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C19 Finals

Facing Chen Ao's fierce attack, Chen Chu slowly extended his right palm. Genuine Qi began to condense at the center of his palm and slowly dyed his skin the color of white jade. His body suddenly moved, and under everyone's astonished gaze, he threw out a palm.

Along with a violent muffled sound, the two figures shook, and a huge force poured out from the point of contact between their fists. Chen Chu was sent flying as if he had been hit by a giant boulder and only stopped when he hit the railing at the edge of the stage. Chen Chu's face suddenly turned pale as his internal organs stirred, causing him to cough violently a few times in pain.

On the other hand, Chen Ao stood still as a statue. The gap between the two of them was obvious.

In the VIP seats, Chen Tong had an unsightly expression on his face. From Chen Chu's reaction, it seemed that he had suffered some internal injuries. He could not sit still any longer and signaled the Second Elder to help support Chen Chu down.

"Sigh, the power of that young man's Mountain Breaking Strike is great. Young Master Chen Chu's loss is not unjustified."

Elder Huang stroked his beard complacently as he looked to the side with a smile that was not a smile, at the young man who had been arguing with him earlier. His face was currently rather unsightly.

"Chen Ao is indeed abnormal. The last time I fought with him in the training field, he took a Mountain Break and laid in bed for two weeks."

"Hmph. I was taught a lesson by Chen Ao first. I got the advantage from that annoying brat."

Chen Su was a bit upset that he didn't take care of Chen Chu himself.

That Chen Chu had a medicinal refining method that was comparable to a third rank alchemist, which was useless against Chen Family. The second elder ran up to the stage in shock, but saw Chen Ao not moving an inch and acting weird.

"Wow …"

Chen Ao's body trembled and he could not hold on any longer. His legs went weak and he knelt down on the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood miserably.

Instantly, everyone was shocked!

Chen Chu took out a pill helplessly and quickly handed it over to Chen Ao. He said in a deep voice: "You have internal injuries, quickly take this pill. Otherwise it will have side effects."

With great difficulty, Chen Ao stood up from the ground and stared into Chen Chu's eyes. After that, he unwillingly swallowed the pill.

Chen Ao's originally ashen face immediately regained some color. With the support of the Second Elder, he left the high platform. When the crowd saw Chen Ao's miserable state, they couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The martial skill that Chen Ao had cultivated was based on body refinement, so the toughness of its body was not inferior to a martial artist at the eighth level of the Qi Refinement Stage. However, it was still badly injured by Chen Chu's palm, and its strength was so strong that it left people speechless.

Chen Tong's eyes were burning with passion as he looked at Chen Chu, who was on the stage. His heart was already in turmoil, and he originally didn't have much hope for Chen Tong's cultivation, but his superior pill refining skills had already made him extremely satisfied.

His hand, which was placed on the armrest, was trembling slightly. Tears even appeared in Chen Tong's eyes.

"The son of I, Chen Tong, am no ordinary person."

To the right of Chen Tong, the eyes of the originally discouraged young man immediately lit up as he clapped loudly, causing Elder Huang to feel helpless.

"Chief Chen has a good son. I'm so envious of him."

The old man took a long time to regain his senses before speaking with some envy.

Chen Tong was overjoyed, but he still modestly replied: "Chu'er just learned a few low-level Chen Family martial skills, don't mention it."

The two people by the side were speechless, just now, Chen Chu's martial skill not only suppressed the Mountain Break attack, but also caused Liu Tie to be injured internally, the destructive power that he displayed was not inferior to the high level Yellow Rank, but now Wu Tie's mouth is only unsuitable for cultivation, don't tell me that Chen Family also has a profound rank martial skill, this time I have a perfect score.

On the other side, Chen Su was looking at the ground in a daze. It had only been a month, and the talent Chen Chu displayed made him feel ashamed. A deep sense of powerlessness gradually came from his heart.

Chen Su clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

"I don't care who you are. If you dare to forcibly take the position that belongs to me, then you are my arch-enemy."

no matter what he did, he had to obtain it. He was very ambitious, and did not want to stay in the Wanbei City for his entire life with a normal attitude, so he was willing to pay any price!

Chen Chu slowly returned to his seat and took the time to adjust his breath. The fight just now had caused his blood and Qi to churn and a sweetness occasionally flowed out of his throat. Luckily, he had the Good Fortune Body Refinement Art to protect his body, otherwise, Chen Chu's fate would not be much better than Chen Ao.

Time slowly flowed by. After Chen Chu had controlled the Zhen Yuan to circulate through his meridians for a full week, the third round of the competition was already over.

Chen Chu also became lucky in the following lottery draw. He directly got an empty lot and entered the finals.

After the Genuine Qi had circulated three times, Chen Chu was finally able to suppress the surging of his Qi. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a familiar figure on the stage.

"Chen Man's competition, Chen Jun, begin the Family Competition."

After saying that, the Head Elder quickly left the stage. At this moment, Chen Chu was barely interested in the battle onstage.

Chen Man had broken through to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Stage two months ago, and could be considered to be at the peak of the fighting strength of the young generation within the Chen Family. As for Chen Man's opponent, Chen Jun, he was only at the eighth level of Qi Refinement Stage.

The young lad laughed bitterly, and cupped his hands towards Chen Man solemnly. After that, he took a deep breath, and the Genuine Qi began to condense, and he instantly entered into battle stance.

"The youngsters of the Chen Family are all tenacious people. Even when facing opponents stronger than them, they would not cower even a little. Not bad."

The audience was filled with cheers of admiration, and the atmosphere of the stage also quickly became heavy.

Chen Jun's white robe looked rather neat and clean, and his actions were not sloppy at all. He immediately let out an angry roar, and pounced like a ferocious cheetah towards Chen Man, who was not far away.

Chen Man's expression became serious, the Genuine Qi in her body immediately moved to her entire body, and her body started to move like a strand of catkins.

Chen Jun's gaze quickly locked onto Chen Man's figure. He clenched his right hand, and his five fingers formed the shape of an eagle's claw as they shot towards Chen Man's right shoulder.

Facing Chen Jun's fierce attack, Chen Man's willow-shaped eyebrows slightly raised, and a light-green Genuine Qi appeared from the center of her palm. An extremely fast shadow of a palm instantly penetrated through Chen Jun's five fingers and fiercely smashed onto his chest.


Chen Chu sighed in his heart. The palm shadow that Chen Man created with the same Absolute Chen Family Lightning Palm was a level higher, and its speed was more than twice that of Chen Su. If he were to face this kind of attack, he would have to use his hidden trump card, Finger of Death to resolve it.

"This woman is truly amazing."

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