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C14 Dan Cheng

In the pill refining room, Chen Chu had finished refining the last Armor Binding Liquid. The third elder pushed open the door and put away all the jade bottles on the table, then looked at Chen Chu with a pained look and said, "Young master, thank you for your hard work. I have discussed it with the clan leader and decided to sell ten bottles of Armor Binding Liquid every day starting from tomorrow.

Chen Chu was overjoyed. Although refining pills everyday was also a form of mental and physical training, the speed of refining pills was still too slow. Furthermore, his hands and feet were tied every day.

"Got it, Uncle Chen. Please leave first. I'll put out the fire then."

Chen Fu smiled and nodded, then left with the pill.

Chen Chu stretched his back and took out the Spirit-transformation Pill's medicinal herbs that were hidden under the bamboo basket. He then quickly locked the pill refining room with excitement in his eyes.

At the moment, he was still unable to completely refine Spirit-transformation Pill with his current strength, so he could only refine the medicinal liquid first. The process of refining the pellet could only be done with the Refining Treasure Cauldron in his sea of consciousness.

Chen Chu stared at the copper cauldron in front of him, took a deep breath, bent down and pulled the bellows frantically, the flame in the oven shot out, and rushed out of the mouth of the cauldron, it was about a meter tall. Chen Chu threw the seventeen types of herbs in his hands into the cauldron, and then quickly placed his hands on both sides of the cauldron.

The moment the two potions touched each other, they violently reacted like boiling oil being mixed with snow. Chen Chu quickly mixed the already refined purple water chestnut medicinal liquid among them, and only then did the medicinal liquid mixed with more than a dozen herbs stop repelling and fuse together.

After grilling for another ten minutes or so, the originally fist-sized medicinal pill finally shrunk to the size of a longan. The green, white, and gray colored medicinal pills were evenly distributed on the surface of the medicinal pill.

The refining steps were complicated, refining, fusing, roasting, and pill forming, these four steps had to be followed as well, the difference between the pill refiners could be determined by the difference in strength in each step, and in the final part, the refining steps for the third stage and above, the pill s, were even more complicated, they needed Genuine Qi as a guide, and soul power as a core.

There were rumors of people with weak skills being devoured because of Genuine Qi or lack of soul power.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Chen Chu carefully put away the initial pellet and quickly left the Alchemy Hall. Because the initial pellet was not perfect, its medicinal power was sealed for a short period of time. He needed to use the Refining Treasure Cauldron s to refine it within six hours.

When night fell, Chen Chu dragged his tired body back to the small hut. Because he had been painstakingly refining pills everyday, the Genuine Qi in his body had become a lot denser, and he had the signs of breaking through the fifth level of Qi Refinement Stage.

Returning to his room, Chen Chu quickly sat cross-legged on the bed and quickly entered the cultivation state. Entering the inner sight state, Chen Chu looked at his Qi Sea that was about to fill up and came to the Sea of Consciousness.

In the endless void, only the Refining Treasure Cauldron in the air emitted a rainbow light, causing the entire space to become chaotic.

Chen Chu came to the side of the Refining Treasure Cauldron with a serious expression. With his current concentration of Genuine Qi, he was completely unable to draw them out, and in order to prevent the effects of the pill from getting damaged, he could only use the Essence Strength to make up for it. Even as a Pill Saint, he couldn't guarantee that his current level of Essence Strength would be able to withstand such a huge consumption of Essence Strength.

The Essence Strength slowly probed inside, and deep red flames immediately surged out from the treasure cauldron. Chen Chu was stunned for a long time, then clenched his teeth and threw the Spirit Transformation Daizhi into the cauldron.

As the temperature of the fire gradually increased, the prototype core that was already condensed once again turned into an elliptical medicinal ball. Chen Chu carefully controlled the flame to heat up the medicinal liquid and then carefully took out a sliver of Essence Strength from the fire, shooting it towards the center of the medicinal liquid.

The moment the Essence Strength touched the center of the cluster of medicine, Chen Chu lost contact with the soul force. Immediately after, the medicine floating in the air slowly turned as if it gave life to it, and a suction force instantly came over.

Looking at the weird change of the solution, Chen Chu felt his scalp tingling. The process of forming the pill had already begun. If he stopped hastily, it would only result in the death of the cauldron.

The endless supply of Essence Strength caused ripples to surface on the pill's surface. The originally translucent liquid also slowly condensed on its surface, and even Chen Chu's current soul force was ten times stronger than his peers, but he couldn't resist the pill's request. His brain immediately became dizzy, and his young and tender face turned green.

If I can't even refine a third grade pill, how would I, Chen Chu, be worthy of being called the Pill Saint?

Following Chen Chu's furious roar, a burst of wind suddenly sounded out in the void surrounding his Sea of Consciousness. Streaks of black illusory figures shot over from all directions as they endlessly rushed into the Refining Treasure Cauldron.

Seeing that, Chen Chu was overjoyed, this was the sign of forming the pill, immediately controlling the fire within the Refining Treasure Cauldron to heat up quickly, swallowing the neidan. The extremely high temperature made the potholes in the neidan completely mend, in the blink of an eye, it turned into a round, three-coloured pill.

Red pill patterns quickly appeared on the surface of the pill, following that, a hong sound rang out, and a three-coloured wave spread out from the center of the pill, instantly smashing onto the walls of the Refining Treasure Cauldron, but the walls of the Refining Treasure Cauldron were extremely tough, and after trembling for a bit, it died.

Chen Chu slapped the cauldron and the pill shot out from the mouth of the cauldron. Chen Chu then put it into a jade bottle.

It was a good thing that Chen Chu was an expert in pill refining and had refined it within his sea of consciousness. If he was in the Alchemy Hall, the energy waves formed by the Spirit-transformation Pill alone would have destroyed the cauldron.

In Chen Chu's eyes, the power that this [Level 3] pill created was nothing. He recalled the [Apocalypse] that he attracted when he was refining the [Level 8], and it directly razed a mountain range.

Chen Chu opened his eyes and did not immediately consume the Spirit-transformation Pill. The effects of a third grade pill would probably cause Chen Chu's strength to jump a few levels, so he should just find a place with no people to safely refine it tomorrow.

The Essence Strength was drained of its energy. Chen Chu lay on the bed in a daze and quickly fell asleep.

On the next day, in the forest behind the Chen Family, Chen Chu sat cross-legged on a smooth stone surface. There were very few people who would come to this place, so it was most suitable for cultivation.

After pouring out the Spirit-transformation Pill from the jade bottle, Chen Chu looked at the round three-coloured pill in a daze.

"It's just breaking through a few levels, there's nothing to worry about."

Chen Chu said to himself. Then, he made up his mind and directly put the Spirit-transformation Pill in his mouth!

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