark space, entering the depths of his forehead.

"Activating the strongest skill system …" Absorbing Energy... Energy absorption completed... Weak soul detected... Start Binding Host... "

"The strongest skill system?" "What the hell is this?"

Ye Mo was also at a loss. Before long, bits of information regarding the strongest skill system appeared in his mind.

The strongest skill system was the strongest product from a high level world, it could draw different skills from different worlds in the universe. Overall, there were three types of skills — Life, Combat, and Special.

Life skills include fortune-telling, calligraphy, painting, singing, cooking, driving, calligraphy, gambling, medicine, etc.

Combat type skills included firearms, martial arts manuals, Ninjutsu, and more.

Special skills included the skills of characters and Magic Treasures from the Myth or game worlds.

Ye Mo organized the information he got and his heart was in turmoil.

"Hello? "That system, are you in my body?"

"Hello host, the system has already bound your soul, you can also understand that it's in your body!"

"Yes." Then explain your role to me. "

"The basic information from before has already entered your brain. Let me add on. The life skills selected by the system were divided into three levels: Grandmaster, Grandmaster, and Transcendent. To give a simple example, master level medical skills are equivalent to the best in the country. Master level medical skills are equivalent to the best in the world. As for combat type and special type skills, they will be graded based on the level of the skill's power. "

"Oh right, host, the system itself can be upgraded as well, and only with each upgrade can the system select other skills."

"Then how can I upgrade the system?"

"It's very simple. As long as the host completes the quest and obtains the points, the host will be able to level up the skill. Every time a skill reached the extraordinary level, the system could be upgraded and a second skill could be acquired. However, I must remind the host that even after completing the system's quest, currently, they can only draw Life Skills. Combat Skills can only be drawn at LV5, while Special Skills can only be drawn after LV10. "

"System, isn't the current me unable to draw out anything?"

"Yes, host, but you don't have to worry, the system will reward you as a novice!"

"Oh? "What's the reward for being a novice?"

"Newbie reward is an item or ability randomly chosen by the system from the world of myriad heavens. If you are lucky, you might get a God Beast's bloodline or a God Equipment. If you are unlucky, it might just be a pair of stockings that a beauty is wearing! "

"Ugh …" "Whatever, hurry up and pick my novice reward!"

"Good host... Scan the universe... Random Extraction... Di! Draw the weakened version of U.S. Captain's Serum... Di! Gain mastery over... The selection is complete! "

"System, I understand master level medical skills, but what is captain's serum?"

"Host, the United States Captain's serum is extracted from a world called the Manwai. It can enhance your physical fitness to the limits of humans. However, since it is a weaker version, it will definitely be inferior to the original product. "

"Then how much stronger can this weakened version of the serum strengthen my body?"

"It will make you stronger. It could reach 70 kilometers per hour, which was even faster than a horse's fastest speed. It can jump to a height of 1.5 meters, which is more than 4 meters away. "His recovery rate is more than two times that of an ordinary person. Even if he were to land a blow on himself with his blade and sword, he wouldn't be too much of a problem …"

Ye Mo couldn't help but sigh as he heard the numbers: "This …" A weaker version? Then, how strong are your original equipment! "

"Then is the host ready to receive the novice reward?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

"The process will be a bit painful, please hold on …" Begin transferring master level medical skills... "We're starting to inject the weakened version of Captain America's serum..."

A sharp pain pierced into his soul!


Ye Mo screamed and sat up, breathing heavily.

"Brother!" You're finally awake? "

At this moment, Ye Jiajia, who was wiping Ye Mo's body beside the bed, jumped in shock. After recovering from her shock, her face was full of joy. "He's awake!"

His body was in so much pain!

Ye Mo's whole body felt like it was being pierced by countless steel needles, it was extremely painful!

"Phew …" "Phew …" Ye Mo panted heavily as his body slowly recovered. Just now, he was on the verge of collapsing!

However, when he suddenly thought of the System that he encountered while in a coma, he could not help but smile, so it was actually a dream!

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Ye Mo's mind:

"Host, that wasn't a dream! And the pain in your body was caused by the injection of the weakened version of the American captain's serum. "

"System, where are you?" So this was not a dream! This is real! "

Ye Mo was ecstatic from the bottom of his heart because he understood what it meant to have the system!

"Yes, I've always been there. You just need to communicate with me with your mind. Now, you can feel your body and the Grand Master level medical skills that have been transferred to you! "

Ye Mo suppressed the joy and ecstasy in his heart. Sure enough, he had a lot of advanced medical knowledge and all kinds of methods to treat and save others in his mind.

Soon after, Ye Mo threw out a simple punch in the air. It seemed to be a casual punch, but it produced waves of ear-piercing sounds as it pierced through the air.

Strong! It was really very strong!

This was completely different from the past!

Ye Mo could clearly feel his strength now!

"Mo!" Are you really awake? This is great! "

At this moment, two surprised and happy women rushed in through the door. One was her cousin Ye Jiajia, while the other was her aunt Jiang Min.

Jiang Min saw Ye Mo sitting on the bed with a confused expression. She felt so much pain that her eyes turned red.

"Oh god, my family's Mo is finally awake!"

Ye Jiajia, who was standing to the side, was also wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes while laughing.

Ye Mo's nose turned sour when he saw this.

Along with Jiang Min's snot and tears, Ye Mo finally knew what happened after he was knocked unconscious. At that time, he was sent to the hospital by a kind-hearted passer-by, but the first aid was not as effective. The doctor said that the brain blood clotted to form blood clots to oppress the nerves.

The expensive medical fees emptied the Ye Family's savings, plus the hitman only left 20,000 yuan behind and didn't appear again. As a result, the Ye Family could only move Ye Mo back home to take care of him, hoping for a miracle to happen.

Ye Mo said gratefully, "Aunt, Jiajia, I've troubled you recently!"

Jiang Min caressed Ye Mo's back and said, "Silly child, we are a family, it's not troublesome at all."

"Right." Ye Mo nodded heavily and suddenly remembered: "Where's Uncle?"

"He went to the construction site." Jiang Min turned around and said to Ye Jiajia, "Jiajia, give your dad a call and ask him to come back immediately. Let's take Mo to the hospital for a checkup."

Ye Mo knew that his aunt's family wasn't rich, and she must have spent a lot of money to treat his illness, so he quickly said:

"Aunty, there's no need to spend that money. I've already recovered."

How could Jiang Min be willing to listen?

"How can I do that, I have to go to the hospital. "Jiajia, what are you still standing there for?"

Forty minutes later, Ye Jianguo, who was covered in dust, rushed home. He hugged Ye Mo, choked with sobs, when he saw that Ye Mo was speechless.

Ye Mo's parents died in a car accident when he was eight years old. Since then, they have been adopted by Ye Jianguo. To him, Ye Mo was his own son!

Ye Jianguo helped Ye Mo into a van, and only then did Ye Mo realize that he was in his old house in Golden Horse Town, and not his uncle's house in Changfeng County City.

Did Uncle sell his own house?

The neighbor's name was Liu Fugui. Along the way, this fatty talked nonstop, and mentioned that his uncle sold his house in the county due to the lack of medical fees, and even borrowed a lot of money from his three relatives and four friends.

Ye Jianguo had been trying to stop Liu Fugui from talking too much, but this guy kept nagging him, even talking about the culprit!

"Zhang Chao!"

Ye Mo blurted out the word from between his teeth. A domineering face flashed in the depths of his mind, a face that he would never forget!

High school classmate 3 years, you usually ridicule me, humiliate me forget about.

But you actually found someone to kill me? How could I endure this? How could he take this lying down!

So what if your family has money and power? If I don't have you in my life, I won't rest until I die!

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