The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C16 On the Eve of the Great War
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C16 On the Eve of the Great War
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C16 On the Eve of the Great War

He didn't expect the Ye Family to have grown so much in secret. As for the Patriarch Ye Xiao's strength, even he couldn't see through it, but he was at least on the same level as him.

In just a few years, the Ye Family had developed to a point where the Jin Family couldn't rest in peace.

Suppressing the distracting thoughts in his head, Jin Shengang smiled and said, "I wonder what problem Clan Leader Ye has, please feel free to tell me."

Ye Xiao spoke his mind quickly and directly said what he was thinking.

"Our two families worked together to eliminate our Chen Family. Fifty percent."

Even though Jin Shengang knew Ye Xiao was straightforward and boorish, he was still shocked by Ye Xiao's words for a moment before bursting out laughing.

Ye Xiao did not understand, but he did not say anything, and only looked at Jin Shengang indifferently. These days, Chen Family had been very busy in the city square, and had a huge impact on the Ye Family's finances, causing his heart, which was not good at enduring, to become even more agitated. In addition, his nephew Ye Wenhui had already formed a feud with Chen Family, so he and the elders discussed for a while, and brought seven or eight experts to visit the Jin family late at night.

The Ye Family Patriarch is quite bold, but even if our two families were to work together, destroying Chen Family would not be an easy task. Chen Tong's strength is not below the two of us, and his family has quite a few experts in Genuine Essence Stage.

Jin Shengang sighed falsely.

Liu Tie clenched his fist and smashed the wooden table, shattering the exquisite teacup, and said angrily: "That Chen Yan has already defected to your side, and that Chen Family can only support three Genuine Essence Stage experts to death, as for Chen Tong, you and I combined our efforts to kill him as easily as flipping a palm, and originally thought that Clan Leader Jin was a hero, but in my opinion, he is nothing more than a coward."

Ye Xiao suddenly stood up and walked towards the door with big steps. The warriors under him followed closely behind.

Jin Shengang saw the situation and immediately stood up. Seeing that Ye Xiao was not leaving yet, he thought for a moment and suddenly shouted, "Wait."

In just a moment, Jin Shengang had already made a decision in his heart. Now that Chen Family was revived, his family would no longer be able to consume it. Furthermore, there was a Ye Family on the side that was eyeing it covetously.

If the Chen Family were to have a breather, then it would be difficult for them to have such a chance in the future.

Ye Xiao suddenly stopped. His pupils flashed a look of success and he quickly put on a simple and honest smile.

"I knew that Clan Chief Jin was not someone who was indecisive and indecisive. Instead, it was I who had acted rashly. I will give myself three cups of wine."

They sat down naturally once again and began to discuss the contents of the plan in detail.

"Clan leader Jin, when are you going to make your move?"

Ye Xiao rubbed his head and said as he breathed heavily.

"I heard that three days later will be the annual Family Competition. At that time, they will invite some local rich merchants or some famous forces. If they can kill Chen Tong in front of everyone's eyes, then the power of the Chen Family will instantly collapse."

Jin Shengang said with a smile. His appearance was quite indifferent, as if everything in Chen Family were already within his grasp. However, his left hand that was hidden at his sleeve was still trembling with excitement.

"Chief Jin, you're really scheming. I am just a boor. I am completely at the command of Patriarch Jin. However, after I have completed my task, it will be as I said before …" "Hahaha."

"Of course. In the future, we will have to rely on Clan Leader Ye for many things in Wanbei City."

The two of them flattered each other, and then Patriarch Jin watched Ye Xiao's staggering figure being helped away by the warriors beside him with a mysterious smile on his face.

Ye Xiao was helped to leave by the crowd. The moment he stepped out of the Ye Family's gate, his drunk look immediately disappeared and was replaced with a clear and shrewd look. He turned around, looked at the Jin Family, snorted coldly and quickly left.

The two families seemed to work together, but in reality, they had their own ulterior motives. As time slowly passed, in the blink of an eye, two days had passed.

Chen Chu looked at the red, blue and bright pill in the bottle in his palm and nodded in satisfaction.

A high possibility of increasing the strength of a Genuine Essence Stage warrior by one stage, and could only be used once in a lifetime.

With the refining of the Refining Treasure Cauldron, the success rate of the Two Elements of Breaking World Pill had reached a hundred percent, and its resistance had decreased by a lot.

If they were to sell it, there would be a large number of Genuine Essence Stage experts fighting over the price of ten thousand gold coins.

Seeing the perfect pill that was like a work of art, Chen Chu licked his lips, unwilling to part with it.

If not for the fact that this pill could only be consumed by Genuine Essence Stage experts, he would have swallowed it long ago.

After putting away the jade bottle, Chen Chu got off the bed and quickly left the room, blending into the darkness.

He had already guessed that the Jin and Ye Families would make a move on the day of the Chen Family Competition with his sharp judgement in his previous life. If the Jin and Ye Families were to join hands, then no power in the entire Wanbei City would be able to make an enemy out of them, and it was precisely because of this that they dared to make a move in front of a guest who was looking at them from the sidelines.

The mysterious City Lord would never interfere with the conflicts between families. With Chen Chu right now, he couldn't take out anything that would interest the City Lord, even if he wanted to ask for their help.

The strongest person in the Chen Family was his father, Chen Tong, who had a cultivation base at the sixth level of Genuine Essence Stage. In order to overcome this crisis, Chen Chu had to refine the pill as soon as possible and raise Chen Tong's cultivation realm to resolve it.

Even if he was the Pill Saint, the best pill that could be refined in a short period of time would be these Two Elements of Breakthrough Pill.

He quietly arrived at his father's yard. Chen Chu saw that the room was still lit up by candles. Through the window, he saw that his father's originally tall and straight waist had actually bent a lot.

Walking to the window, Chen Chu whispered, "Is father asleep?"

The silhouette paused for a second, then quickly opened the window and looked at Chen Chu with a slightly different expression: "Little Chu, you're so late, are you still awake?"

Chen Chu laughed dryly and said: "Father still hasn't slept yet, I've refined a new kind of pill in the afternoon, do you want to try?"

Seeing Chen Chu's mysterious look, Chen Tong took the jade bottle, and immediately swallowed the red and blue pill inside. He said straightforwardly: "Try it, could it be that my son will not harm me?"

Seeing that his father had consumed it, Chen Chu smiled mysteriously and said, "Dad is so magnanimous. I wish you a good dream."

With that, he quickly left the garden and disappeared into the night.

Chen Tong shook his head. Just as he was about to pick up the brush, he suddenly thought of something.

Chen Tong suddenly stopped talking. His face quickly turned red and his body seemed to have ignited into a raging fire. The strength that was originally stagnant for five to six years suddenly soared.

Chen Tong's expression was filled with unconcealable joy. He quickly sat down cross-legged and formed a strange hand seal before quickly entering his cultivation state.

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