The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C1 10000 Years Later
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C1 10000 Years Later
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C1 10000 Years Later

"I'm still alive?"

Within an ancient looking room, on the bed, a pale youth covered in sweat suddenly opened his eyes.

The youth had a delicate and pretty appearance. The sharp corners of his face had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, and between his brows was an indomitable and unyielding fighting spirit.

At this moment, his slightly youthful face was filled with the pleasant surprise and shock of rebirth.

Suddenly, a strong wave of memories flooded into his mind.

Chen Chu had completely received the memories of this body, and he was very clear about the current situation.

It turned out that the original owner of this body was also called Chen Chu, and was once the genius Young Lord of Wanbei City. However, he had now become an ordinary clan member, and was bullied, beaten, and cursed at.

On the other hand, Chen Chu was the one with the highest eight War God.

At the same time, he was also one of the six Alchemy Masters!

The difference between the two was like heaven and earth!

However …

At this moment, they had become one!

"So this is Soul Piercing?"

Chen Chu smiled bitterly.

He had been searching for treasures in the secret realm along with his good brother Leh Meng and the other warriors. Unexpectedly, Leh Meng suddenly attacked Chen Chu after finding a small cauldron with a unique shape!

It was easy to dodge a spear, but hard to defend against an arrow in the dark.

No matter how high Chen Chu's cultivation or how much stronger his talent was, he would still be seriously injured by a sneak attack.

Blood was flowing … Chen Chu endured the great pain, and still killed more than ten experts of the War God with all his might.

These people, like Leh Meng, had betrayed him and wanted to kill him!

In the end, due to Chen Chu's severe injuries, he was unable to escape due to being outnumbered …

A deafening howl shook the world!

Following that, Chen Chu was annihilated...

The moment he closed his eyes, Chen Chu realized that his most beloved woman of his life, Xue Zining, was being suppressed by Leh Meng and those traitors within the Ice Fire Purgatory!

The prisoners within the Ice Fire Purgatory not only had to endure the ice spikes, they also had to undergo tempering.

All of this made Chen Chu extremely angry and he died with hatred in his heart.

"Leh Meng, you think I'm dead? I can't believe it, can I, Chen Chu, am still alive! Just you wait, blood debt, must be paid with blood! " Chen Chu said bitterly. He clenched his fists and a trace of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

A terrifying aura surrounded him.

The dragon had a reverse scale, it was guaranteed that he would die if he touched it. And Xue Zining was the reverse scale for him, Chen Chu!


At this moment, Chen Chu's heart turned cold as he said with infinite sorrow:

"I didn't expect that ten thousand years have passed … "Zining, are you still alive …"

Recalling Xue Zining's beautiful face, her elegant figure, her creamy skin and her endless gentleness, Chen Chu's eyes were unconsciously filled with tears.

Ten thousand years!

Even if one's cultivation had reached the peak of the ninth stage of the War God Stage, they might not be able to live for so long!

Unless his cultivation was above the War God!

From the moment a practitioner enters the Qi Refinement Stage and begins their journey, to cultivate to the War God Realm, their lifespan is around five thousand years. Ten thousand years had passed since then. Chen Chu didn't know if his favorite life was still in this world, or if he had already passed away.

"Zining! I know you must be alive, waiting for me! I will rise to power, and step onto the Prehistoric Realm, the lack of Upper Realm, and the Nine Profound Sky to look for you! "Don't be afraid …" Chen Chu's eyes were firm. Even if Lili's life was no more, if he wanted to see her alive, if he wanted to see her dead, he had to break his will.

Maybe it was because he thought too much and was too emotional, Chen Chu's body was filled with waves of pain, which made the sweat on his forehead even more intense. He clenched his teeth.

"Ugh …" This body … It was truly useless! Why are you so crippled!? "

Chen Chu shook his head and frowned.

He quickly checked the condition of his body.

His dantian had already been damaged, and the Genuine Qi in his body had vanished. His eight extraordinary meridians and eight damaged meridians, even being able to stand up was a problem … The beatings his previous self had suffered were just too terrible!

Cultivating the martial path would attract the attention of the world and transform into Genuine Qi. After entering the dantian, with the increase of Genuine Qi, the strength of the martial skills would increase and the final level of cultivation would increase step by step, reaching the peak of life.

If there were no Genuine Qi in his body,

It was impossible to cultivate in the Martial Dao! No different from trash!

Is this a joke from the heavens?

Can't my soul possess the body of a normal man?

Just when Chen Chu was trying to cultivate to see if his meridians could be reconnected.

The door was pushed open.

A beautiful lady with snow-white skin, dressed in plain clothes and with picturesque features, gracefully entered the room.


Chen Chu called out subconsciously.

According to his memory, this Xiaowan was the personal maid of Chen Chu.

The two had grown up together, and they had gone through thick and thin together. Although they were considered master and servant, their relationship was even closer than that of siblings.

Xiaowan has been taking care of Chen Chu's diet and living, taking great care of him.

Even though Chen Chu's Dantian had been crippled and his meridians had been broken, Xiaowan still refused to leave him. She continued to take care of him, letting him do whatever he wanted …

This selfless dedication caused Chen Chu to be extremely touched.

"Young master!" You finally woke up! "Great!"

Seeing Chen Chu wake up, Xiaowan was ecstatic. She finally revealed a smile that she hadn't shown for a long time.

"Young Master, I secretly brought this from the alchemy room. Quickly take it, this pill is good for healing wounds and recovering your true essence." Xiaowan said as she took out a pill from her pocket.

"This is …" "Origin Returning Pill?" Chen Chu didn't think that there would be such a thing ten thousand years later.

As a top-notch alchemist, he would definitely be able to recognize this round and smooth pill.

"Xiaowan, it's too dangerous for you to steal from the alchemy lab! "If they find out …"

Chen Chu took the Origin Returning Pill and warned worriedly.

However, he was deeply moved by the fact that Xiaowan had risked her life to help her steal the pill. Ever since he was reborn, with such a good maid and sister, he decided he had to protect her well.

"Young master, this is what I should do. I have followed Young Master since I was young, and have long since belonged to your side. Even though I have gone through thick and thin, I am still willing to serve Young Master. "

The moment he said that, Chen Chu's eyes were filled with gratitude.

"Xiaowan, I'm going to close my eyes and meditate to try my best to recover my meridians. I mustn't let anyone suddenly intrude, it's just that the things outside … I'm afraid I have to ask you. "

Xiaowan nodded and bent down.

After Xiaowan left, Chen Chu's eyes revealed a trace of coldness as he said:

"Zhang Xiangtian, Zhao Qianli!" You've harmed my previous self, so you won't get back at me! "

Even though he was determined to take revenge for his previous self, he was heavily injured and his body was extremely weak. He needed to heal first.

Chen Chu closed his eyes slightly and his hands slowly formed a cross. While he was thinking, a void door in his consciousness suddenly opened.

Instantly, a golden light appeared!

"This... "What's going on?"

In that instant, in his sea of consciousness, there was a delicate pill furnace that was impressively standing there.

Chen Chu was shocked beyond belief.

"Oh my god! Refining Treasure Cauldron?! "

Chen Chu widened his eyes and almost shouted.

Within the mysterious cauldron, there seemed to be wisps of flames burning.

Refining Treasure Cauldron was the origin of Chen Chu's sneak attack by Leh Meng and the others in his previous life.

This is the treasure that Chen Chu found in the secret realm.

As one of the six Alchemy Saint Masters, when he obtained the Refining Treasure Cauldron, it was as if he had gotten a good horse and was extremely happy.

Refining Treasure Cauldron s could temper and level up all of their pill, achieving the best quality. It was actually a divine tool.

At this moment, Chen Chu did not expect that this treasure would appear in his sea of consciousness!

After the soul penetration, he brought this treasure along with him! The heavens are truly helping me!

At the same time, golden light suddenly appeared on the Refining Treasure Cauldron, followed by rows and rows of golden inscriptions!

Chen Chu was shocked when he saw this.

"Good Fortune Body Refinement Art?"

Was there such an opportunity?

Chen Chu's face was full of excitement as he stared at the golden inscription, trying to decipher the ancient characters engraved within.

He didn't know the rank of this Good Fortune Body Refinement Art, but what he did not doubt was that this cultivation method was far more profound and unfathomable than any cultivation method he had learned in his previous life!

The ranks of the cultivation techniques were divided into four ranks: Heaven, Earth, Profound, Yellow, and Fourth. The highest rank: Heaven, Earth, Profound, Yellow! According to the quality, each rank was further divided into nine grades.

Chen Chu read the golden inscription carefully and was ecstatic.

If he were to practice this technique, his speed would be extremely fast, far surpassing those of ordinary techniques and secret manuals!

"Now, 10,000 years have passed … If I still practiced the techniques of my previous life, I would definitely be far behind others. Now, with the help of the Refining Treasure Cauldron and the Good Fortune Body Refinement Art, I will be able to reach the peak of the War God soon! "

… ….


In Miracle World, the realm of martial arts was divided into:

Qi Refinement Stage, Genuine Essence Stage,

Core Formation Stage, Foetal Stage, Deification Stage,

Transformational Stage, Accomplishing Dao Realm, War God Realm!

(Each realm has nine levels. One level is the lowest, nine levels the highest, and nine levels the highest)

Above the War God realm is Prehistoric Realm, lack of Upper Realm, and the Nine Mystical Heaven.

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