The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C10 Fourth Level of the Refinement Realm
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C10 Fourth Level of the Refinement Realm
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C10 Fourth Level of the Refinement Realm

Chen Chu looked at the empty wooden box and breathed a sigh of relief. He originally thought that the mercenaries wouldn't buy it because of the price, but it seems like he was worrying too much. These people were just like gluttons who were used to eating junk food every day.

Chen Chu was no longer worried about the sales, so he rushed back to the Chen Family Alchemy Hall.

The third elder smiled like a chrysanthemum after counting the gold coins. Although the Origin Returning Pill was worth a lot of money today, judging from the mercenary group's enthusiasm, making money was only a matter of time.

On the other side of the Wanbei City, in the meeting room of the Jin family.

In contrast to the joyous atmosphere at Chen Family, this place was extremely depressing.

There were three middle-aged men seated in the center of the hall. One of them was the Second Patriarch of the Chen Family, Chen Yan.

"I heard that Chen Family released a new drug today."

The speaker was the head of the Jin family, a middle-aged man in his early forties, with dark skin and sharp eyes beneath a pair of sharp eyebrows. He had a straight nose and a half-centimeter scar on his lips.

"A grasshopper that is on the verge of death … just struggle a bit."

Chen Yan's tone was not good. The shoulder that was previously cut by Chen Tong had not completely recovered yet. That kind of fleeing look made him clench his teeth in anger every time he thought of it.

"Brother Chen Yan, Chen Family is the best. I wonder what your opinion is?"

Jin Shengang asked in confusion.

However, he was currently under the roof, and could only swallow his dissatisfaction. He spoke in detail: "The scouts I sent out asked around, and this time, he is selling a second ranked pill, and there are only a hundred of them. Even if he were to find a second ranked alchemist, he will not be able to cultivate them with his entire Chen Family and resources, and this is just to hasten their deaths."

"Also, I heard that there was a conflict between the Ye Family's alchemist and the Chen Family today. I believe that within a few days, the Ye Family would come to us to discuss the matter of defeating the Chen Family."

Jin Shengang nodded his head as he listened, secretly pleased in his heart. Although he looked down on a person like Chen Yan who didn't want to take care of himself, the feeling of using Chen Family to kill someone like him still made him feel carefree.

With an additional free fighter at the third level of Genuine Essence Stage, he probably wouldn't suffer any loss when he flatten his Chen Family in the future.

When that time comes, the Jin family's three-way Wanbei City will be completely broken. The Jin family can completely rely on their swallowed Chen Family to rapidly increase in strength, and at that time, the Ye family won't be able to create any problems, so the Jin family won't be the only powerful one.

"After hearing Brother Chen's words, I feel at ease. On the day the Chen Family falls, I shall grant you the position of Hall Master with full authority over the Black Rock Mine."

Chen Yan was overjoyed. He immediately cupped his hands and said in excitement, "Thank you for the guidance, Patriarch. We will regret this."

Although Chen Yan was demoted from the position of an Elder to the position of hall master, his authority had increased by a lot. His dissatisfaction with Jin Shengang from before had also vanished like smoke in thin air.

Jin Shengang nodded with a smile. However, there was an undetectable killing intent in his expression.

"Then, this one shall take my leave first."

Chen Yan happy event spirit, spirit, quickly left the meeting hall, quickly disappeared from Jin Shengang's field of vision.

At this time, the young man who was standing behind Jin Shengang, finally could not hold back and said: "Father, you will not give this kind of person any real power. Since this guy can betray Chen Family, he might betray us in the future as well."

Jin Shengang took a sip of the tea beside him and said proudly, "Yukang, you don't understand. Even if it's a dog, it wouldn't take care of its home for you without giving it some bones. It's the same for this person."

Jin Yu Kang nodded his head thoughtfully, but then said worriedly: "Father, you still have to be careful not to completely believe what he said. The success rate of the second stage high level pill s is not high, being able to take out a hundred at once, I suspect that there might be a third stage alchemist overseeing the Chen Family."

I know that, but I am very clear about the background of the Chen Family. Rank three alchemist's eyes are always on the top, and they do not have much interest in an unranked clan like the Chen Family. All you need to do is to refine the Wind Element Pill.

Chen Chu went back home and laid on his bed with his limbs spread out. Due to the overdraft of the Essence Strength, his head was so dizzy that his eyelids were fighting. He struggled to get up and quickly entered a state of cultivation with his legs crossed.

Chen Chu's nerves were affected by the aching pain all over his body, making him realize that the most important thing at the moment was to quickly raise his strength.

As Chen Chu breathed in and out, the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth slowly entered his body, tirelessly removing the impurities, and then fusing the hard-earned wisp of Genuine Qi into his aurasea. After repeating this for dozens of times, his aurasea seemed to be saturated to the extreme, and it was as if a shackle in his body was slowly released.

Chen Chu controlled a wisp of Genuine Qi that was purified beforehand to quickly crash into the saturated cyclone, and it was as if he heard a tiny, undetectable crack. Then, his body started to tremble, and the cyclone in his Dantian suddenly released a strong suction force that greedily dragged the Spirit Qi in the hut, devouring it for around ten minutes without knowing if he was full or not, before slowly stopping.

Chen Chu was overjoyed, the originally saturated energy sea was now only the size of a walnut, and there were only a few three drops of Genuine Qi condensed inside. However, he could feel that the density of his Genuine Qi was more than twice as strong as before!

"This speed is too slow. Looks like I'll have to start refining some Amplification pill soon."

Chen Chu slowly opened his eyes. At this moment, he was surprised to find that the outside of the window had become transparent. He couldn't help but be speechless. After entering the state of cultivation, time passed too quickly.

At this moment, he saw a bowl of steaming hot porridge and a small plate of soy sauce on the wooden table in front of him. Only then did he feel the protest coming from his stomach.

"This Xiaowan girl really knows how to take care of people."

After filling his stomach, Chen Chu stretched his body and performed a set of Chen Family Fist in the courtyard.

As a War God, Chen Chu had plundered quite a few Profound Rank and even lower rank martial skills from his memories. Unfortunately, those martial skills had extremely harsh requirements on the physical body, so Chen Chu didn't even have the qualifications to touch them and could only give up.

It seemed that he could only focus on the martial arts library.

The first floor of the Martial Skill Building was free for all members of the fifth floor and above, but most of them were only low-grade Yellow Rank martial skills. The cultivation methods and top grade Yellow Rank martial skills were all hidden on the second floor and only opened once every once in awhile.

Due to Chen Chu's recent achievements, the two guards outside the door did not stop him and they smoothly walked in.

At this moment, on the first floor of the training field, two young clansmen were sparring. Chen Chu recognized one of them at a glance!

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