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The moment the Spirit-transformation Pill entered his mouth, it turned into a surge of heat that surged into Chen Chu's body, passing through all the meridians in his body to rush down into his Dantian. The pure medicinal energy turned into thick Genuine Qi in his body, causing Chen Chu's veins to swell and ache.

The Spirit-transformation Pill still belonged to the upper class within the third stage of the pill. Its effects were increased by ten percent after it had been refined by the Refining Treasure Cauldron, which had an extremely good effect on the strength of the Qi Refinement Stage warriors, and could even jump two to three levels. It was not too rare, and only a fourth stage alchemist had a greater chance of refining it.

A few years ago, one of them appeared in the Wanbei City Auction House and was sold for the price of twelve thousand gold coins.

Chen Chu closed his eyes and focused, he started to control the power of the Genuine Qi refining in his body. The three-colored pill current continued to refine and slowly turned into a white Genuine Qi, slowly expanding the Qi Sea in Chen Chu's Dantian.

Chen Chu's breathing gradually became thin and imperceptible. He sat cross-legged on the rock surface, and the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the bamboo forest slowly gathered towards Chen Chu. As time passed, Chen Chu's strength also quietly rose.

He silently chanted the inscriptions that were extremely difficult to understand in his heart, and started to circulate the mysterious Body Refinement Art. Streams of golden light slowly appeared in his meridians, guiding the three-colored medicinal energy to circulate through his body, and with every circulation, he was able to see with the naked eye that the medicinal energy had turned into the white Genuine Qi.

Time slowly passed by, the Qi Sea in Chen Chu's body gradually became full, until at a certain moment, Chen Chu suddenly felt a kind of mysterious feeling, he immediately stabilized his mind, and controlled the Genuine Qi that had completed its refinement to quickly rush into the Qi Sea. With a slight muffled sound, the Qi Sea suddenly burst forth with a bright light, and then fiercely spread in all directions.

Chen Chu quickly circulated his cultivation technique. The golden energy quickly formed a circle around him and suppressed the true energy that was exploding within. Then, it fiercely shrunk.

Chen Chu's breath came to a sudden stop. Then, he slowly let out a mouthful of black air and his breath suddenly rose up.

Fifth level of Qi Refinement Stage …

Sixth level …

Seventh stage!

Sensing the Qi Sea that was almost out of his control, Chen Chu's expression changed.

If one's Qi Sea was completely out of his control, the Genuine Qi in his body would scatter twice, not only would it shatter his muscles and veins, it might even be life-threatening.

He still underestimated the Refining Treasure Cauldron's power. This Spirit-transformation Pill's power was comparable to some Fourth-Grade Pill's.

"Damn it!"

The rapid increase in strength will have a series of consequences for Chen Chu's body. Not only will it weaken his foundation, it will also make it difficult for Chen Chu to cultivate martial skills in the future.

The bloating feeling in his Dantian made Chen Chu grit his teeth in pain, so he could only try his best to circulate the [Good Fortune Body Refinement Method].

An unending stream of golden light seeped out from his veins. It surged towards the air whirl that was about to erupt. The two energies suppressed each other, as if two great forces were in a fierce battle.

Very quickly, the mysterious golden energy quickly suppressed the cyclone, and Chen Chu's explosive aura also gradually stabilized.

As Chen Chu breathed heavily, he looked at the majestic cyclone that was comparable to the eighth level of the Qi Refinement Stage, and started to ponder.

The result of his strength rising directly by four levels was certainly impressive, but it also brought about an extremely obvious flaw. The Genuine Qi was too weak, and his future achievements would also become extremely limited.

Chen Chu did not want to lose his future just because of this little bit of sweetness, so he immediately circulated the Manifestation Body Refinement Art and fiercely compressed the air whirl. A burst of whistling sounds resounded in the Qi Sea, and the concentrated liquid shaped Genuine Qi was once again squeezed, and very reluctantly resisted, but in front of the mysterious Manifestation Body Refining Technique, it was no different from a praying mantis trying to stop a chariot, quickly suppressing the palm-sized air whirl down to half its original size.

Chen Chu's aura, which was originally comparable to the eighth level of Qi Refinement Stage, also quickly dropped, dropping to the strength of a Mortal Realm Stage 6.

Chen Chu finally opened his eyes in satisfaction after controlling his zhen yuan to run for another cycle.

Feeling the surging primeval essence in his body, Chen Chu was confident that he could deal with a Mortal Realm Stage 8 martial artist without using the Finger of Death.

Seeing that it was still early, Chen Chu took out a yellow book from his pocket. This was what he borrowed from the Martial Arts Tang last time. Due to the lack of time in alchemy these days, Chen Chu didn't learn this book.

Diamond Hand, a middle grade Yellow Rank martial skill. Its lethality was extremely high among martial skills of the same level, with the fierce and huge power as the core, refining it to the Large Success Stage would allow one to split mountains.

Chen Chu had never liked to fight head on with his enemies. In actual combat, it was best to skillfully neutralize the enemy's attack and then strike down with a Thunder Clap.

However, most of the martial skills on the first floor of the Martial Arts Hall needed to be matched with a weapon, so Chen Chu could only take a step back.

With the body strengthening effect of the Good Fortune Body Refinement Art, under his training, the King Kong Hand should not be inferior to any high grade Yellow Rank martial skills.

Chen Chu cultivated in the bamboo forest until dusk. At the back of the mountain where there were few signs of life, a series of loud slapping sounds could be heard.

In front of Chen Chu, there was a bamboo that was three inches thick. There were palm prints on it and it looked quite miserable.

Looking at his red palm, Chen Chu nodded in satisfaction. Now, with the help of the Genuine Qi, his right palm was as hard as stone, the sharp bamboo stubble couldn't even pierce his skin, it only left a white mark on his palm.

In just one afternoon, he had reached the Small Success Stage of the King Kong Hand. Each slap carried several hundred pounds of strength. If he were to hit a person, the internal injuries caused by the fracture would definitely be there.

If it was an ordinary person cultivating, they would not have been unable to achieve this result within a week. Chen Chu also benefited from the abnormal body forging ability of the Good Fortune Body Refinement Method.

Chen Chu returned to the house under the cover of night.

At the same time, in a brightly lit place in Wanbei City, the two famous people in the city had already met in secret.

In the meeting room of the Jin family, even though it was late at night, the hall was still bright as day.

The surrounding walls were inlaid with a type of pearl that could emit white light in the night. The door was tightly shut, and over a dozen people were seated within it, discussing something.

"Clan leader Ye, why have you come so late in the night?"

Jin Shengang invited the head of the Ye family, Ye Xiao, to his seat. He then poured some wine and chatted with him.

Ye Xiao's appearance was extremely boorish, with bronze-colored skin and a black beard around his chin. He was not even forty years old, and his voice was loud like a bell.

"Clan Head Jin, you're really pretending to be stupid, I only want to understand one thing."

Ye Xiao said straightforwardly as he picked up his wine cup and finished it in one gulp.

Jin Shengang smiled and looked at the seven or eight warriors brought by Ye Xiao. A trace of solemness flashed across his face.

The strength of these seven or eight people were all above the ninth level of Qi Refinement Stage, and two of them had already reached the third level of Genuine Essence Stage.

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