The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C20 The Power of the Lightning Palm
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C20 The Power of the Lightning Palm
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C20 The Power of the Lightning Palm

In the stands, there were a few somewhat unfamiliar faces currently staring coldly at the stage. Occasionally, they would glance at their surroundings with an extremely unfriendly gaze, as though they were waiting for something.

It was already afternoon, and the final round of drawing had gone through three rounds of washing and a few lucky but weak victors. There were only four people left.

Chen Man, Chen Su, Chen Chu, and Chen Yu.

The first two were more familiar to Chen Chu, and the last one was more unfamiliar, as if he just came back recently. However, judging from that person's wheat colored skin and the meter long black iron rod on his back, he was probably a very experienced fighter.

Amongst the four of them, only Chen Chu had a cultivation at the sixth level of Qi Refinement Stage.

The four of them walked to the center of the platform where a wooden box was placed. There was only a fist-sized hole in the box. The third elder looked at the four of them with a serious expression and said, "Let's begin the drawing of lots."

Chen Man was the first to draw. She quickly took out a long stick and carved a number two at the end of the stick.

After that, Chen Chu, he slowly put his hand into the wooden box and fumbled with the three remaining wooden sticks. Then, he pretended to stir as his soul force burst out from his sea of consciousness and quickly entered the wooden box through his palm. In an instant, he sensed the numbers engraved on the three wooden sticks and quickly picked up one of them.

Chen Chu used some tricks to avoid Chen Man.

Facing a level eight Qi Cultivating Mirror martial artist, he could use his battle experience and acute observation skills to make up for it. However, the difference in strength between him and Chen Man was too great. If he did not use his trump card, it would be very difficult to win.


On the other side of the VIP seats, a middle-aged man wearing a blue alchemy robe exclaimed in surprise.

"Dad, what are you looking at? Why are you so lost in thought?"

Beside her sat a young girl who was also wearing a light green robe. She was about seventy to eighty years old, had a delicate and pretty temperament, and was extremely beautiful.

The surrounding youths glanced at him repeatedly. Their minds were no longer on the high platform.

"I seemed to have felt a trace of soul power's fluctuations when I was among the four people on the stage."

The tone of the middle-aged man had a hint of doubt, as if he couldn't quite believe what the middle-aged man said.

The girl naturally didn't believe him. She thought that he was just teasing her, so she turned her head away and no longer said anything.

That middle-aged man also thought that he was mistaken. After all, as a Tier 2 Pill Refiner, his soul power was outstanding. There was no one present whose soul power was stronger than his.

After Chen Chu had finished drawing his lot, Chen Su could not wait to take one out. When he saw the number on the wooden stick, his expression instantly became marvelous.

"Little bastard, your luck is over!"

Chen Su looked at Chen Chu and placed his right hand under his chin. It was clear what he meant.


Looking at Chen Su's undisguised killing intent, Chen Chu cursed in his heart. Then, he returned to his seat and waited for the group competition.

The outcome was obvious, and the process was no longer interesting. No matter how experienced Chen Yu was, it was difficult for him to resist Chen Man's attack. After a few attempts of resistance, he finally gave up.

"Brother Chen Su, you will definitely help this little brother take revenge. Beating him to the point that his teeth are all over the ground to vent the anger in his brothers."

The teenager, who was humiliated by Chen Chu a month ago, said this in a fanning tone.

Chen Su moved his limbs. His eager look made it seem as if he did not put Chen Chu in his eyes.

After Chen Man obtained victory, the Third Elder took out a purple token and solemnly handed it over to Chen Man.

The order badge was only the size of his palm and was forged with purple gold. The surface was as warm and cool as jade, and on the front was carved a picture of a building. It looked extremely grand and grand.

After Chen Man happily left, Chen Su impatiently walked up to the third elder without waiting for his order. Looking at the purple token in the third elder's hand, Chen Su's eyes were filled with zeal.

The Third Elder had no choice but to announce the start of the battle amidst the cheers of the crowd.

"It looks like you've already won."

Chen Chu took a deep breath and looked at Chen Su with an inexplicable smile.

"If you know what's good for you, then hurry up and f * ck off. I'll let bygones be bygones."

Thinking about becoming a Heavenly South Academy student in the future, Chen Su, who was going to achieve great things in the future, spoke with a pitiful tone.

Chen Chu sighed and no longer tried to dissuade them. He quickly went into battle mode.

Seeing this, a hint of killing intent flashed across Chen Su's eyes. He clenched his fists and said, "You don't know what's good for you."

Both of his legs lightly floated up like willow leaves. It was the same bodily martial skill that Chen Man used before, but the speed that Chen Su displayed was a lot slower and he did not have that kind of agility.

Chen Chu turned his right hand and a touch of white jade light appeared on his five fingers. He then slammed them towards Chen Su.

The King Kong Hand that Chen Chu was currently using had a strength of hundreds of pounds. It could even break bamboo that was two inches thick. It had an abnormal strength, but it only lasted for a short period of time.

The two of them were proficient in martial skills that were related to palm techniques. However, the Thunder Palm Chen Su learned was a top grade Yellow Rank martial skill, the gap between the two wasn't small.

At the same time, the energy in his palm surged and formed into a huge translucent palm print under the subtle control of Chen Su. Chen Su's expression was indifferent as his right palm viciously pressed down on Chen Chu and the palm print whistled down along with a strong wind pressure.

True essence could only exist by the nature of gas, and only by stepping into the Genuine Essence Stage, it could take form. At that time, its power would increase exponentially, and it could be said that by successfully condensing true essence into objects, it would be the standard for Genuine Essence Stage experts to achieve, and although this faint shadow could not be considered to be truly condensed using true essence, its power was still something that ordinary martial skills could not compare to. In the entire Chen Family, learning this martial skill could only be counted on five fingers.

As the crowd below the stage exclaimed, the palm quickly flew towards Chen Chu on the other side of the stage. The huge wind pressure blew away the hair on Chen Chu's forehead, revealing a pair of pitch black eyes.

If it was a normal method, it would be impossible for Chen Chu Wan to receive this attack. At the moment, he could only rely on the mysterious Good Fortune Body Refinement Art.

Chen Chu quickly calmed himself down and started chanting the cryptic inscriptions that were already imprinted in his mind. From his Dantian, a ray of golden light was separated and converged into his palm along a specific meridian.

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