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C18 Rise

Standing opposite of the stage was a somewhat unfamiliar face. It was about the same age as him, and it looked at Chen Chu without saying a word.

When the Third Elder saw the two of them were in position, he loudly said, "The competition within the clan shall come to an end as soon as possible."

As soon as the Third Elder stepped off the stage, the young man in the grey robe opposite of him moved. The Genuine Qi in his body started to move slowly, and with a flash, he rushed towards Chen Chu.

After a few meters away from Chen Chu, the young man suddenly leaped up. A faint white light flashed on his right leg. It was the prelude to the release of the martial skill.

Inferior Grade Yellow Rank martial skill, Rock Splitting Leg.

Seeing that his opponent was only a Mortal Realm Stage 6 disciple, Chen Chu smiled, the Genuine Qi started to circulate its energy through his meridians, instead of retreating, it started to attack the young man's leg shadow.

The Genuine Qi collided with each other, and the young man's expression changed drastically, as if he had just been kicked in steel. He was flung out by an extremely powerful force, and landed on the high platform.

"Ah, that Chen Chu won, didn't he lose his martial arts? He was paralyzed in bed for three years!"

"Your news is out of date. I heard Chen Chu suddenly became better two months ago. His strength has recovered quite a bit now."

Chen Tong was a little surprised, it seemed like the feeling he felt from Chen Chu yesterday was not an illusion, he really did cultivate to the sixth level of the Qi Refinement Stage, no wonder there was no trace of him during that period of time, and he actually secretly cultivated.

"To reach the sixth stage of Qi Refinement Stage in just two months, even if he has walked on this path before, the speed is still very fast."

An old man on the side sighed.

At this moment, Chen Su, who was standing to the side, was even more amazing. One month ago, he had come into contact with Chen Chu, and the Genuine Qi fluctuations emitting from his body was no doubt that he was at the 4th level of the Mortal Realm.

"Heh, so what if you're at the sixth level? You can still beat him up until all his teeth fall out."

Chen Su grumbled in his heart and no longer looked at the youth that walked down the stage.

After a moment, the results of the first round of battles were out. The twenty-one clansmen had won. Other than one lucky clansman, the rest of the youngsters needed to continue battling to determine the victor.

In the VIP seats, Chen Tong stared fixedly at the wooden stage. At this moment, a white-haired old man on the right asked, "Chief Chen, what is young master Chen Chu's current strength?"

The old man was a rich medicine merchant within the Wanbei City, and he had worked with the elder for a long time. Their relationship was naturally very good, and at this time, Chen Tong said with a smile: "Chu'er is currently at the sixth level of the Qi Refinement Stage."

The old man didn't seem to believe this outcome. He only spat out two words after looking at the young man on the stage for a while.

"It doesn't look like it."

"Just now, Chen Chu's opponent was also a young man at the sixth level of the Refinement Stage. For Chen Chu, Young Jie to be able to defeat him at such a speed, his strength must be at least at the seventh level of Qi Refinement Stage."

The one who spoke was a young man who was around thirty years old and sat to the right of Chen Tong. His Genuine Essence Stage was at the fourth level and was the vice leader of the Night Blade Mercenary Group.

A proud smile appeared on Chen Tong's face as he watched the match with rapt attention.

After the first round of the competition, only youths who were at the 6th level of the Mortal Realm or above would be left. If these people could achieve such a result before they were 18 years old, their future achievements would not be too bad.

Not long later, the competition once again reached Chen Chu's group. Chen Chu generously stood on the stage, waiting for his opponent to come on stage.

When Chen Chu saw the opponent that was on the same group as him, he could not help but smile wryly in his heart. The person opposite him was actually the youth that Chen Su defeated not long ago, Chen Ao.

The other day, when Chen Ao was defeated by Chen Su, Chen Chu could clearly see the miserable state that Chen Chu was in. If he could defeat the teenager in front of him, then he wouldn't be afraid of Chen Su.

"Let the match begin."

The Third Elder hastily left the stage after saying these words. The atmosphere on the stage was about to break out.

"Elder Huang, how confident do you think this Young Master Chen Chu is this time?"

As the vice director of the Nightblade Mercenary Company, the young man had interacted with many of the upper echelons of the company. He was very familiar with the elder called Elder Huang, and when Chen Tong saw that he was lost in thought, he started to chat with him.

The old man's gaze swept viciously over the two youths. After a moment of silence, he said confidently:

"The young master of Chen Family has probably met an opponent this time. Looking at the calluses on the palm of the young man in white, he must be extremely familiar with martial skills. I think the young man opposite of him has a higher chance of winning."

The young man laughed twice: "That may not be so, but on the path of cultivation, we are mainly relying on aptitude. That young master had reached the peak of the Qi Refinement Stage three years ago, and even though there were some unforeseen events in the process, he must have been extremely experienced in controlling Genuine Qi.

The old man let out a light sound of surprise, then squinted at Chen Chu without saying anything.

Seeing the two of them secretly getting excited, Chen Tong laughed involuntarily. However, his concern for Chen Chu did not decrease at all. Although he had to admit that Chen Ao might be stronger, he still had some expectations for Chen Chu.

"Please advise me."

Wu Tie cupped his hands in an experienced manner and quickly entered into the competition state. His full attention was focused on Chen Chu and the Genuine Qi was continuously inserted into his arms. After a short while, he suddenly made a move and rushed towards Chen Chu.

Although this was not Chen Chu's first time challenging someone above his level, he was still a bit excited. Looking at the incoming Chen Ao, Chen Chu fiercely stomped his right leg and threw a punch towards the approaching figure.

Seeing that Chen Chu had chosen to fight head on, Chen Ao was overjoyed. The Genuine Qi that was infused into his right arm also increased in size by 30% and covered the surface of his skin with a layer of white mist.

The moment Chen Chu came in contact with the energy, he felt as if he was hit by a giant boulder. His body was sent flying and he took a few heavy steps on the wooden platform before he managed to stabilize himself.

Rubbing his numb right arm, Chen Chu started to assess the strength of the teenager in front of him who had only taken half a step back.

"Chen Chu, it seems like your title of talent from that day is only mediocre."

Chen Ao sneered and said sarcastically.

Hearing Chen Ao's sarcastic remarks, Chen Chu frowned. In his memory, he did not seem to have any grudges with Chen Ao.

"That brat Chen Chu is going to lose."

From the previous fight between the two, it could be seen that regardless of the strength of the Genuine Qi, or the strength of the Genuine Qi, Chen Chu was slightly inferior and the result of the competition should be out soon.

Listening to the lively discussion below the stage, Chen Chu walked back to his original position and stared at Chen Ao fearlessly.

Seeing Chen Chu's provocative look, Chen Ao snorted, the Genuine Qi once again burst out, charging towards Chen Chu at the speed of a string, his right arm slowly covered with a layer of white jade, it was Chen Ao's trump card, the intermediate Yellow Rank skill, Mountain Break attack.

The speed of this attack was so fast that it created a wave of oppressive wind in the air, bringing along a peerless momentum as it struck towards Chen Chu's face!

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