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C4 Breakthrough

The whispers in his ears all disappeared after Chen Chu entered the hall. The four corners of the hall was very spacious, and there were quite a few people inside. Sitting in the upper seats were a familiar figure and two elders, and some middle-aged men with important positions were sitting below them.

Patriarch Chen Tong, also known as Chen Chu's father, as well as Second Elder Chen Yan, who framed Chen Chu, and Third Elder Chen Fu.

When their expressions intersected, a complicated feeling melted and caused the father and son's eyes to turn slightly red.

Due to the high hiring fee, the clan's economy was unable to circulate properly. Due to the pressure, Chen Tong could only give up, and in the past few months, Chen Chu had not seen his father's figure, but he knew that his father, Chen Tong, had never given up.

Although Chen Tong was not Chen Chu's father who had transmigrated to this world, Chen Chu saw Chen Tong as his father from the bottom of his heart after assimilating the memories from this body.

Seeing that Chen Chu and Xiaowan had walked in without the slightest injury, Chen Tong excitedly stood up with tears in his eyes. He originally wanted to go over and have a good look at his son, but since he was in the middle of a discussion with a foreign guest, he could only pretend to be calm and sit down.

Chen Chu sat in an inconspicuous position. At this moment, he saw a fat middle-aged man sitting on the right side of Chen Tong's seat. He was wearing a light green robe with a golden clover embroidered on his sleeves and collar.

"Patriarch, what do you think of the conditions?"

The fat man stroked the sparse goatee under his chin as he spoke proudly.

"Mr. Lin Feng, our Chen Family has been filled with sincerity this time, but the price that you asked for using the improved version of the medicinal formula is 20,000 gold coins, it's really too high."

Chen Tong cupped his hands and smiled apologetically.

The fat man who was called Lin Feng had a look of undisguised contempt on his face, and deliberately sighed: "Rumor has it that the Chen Family is the number one family in the Northern Courtyard, it seems that what I heard today is not true, the effects of this improved version of the Origin Returning Pill are countless times better than before, and its value is far more than twenty thousand gold coins. Since you guys do not like it, then I can only go try my luck in other families."

Lin Feng then sighed and stood up, swaggering towards the exit of the hall. The two martial artists behind him also left without a word.

The hall suddenly became much quieter. At this time, the second elder couldn't hold back anymore and said in a sudden tone, "It's all because of the emotional and emotional actions of the family head last year, which consumed too much of our family's wealth. We've lost so much money that we can't even afford to take out 20 thousand gold coins."

When he heard Second Elder Chen Yan's hoarse voice, he immediately came back to his senses. Liu Tie's face was slightly red, and even though he wanted to say something, he could not refute him. Seeing that, the Second Elder did not want to let him off, so he blamed the entire family's recent situation on the Patriarch alone.

"Originally, Chen Family's pill refining business was flourishing, and because of economic reasons, alchemy could only choose a few low quality ingredients, causing the Chen Family's business to deteriorate as well as causing its reputation to be affected greatly. Today, even some of the minerals and materials are not sold, and now, even those in the escort mission hall can be sold like a sparrow."

"If it weren't for that year, how would our Chen Family have received such humiliation?"

Gradually, the mocking gazes of the surrounding gradually gathered onto Chen Chu. The whispers and discussions caused Chen Tong's expression to change.

Looking at his father's lonely expression, Wu Shuang immediately stood up, and scolded Second Elder Chen Yan: "Second Elder, you are really as shameless as ever, don't you understand in your heart why the sales of alchemy dropped? You secretly bribed the alchemist, intentionally adding in two types of medicinal herbs, causing the effects of the pill to be damaged, you think that no one in the Chen Family understand the principles of medicine, and you think that you can hide this matter from the heavens!"

Facing Chen Chu's questioning, Second Elder Chen Yan was surprised, then he explained with a flushed face: "Impudent, you don't have any proof, you dare to spout such nonsense, even a cripple who hasn't seen the pill before dares to spout such arrogant words. I think you have been paralyzed for a long time, your brain is also crippled, come, take this brat down."

At this time, Chen Tong stood up with an ashen face, looked at Chen Yan and coldly said, "Second Elder, you are really impressive. Whether you are telling the truth or not, we will know when we see the truth. Why are you in such a hurry to capture my son?"

Chen Yan stammered for a long time, then finally choked out a sentence: "Alright, since you guys don't believe me, then let's go to the Alchemy Hall to take a look, but I'll be frank. If you guys can't find anything, I will break his leg, then kick him out of Chen Family."

Chen Chu's eyes were filled with killing intent. Originally, he did not want to openly offend him. Since Second Elder Chen Yan wanted to die, he would not be merciful. He must kill him.

Chen Tong looked at Chen Chu. From the beginning to the end, he had believed in his son. He understood that Chen Chu would never act rashly without absolute confidence.

At this moment, Chen Tong heard the Patriarch Two speaking so arrogantly, he immediately laughed: "Alright, since Patriarch Two is so confident, then let's go. If I find out something, you understand."

Without saying a word, Chen Chu followed closely behind. The Second Elder's face twitched as he looked deeply at Chen Chu, and at the same time, he consoled in his heart, "That won't happen, how can a useless person understand pharmacology? He just happens to take advantage of this opportunity to kill this eyesore."

As long as he walked out of Chen Family gate, he, Chen Yan, had a hundred ways to kill this brat in front of him.

With an agitated and uneasy feeling in his heart, the Second Elder followed him.

Some busybodies followed closely behind, as dozens of people walked towards the Alchemy Hall in a grandiose manner.

On the other side of the Chen Family Clan, in a large courtyard, a dozen or so people were working busily, inside and out. Most of them were servants who were purchasing and transporting pill s.

On the other side of the wooden platform, there were a few white jade bottles. In the middle of them was a huge cauldron that was made of bronze. As the flames danced around it, pills gushed out from the mouth of the fire.

After placing a new batch of pills into the jade bottle, one of the pill refiners pulled the bell beside him. Following that, a servant walked in and brought a new batch of pill out.

Hearing the sound of that person's footsteps as he left, the four of them looked at each other, and then burst into laughter.

"Brother Zhang Guang, aren't we being a little too wicked by doing this?"

In the room, another voice jokingly scolded: "Come on, you're more aggressive than anyone else when it comes to playing tricks on people. You were the one who put it most when you added ingredients to the pill."

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