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C13 Small City

"I, am going in to spend it, understand?"

Chen Chu felt disdain towards such methods of scaring people. He thought back to when he chopped at people with his War God, these two people had not even been born yet.

The big man opened the curtain awkwardly and gestured for her to come over.

After entering, Chen Chu heard the noise that belonged to the business district. Thinking about it, the curtain from before was probably not an ordinary thing, it actually blocked the sound.

The street was about four Zhang wide. There were rows of stalls on both sides of the street. Some were spread out on white cloth and resting with their eyes closed against the wall.

The entrance to the street was selling low-grade materials, ranging from cotton linen cloth to ordinary weapons, guns, sticks and sticks. The purpose was to speed up the flow of people, even if you looked around, it would not cause any congestion, and all the real treasures would be placed in the middle of the road.

At every distance, Chen Chu could see a few warriors with weapons, silently reminding everyone to weigh themselves before thinking of making a mistake.

Among those who sold them, there were young masters wearing robes with a few maidservants, some fat and bearded merchants, and some even hid their figures in black cloaks.

Chen Chu wandered around for a while until he found the Cultivation Method pill on the sales counter. Then, he slowly stopped.

Seeing that each of the skill books was priced at a thousand gold coins, Chen Chu felt a little guilty and gripped the three hundred gold coins in his sleeves tightly. He had already spent most of the money on the herb picking earlier, so he was now a little short on money.

After strolling for a few minutes, Chen Chu saw many stalls selling martial skill manuals, but most of them were at the intermediate level or below. There was also a house that specialized in selling weapons, and a low rank spiritual tool hanging on the wall attracted quite a few people's attention.

At the herb stand, Chen Chu also saw a few other herbs, but he didn't find the Purple Ling Flower that he was looking for.

Until he saw the alley entrance at the end of the street, Chen Chu still returned empty-handed. Just as he was preparing to leave, he suddenly saw a touch of purple light at a corner of the alley.

Chen Chu looked over with rapt attention, it was actually the purple water chestnut that he had been searching for for for a long time without any results!

Chen Chu's body suddenly stopped. He scratched his back as if he was hiding it, then pretended to be indifferent as he walked to the neighboring store that sold Purple Ling Flowers.

Chen Chu looked at the colorful cloths on the white cloth and didn't know where to start.

"Little brother, buy some. These cloths are soaked in ice blue grass, they look very comfortable."

Chen Chu nodded and then expressionlessly walked in front of the stall that sold Purple Ling Flowers.

There was a simple wooden table with more than ten types of herbs on it. A twenty-something year old youth was lying on the chair beside him. A grey hat was covering his face to protect it from the sun.

"How can this be sold?"

Hearing Chen Chu's casual question, the young man who was lying on the chair in front of him did not move. He just said impatiently: "The things on top, one for 500."

F * ck, based on this person's trading attitude, he probably wouldn't even be able to sell a single one a day.

Although most of the herbs could be kept for a long time, this young man just placed them on the wooden platform to dry. These herbs probably wouldn't last more than a few days. Chen Chu couldn't help but feel his heart ache when he saw the withering purple water caltrops beside the wooden table.

"Hey, can you cut it down a bit?"

Chen Chu randomly picked up a herb, but the young man was like a cat that had its tail stepped on. He stood up and knocked over the herb. Chen Chu immediately threw the herb back.

"Don't move if you don't want to buy."

The young man glared at Chen Chu and sat back down. However, he did not lie down again.

Seeing the attitude of the young man in front of him, Chen Chu could only sigh helplessly. It seemed that a penny was enough to make a hero out of a man.

Rubbing his hands, Chen Chu took out a pure white jade bottle from his chest with a bit of pain, then heavily slammed it on the wooden table.

"I'll trade this for two herbs."

Seeing that Chen Chu's expression did not seem to be filled, the man picked up the small jade bottle in confusion, then poured the pill out of the jade bottle. Smelling the fire red pill that was the size of a longan, the young man's eyelids twitched, he raised his head and looked at Chen Chu, breathing rapidly and asked: "What kind of pill is this?"

Looking at the reaction of the young man in front of him, Chen Chu was quite satisfied. He said slowly: "This is the Blood Replenishing Powder from a superior second rank pill. It can improve the body of the person who consumes it, and repair the hidden injuries."

Hearing Chen Chu's words, the man's eyes lit up, and then he angrily said: "Even if what you said is true, this second tier pill is only worth three to four hundred gold coins. You want to use this thing to exchange for two of my herbs, do you think I'm an idiot?"

Originally, all the Blood Replenishing Powder with diarrhea effects was sold at a low price by the Third Elder. However, in order to test if he could refine a pill in reality, Chen Chu had left one for himself.

What the young man in front of him was holding was merely a failed product made by Chen Chu, but it could not be considered a failed product, it was also made by the Pill Saint. Not only did he get rid of the cathartic ingredient, he even purified it once.

"Regardless of whether you believe it or not, there is only one Blood Replenishing Powder. Of course, its value is not limited to that. In exchange, you have more than enough medicinal plants."

Chen Chu explained a little.

The young man also noticed the difference between the two. Although he was not an alchemist, but because of some reasons, he was extremely familiar with these pill, and was able to tell the difference with a single glance.

"This won't do. At most, I can only exchange it for one. These things were all retrieved by me after risking my life."

The young man flatly refused, but his attitude was firm.

Chen Chu wasn't long-winded. He immediately said coldly, "Then return my special Blood Replenishing Powder. These herbs aren't anything rare. I don't need them."

Seeing Chen Chu reach out his hand, the young man unconsciously shrank back and held the bottle tightly in his arms.

Chen Chu's expression darkened as he reminded, "Do you need me to call the patrol squad?"

Hearing the two words "patrol squad", the young man was like a deflated ball as he compromised, "Two would be fine, but you have to increase the money."

"How much?"

"400 gold coins."

"Two hundred!"



The young man took out two wooden boxes. Then, Chen Chu put the Purple Ling Flower and the other herb into the wooden boxes. Chen Chu's mood became a lot happier as he obtained the items, and he stretched out his hand towards the young man with a smile: "I'm Chen Chu, I have a pleasant cooperation with you."

That person hid the Blood Replenishing Powder well. Then, he smiled and said, "I am Luo Sheng. My previous attitude was a bit bad. Please forgive me."

The two of them shook hands, then Chen Chu left the small market. Looking at the direction where Chen Chu disappeared to, Luo Sheng muttered: "He's an interesting person."

After a while, Luo Sheng hurriedly packed up his stall and rushed home. With the Blood Coagulation Powder's characteristics, he should be able to recover quickly. At that time, it would be easy for him to get a placing in the family.

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