The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C2 Yang Accumulating Pill
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C2 Yang Accumulating Pill
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C2 Yang Accumulating Pill

Thinking of this, Chen Chu squinted his eyes and suppressed the anger in his eyes.

With the help of the Refining Treasure Cauldron, the wounds in his body were no longer troublesome.

Chen Chu entered his Sea of Consciousness, jumped up into the air, and arrived in front of the cauldron.

The raging fire in the cauldron continued to rage. Chen Chu flicked the Origin Returning Pill in his hand and it instantly disappeared into the flames.

Once the pill entered the cauldron, it immediately turned into a blue medicinal liquid floating in the air. Chen Chu placed his palm against the sides of the cauldron, and a wave of pure Essence Strength seeped out from his palm, and started to control the flame to remove the pill's impurities.

Looking at the pill that was rolling in the cauldron, Chen Chu sighed in his heart: "This Chen Family's refining technique is still too shallow. Merely kneading and fusing the essence of the medicinal herbs, it is not worthy of being called a pill."

The art of alchemy was vast and profound, not only did he need a precise control over the flames, he also needed a strong Essence Strength and a clear understanding of the reaction speed of the medicinal liquid. This pill fire was lacking, and there were also two kinds of rejection medicines mixed within, not only did it damage the medicinal strength of the Origin Returning Pill by about seventy to eighty percent, but it could also cause diarrhea.

Chen Chu used a wave of Essence Strength to separate the repelling potion, and at the same time, he quickly controlled the flames to separate the impurities.

As the flames churned, the pill was formed. Chen Chu injected a bit of Essence Strength into the center of the pill, and then withdrew his fire, the cold air poured into the cauldron and the medicinal liquid quickly cooled down, solidifying into a round pill.

With a thought from Chen Chu, the pill flew out from the cauldron and landed in his palm. The pill was blue in color with a few red stripes wrapping around its surface.

Pill markings were something that could only be seen when the pill was refined to its peak. At the same time, it was also one of the criteria to test the ability of a pill refiner.

The Origin Returning Pill had long broken away from the ranks of second level pill and formed a new kind of pill. Chen Chu named it the Yang Accumulation Pill.

Chen Chu glanced at the pill and laughed at himself, "Who would have thought that I, the Alchemist Master Chen Chu, would have to swallow this kind of low level pill one day."

Moments later, Chen Chu sat cross-legged in the middle of his Sea of Consciousness and swallowed the pill. The cat eye sized pill in his mouth quickly turned into a warm flow and spread throughout his body.

Seeing the amazing healing speed, Chen Chu let out a long breath and closed his eyes. He let the drug's power spread everywhere and the huge void became extremely quiet. Chen Chu occasionally frowned and silently endured the pain in his body.

The originally dry and shriveled Dantian looked as if it was engulfed by a rain of life. The wisps of Genuine Qi gathered around and formed a Qi Sea, and at the same time, some of the hidden injuries in his body also disappeared. He recovered completely in a short span of seven to eight minutes.

Chen Chu quickly left his cultivation state and once again stared at the golden inscription floating above the treasured cauldron. He was ready to practice the Good Fortune Body Refinement Art.

After memorizing the golden inscriptions in his mind, he waved his hand and an invisible wind blew away the golden inscriptions. Chen Chu's consciousness dissipated and he returned to the familiar room.

Opening his eyes, Chen Chu looked at his palm and controlled the Genuine Qi in his body to condense. Beams of milky white gas began to condense in his palm and formed a cyclone.


With just a bit of luck, Chen Chu had already roughly found out the level he was currently at, and was probably at the third level of the Qi Refinement Stage.

Chen Chu was not discouraged. With the help of the Refining Treasure Cauldron and the Manifestation Art's treasure, returning to his peak state was only a matter of time.

Chen Chu got off the bed and stood in the room. He looked at the handsome figure in the bronze mirror and muttered:

"Rest assured! My previous self, I will make sure that the grievances and shame you have suffered will be returned to you a hundredfold!"

At this moment, a clamor sounded out from outside the courtyard, and it was mixed with the man's vulgar laughter from time to time.

"Zhang Xiangtian, Zhao Qianli, what are you two doing here?" Xiaowan said timidly.

Two men dressed in black, one fat and one thin, walked towards the room with crab steps at a crooked angle.

"Let's see if that kid is dead or not!" The fat Zhang Xiangtian replied viciously.

"No!" You guys can't go in, but my brother is still too weak … " Xiaowan opened her arms to stop them.

She knew very well that once these two people entered the room, Chen Chu would be beaten up again.

"Impudent!" "You stinking woman, how dare you block our way?" The thin man Zhao Qianli cursed coldly, and then a crisp slap resounded!


Xiaowan's left cheek instantly turned red and swollen. However, the strong Xiaowan didn't cry. She only held her face tightly, holding it right in front of the door.

"This little girl is quite brave. It seems that we need to properly train her!" As Zhang Xiangtian said this, his small eyes flashed with green light as he glanced at Zhao Qianli.

Zhao Qianli understood the meaning behind his words and smiled sinisterly. They extended their hands in unison and attacked Xiaowan.

"Let me go! You're so bad! I'm going to shout! " Xiaowan continued to struggle. Her face was flushed, but she was unable to break free from the restraints of the two burly men.

It looked like Bing Qingyu's body was about to be invaded.

"Hehe!" Go on! Even if you shout till your throat breaks, no one will come to save you! " Zhang Xiangtian laughed evilly. He twisted Xiaowan's arm behind her back and said to Zhao Qianli, "Brother, you go first. Search through her undergarment and see if there are any hidden weapons!"

"Haha!" Thank you, brother! I see that the little bastard's chest is very threatening, it's really amazing! Let me inspect the goods! " Zhao Qianli rolled up his sleeves and looked as if he was about to taint Xiaowan with his dirty chicken feet.

"Let go of me! You. Shameless! Dirty! " Xiaowan's eyes were wet with tears as she cried helplessly.

At this critical moment.

A stern shout rumbled like a thunderclap, and it astonishingly came:

"Let go of that girl!" Let go of that girl!

Chen Chu pushed the door open. When he saw Xiaowan being harassed, he immediately rushed over in anger.

Zhang and Zhao noticed that there was a hero saving the beauty. They were slightly shocked, but when they saw that it was Chen Chu, they immediately started their discussion in a weird tone.

"Heh, trash Chen Chu, why isn't he dead yet? Can he still stand up? This is definitely the end of the world! "

"Who do I think she is? She's just a piece of trash. Lady Wan, who's at a loss, serves a cripple every day. In my opinion, it would be better to die early."

Seeing the crooked mouths and slanted eyes of those two, Chen Chu immediately recognized them as the culprits that caused the owner of this body to be paralyzed for three years!

Their hands were filled with the youth's blood.

Suddenly, Chen Chu's eyes became extremely cold. His expression was as if he was looking at two corpses!

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