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C3 Revenge

Sensing the change in Chen Chu's expression, Zhang Xiangtian and Zhao Qianli could not help but take two steps back. After that, they strongly and calmly said: "A cripple without a Genuine Qi, you think you are at the peak of the Qi Refining stage?"

"Looks like this cripple hasn't gotten any memory after lying in bed for three years. Let me teach him a lesson."

Zhang Xiangtian grinned evilly as he rushed forward. A wave of Genuine Qi s rushed out from his dantian and attacked with a biting cold wind.

Xiaowan, who was standing behind him, cried out anxiously, "Be careful!"

In a flash, he dodged the terrifying attack and struck out with his palm towards Zhang Xiangtian's ribs. The Genuine Qi shot out along his arm and a clear light quickly appeared on his palm, then with a bang, Zhang Xiangtian's body flew out like a kite with its string cut, only stopping after he crashed into a large tree a few meters away.

Zhang Xiangtian's face changed as he covered the side of his body. Then, with a wail, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Zhao Qianli, who was standing on the side with a ridiculing expression, had a surprised look on his face. He never expected that Chen Chu, who was previously bedridden, would actually erupt with a strength that was not inferior to someone at the fifth level of Qi Refinement Stage and heavily injure Zhang Xiangtian with a single move.

It had to be known that Zhang Xiangtian had already broken through to the 5th level of the Refinement Stage in the first half month. Furthermore, as a escort escort escort, his combat abilities were rarely comparable to someone of the same level.

Zhao Qianli was deeply shocked by the scene before him, and immediately felt the desire to retreat. However, when he recalled the task that man had given him, he could only clench his fists and grit his teeth.

He shouted at Chen Chu, "Chen Chu, you are courting death. I thought you became a cripple and let you go once. Today, you hurt my brother and I will take your life."

After finding the reason to kill Chen Chu, Zhao Qianli released his Genuine Qi from his body, revealing the strength of the seventh level of the Qi Refinement Stage without any intention. The Genuine Qi surrounded his body, and Zhao Qianli suddenly stepped on the ground, his figure dashing towards Chen Chu at an extreme speed, his right leg carried the thick Genuine Qi and ruthlessly kicked towards Chen Chu's chest.

It was just a low-grade Yellow Rank that allowed one to pierce the clouds. If it was the Chen Chu of the past, he would only be waiting to die with his eyes closed when faced with such an attack. But now that he had taken over this body, he could not allow anyone else to bully him.

The chaos on the street quickly attracted the attention of a few clan members. When they recognized Chen Chu, they started to talk among themselves until Zhao Qianli started to fight against Chen Chu with a low-grade Yellow Rank martial skill. Some of the women immediately covered their eyes, as if they couldn't bear to see Chen Chu's miserable death.

The corner of Chen Chu's mouth curled up into a faint sneer. If he couldn't subdue this person with a lightning technique, then he would have been reborn for nothing. Thus, he immediately used a martial skill that was engraved in his heart.

Finger of Death, low-grade Profound Rank martial skill. Once cultivated to mastery, it could break all kinds of techniques.

Seeing the powerful leg shadow coming at him, Chen Chu quickly controlled the Genuine Qi s in his body, and the Genuine Qi s started to gather at the tips of their fingers along the veins specified on the leg shadow. The moment the leg shadow reached in front of his chest, Chen Chu's figure moved a step, and then, his two fingers went through Zhao Qianli's Genuine Qi protection like an Azure Dragon, and the purple Genuine Qi shimmer quickly imprinted itself onto his chest.

A muffled sound rang out, and Zhao Qianli's body violently trembled. He looked at Chen Chu in fear, his face slightly twitching as he fell to the ground, unwilling to give up.

He probably could not understand how a boy who had been bedridden for three years could unleash such a terrifying attack.

Zhao Qianli's body twitched as blood frothed at the corner of his mouth. Seeing that he was about to die, Xiaowan ran over and quickly checked on Chen Chu's injuries. Only after seeing that he was unharmed did she heave a sigh of relief.

Chen Chu agreed to take revenge for the youth with the same name as him, and walked towards Zhang Xiangtian, who was still struggling on the ground. Chen Chu agreed to take revenge for the boy with the same name as him, and walked towards Zhang Xiangtian, who was on the ground.

The surrounding people had yet to recover from their shock. Seeing that Chen Chu did not plan on letting Zhang Xiangtian go, they all left gloomily with the thought of doing more than enough. Among them, there were a few youths who were on good terms with Zhang Xiangtian.

Chen Chu grabbed Zhang Xiangtian's collar and said word by word, "You two bastards should have died a long time ago. When I was injured that year, you crippled my tendons and veins. You should have expected today to come. Speak, who ordered you!"

Facing Chen Chu's sharp gaze, Zhang Xiangtian's expression changed. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Zhao Qianli's corpse and his legs couldn't help but shiver. In order to survive, he could only reveal everything.

"It's the Second Elder, he was the one who ordered us. Chen Chu, on account of our childhood friendship, let me go, alright? I'm begging you."

Three years ago, Chen Chu was still the genius of Chen Family, Young Lord. His strength was hard to find amongst his peers, and the original him was bound to be fifteen years old before entering the True Origin Mirror, representing his Wanbei City to participate in Qingzhou's entrance exam.

Unexpectedly, because he had replaced the position of the Second Elder's son, he became resentful. During the outdoor training a few months ago, he hid a high level Strange Beast's medicinal herb in Chen Chu's luggage, which could attract high level Strange Beast's attention. In the end, he was attacked by the Strange Beast and returned to the clan to recuperate.

After understanding the whole situation, Chen Chu's face was frighteningly dark. Facing Zhang Xiangtian's pleas for mercy, Chen Chu's heart was filled with disgust. He slammed his palm on Zhang Xiangtian's chest and used the Genuine Qi to shatter his internal organs.

Xiaowan jumped in fright and stood at the side without saying a word. She felt that the young man in front of her had become different. Compared to before, he was more confident and less dispirited.

After killing two trash, Chen Chu's mood eased up a little. He turned around and looked at Xiaowan, who was staring at him, and said seriously, "Sorry for making you suffer."

Xiaowan shook her head as if she didn't see the body not far away. She pulled Chen Chu's hand and walked happily to the other side of the street.

Compared to the two inconspicuous people who died, Chen Chu's recovery made her happier.

"Young master, you are finally well. The clan leader even asked me to send you a few words just now. Since you are well, then go and see the clan leader. It would be better to say it face to face."

Seeing the girl's happy expression, Chen Chu's mood improved a lot. He helplessly smiled and said, "Thank you."

As the two of them passed through the alley, they caught the attention of many people.

Ever since Chen Chu had left the crowd's line of sight three years ago, at first glance, he even looked a little unfamiliar. It was only when the two of them had walked far away that the crowd remembered him and immediately cried out in alarm.

"Look, isn't that Chen Chu? That trash is actually healed."

"I thought I was seeing things. Didn't the Patriarch find a lot of experts from the Genuine Essence Stage to treat his injuries a few years ago? They all failed at that time, but who would have thought that after a few years, they had recovered."

"Sigh, there's no use in getting better now. It's just an ordinary person. What a pity that he's a good sapling."

"Even if we start over now, it's already too late. It's extremely useful. I heard that Second Elder's son, Chen Jie, has already stepped into the third level of Genuine Essence Stage. It's really enviable."

"Every single person with Heavenly South Academy is a demon …"

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