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Devi stayed in the Ferrer Clan in the past few days.

Many powerful forces tried to inquire about him and visit the inn he had staying in. but Zurre said that he was in seclusion.

They didn't make it in public that Devi was in the Ferrer Clan because it was an important matter and also confidential.

These days Devi often guides his fourth Disciples to Cultivate and Lana didn't disappoint him. She actually broke through to the Grandmaster Level 6.

The Elders of the Ferrer Family also have their improvement because of the Flower Liquid that he gave to them.

Only Mars, The patriarch of the Ferrer Family and Odin the Old Ancestors have yet to come out in the customs.

The Ferrer clan didn't have to worry about breaking through to the sain realm because their clan has a long heritage. They also have a secret formation that can help to block the strange phenomena.

The next day, Mars also got out in the custom and his strength has advanced to level 6 Sovereign realm.

Only Odin didn't come out because breaking through the saint realm needed a lot of time.

Devi and Old Jie decided to leave the Ferrer Family because tomorrow is the start of the Dragon List competition. Lana the little girl who was eating chocolate Lillipop was also going with Devi because she is now the fourth disciple of Devi.

He instructed a few words to Mars and they left the Ferrer clan to return to the inn. He was always slightly worried about what his disciple and daughter were doing in the past few days.

The three of them fly at the fast speed to avoid wasting so much time.

After they arrived in the Inn, Zurre and Albros were already waiting for them at the entrance.

"Welcome Back Sect master" the two of them greeted in unison and bowed.

"Did something happen while i was away?" He asks directly to know what the situation is right now.

"Sect Master some people visit you in these past few days. Some of them want to have a good relationship.with you. " Albros respectfully said with a smile.

Devi asked again." What else?"

"Sect Master, Some forces delivered some treasures and gifts. They said that it belongs to you because you destroyed the Delvade Family. "

"Some of them said that if the Nightmare Sect needs help, they will show a good will"

Zurre respectfully said to Devi. He also handed over the magic ring where the treasure is stored.

"You can keep it and after going back to the sect put it in the treasure house. " Devi waved his hand and immediately entered the Inn.

"Where's my Disciple and daughter?"

Devi asks seriously while sitting on the couch comfortably.

"Your three Disciples have been cultivating in the past few days. They didn't play or go out this time because they didn't want to disappoint you in the upcoming Dragon list Competition. "

"Especially that of Kid Colin's. He wanted to raise the prestige of our Sect because he is your Big Disciple"

Albros said to Devi while stroking his beard. He looked at Lana who was sitting besides Devi with some questions on his face.

Devi notices this look and immediately introduces Lana to them. " This is my Fourth Disciple. Lana Ferrer"

"girl, greet the Elders" he said to Lana with a smile.

"I've seen the Elders"

Lana bowed slightly in front of Albros and Zurre. After that she continues to eat her Sweets.

"Alright, you have a good future" Albros smiles slightly while looking at her with penetrating eyes. He actually sees a strong sense of bloodline coming from her.

Zurre on the other side just smiled at her. He was also delighted in his heart because even if his strength was low. The Disciples of Nightmare Sect treated him always with respect and a good attitude.

"Daddyyyy, I missed youuuu! "

A Childish voice sounded in the Hall and Ayesha ran towards Devi and hugged him tightly.

Devi also smiled at her and gently touched her head. "How are you?"

"Father! Why did you leave me here?" Ayesha asked with a pout and her face shows a cute angry expression.

"Hahaha, Dad did an important thing so.." Devi smiles at her and pinches her cute cheeks.

"Well, i forgive you this time. But if you will leave in the future you must take me with you" the little girl said in a serious face that caused the people in the surroundings to laugh and become amused.

She's the only one who has the guts to become angry with Devi.

"Well, This is your another Big sister Lana, she is my fourth Disciple" Devi said to Ayesha while looking at Lana besides him.

Ayehsa tilted her head and looked at Lana with a smile and said cheerfully

"Hello! Elder Sister Lana"

Lana also looked at Ayesha and said with a slight smile. " Hello Yesha, "

Compared to Aliya, Lana slightly has a Cold personality.

His 4 Disciples have Different personalities and for Devi it's quite normal.

His Eldest Disciple Colin, has a proud Personality.

Aliya was short Tempered but sometimes she is more cunning and also cheerful.

Lucio was hardworking and had a sense of Responsibility.

And Lana his fourth Disciple has a Cold personality and she doesn't care about other people, she only wants to eat sweets.

As for her daughter, she was innocent and kind.

Lana took out a piece of strawberry lollipop and gave it to Ayesha.

Devi saw this scene and he smiled because he knows that Lana likes his daughter.

The little Girl looks at a lollipop in his hands with a curious face. Devi teaches Ayesha how to eat them and she looks overjoyed and her smile widens.

Alright, Zurre arranges a room for Lana and yesha comes with me i will teach you some powerful attacks to fight unwanted enemies.

Zurre took Lana to choose her room and Devi went to his own room with Ayesha.

He started to insert energy in her body and a sword intent in her chest.

After a while Ayesha was sitting on his bed closing her eyes to cultivate and absorb the power that he gave her.

Devi looks at the System and buys a teleportation Talisman.

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