The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C12 Refining the Spirit-transferring Pill
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C12 Refining the Spirit-transferring Pill
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C12 Refining the Spirit-transferring Pill

"It's just a spar between companions. It's not a big deal."

Chen Chu closed the book and looked at Chen Su doubtfully: "I am only at the 4th level of the Mortal Realm, and your partner was already at the 7th level of the Mortal Realm a month ago. Do you call this a spar?"

Chen Chu's harmless look made Chen Su grind his teeth in hatred, but he could only force a smile on his face in front of Chen Man and did not explain any further.

Chen Man originally wanted to use her older generation's relationship to teach Chen Su a few things, but upon hearing Chen Chu's words, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she grabbed Chen Chu's hand, and after sensing the rare Genuine Qi in his body, she excitedly asked: "Chen Chu, you can cultivate Genuine Qi now!"

Having his hands grabbed by Chen Man, Chen Chu was somewhat embarrassed. He immediately said helplessly, "I was just lucky. God knows I'm pitiful. I don't want to be a cripple for life."

Chen Chu's heart was completely calm. With his strong mental fortitude as a War God, these things were nothing more than passing clouds.

"That's right, then I don't need to worry about that. With your natural talent, it won't even take a few years for you to return to your peak condition. It's just that …"

Three years ago, due to some reason, Chen Chu's meridians were damaged, causing him to be unable to cultivate, resulting in him being able to change the person who was once his candidate. Now that he was able to cultivate anew, he would miss out on the opportunity to recruit someone from the Heavenly South Academy this time, and now that he had reached the age of sixteen and his Heavenly South Academy was limited to the age of eighteen, Chen Chu would probably never have another chance.

Losing the best cultivation conditions, Chen Chu's future achievements were also extremely limited.

Chen Chu patted Chen Man's shoulder. With a relaxed tone, he said, "The past is over. Now that I'm able to cultivate again, it's already a great opportunity. If I ask for more, I'll be insatiable."

Seeing the two chatting happily, Chen Su, who was left alone, looked a little unhappy. He quickly left with his companions, leaving behind a sentence that only Chen Chu could hear.

"We will settle the grudge between Zhang Xiangtian and Zhao Qianli in the Family Competition."

Chen Chu was expressionless as if he didn't hear anything.

However, in his heart, he had already included Chen Su's name into the quota. As long as it was related to his body, Chen Chu would never tolerate any hatred.

After chatting for a while, Chen Man left due to cultivation. Not long later, Chen Chu also came out with a dusty book. After registering at the entrance, he excitedly ran towards the Alchemy Hall.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. Chen Chu would start refining the Armor Binding Spirit Liquid every day, and in the seven days, he had refined a total of 800 bottles, while in the marketplace under the Chen Family, all of the pill s were sold out, and the number of people in the marketplace had more than doubled over the past few days, moreover, it had also spurred the economy of other shops. The mercenaries who tasted the sweet taste would come to the medicine store every morning, and the battle between those mercenary groups would often end up with a victor due to the appearance of a few bottles of Armor Binding Spirit Liquid.

Although the market's demand for the Armored Binding Liquid was extremely high, because they only sold a hundred bottles a day, it didn't have much of an impact on the other two markets. However, the two families couldn't sit still any longer and started secretly contacting each other.

Inside the Chen Family Clan, in a courtyard, Chen Chu watched his clansmen leave. After that, he quietly went to a window of a room and sneakily glanced at Patriarch Chen Tong who was staring at a black ore in a daze.

"Stop hiding, Chu'er."

Chen Tong glanced outside the window and said with a smile.

Chen Chu's face stiffened. Then, he could only stand up. Leaning against the window, he asked curiously, "Father, what is that?"

"Black Rock Mine. I used most of my armor to make it. Oh right, you haven't answered my question yet."

Chen Chu waved his hand, indicating that he was only here to see his father.

Chen Tong looked at his slippery son and jokingly scolded: "You brat, you are still hiding your true self in front of me. If you have anything to say, just say it. This time, you made a big duke, so I will agree to anything."

Chen Tong could tell that his father was in a good mood today, so he carefully probed, "I have a few hundred million on my hands recently, look …"

"It's just a small matter. Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Chen Tong shook his head and threw a bag of coins at Chen Chu. Chen Chu gave him a mysterious smile and then ran away.

With the recent bestowal of Chen Family, Chen Tong was very generous. This money bag was very heavy, there were hundreds of gold coins inside, which was enough for an ordinary family to live for a few years.

Since Chen Chu's cultivation speed could not be considered fast, he had already made up his mind to start refining the [Rank 3 Spirit Transference Powder].

It would be impossible for him to enter the top two in the family competition after a month.

After leaving the family, Chen Chu wandered around the surrounding medicine shops aimlessly and quickly gathered most of the herbs. However, he didn't manage to find even one.

Chen Chu was looking for someone in a bank under the City Lord's influence. That anxious look of his made the shopkeeper curious, so he asked, "I don't know what you're looking for, but the herbs aren't completely displayed in the store. There are even some special ones stored in the warehouse."

Chen Chu could only sigh helplessly and ask, "I don't know if there are any Purple Ling Flowers in your herb garden, they require twenty years or more."

The middle-aged shopkeeper sized Chen Chu up and asked, "Sir, are you an alchemist?"

Having worked in the medicine farm for more than ten years, he had interacted with various kinds of people. At this moment, he was somewhat unsure of the identity of this young man in front of him.

Chen Chu immediately denied when he saw the shopkeeper's tone change in how he addressed him, "Oh, no, I'm just a nameless newbie helping him with the purchase of medicine."

Chen Chu's humble tone did not change the shopkeeper's attitude. Instead, he said in a more respectful manner, "There aren't any such herbs in the store for now. However, you can go to the small market nearby and take a look. Maybe you'll get lucky."

Chen Chu waved his hand and left. He muttered to himself that he was smart and was able to guess his identity with just a few words.

There were four major marketplaces within the Wanbei City and they were separately controlled by the three great clans and the city lord. But there were also dozens of smaller cities that were used to deal with some unclean things, and there were also some people who were not satisfied with the taxes of the market, and set up stalls in each of the smaller cities. Most of the small cities were hidden in streets that were not that wide, and if not for the fact that there were old residents who lived in the Wanbei City for more than ten years, it would be difficult to discover them.

Chen Chu came to the place pointed out by the boss of the medical store and saw a huge black curtain covering the entrance of the street. Next to the curtain stood two tall men with big axes.

Chen Chu walked over without thinking. The moment he was about to push aside the curtain, two axes suddenly fell in front of him.

"Brat, are you courting death!"

A burly man at the side said in a fiendish manner.

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