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C5 Defection

"Keep it down, now is not the time to relax. The higher-ups said that the plan will be carried out in the next few days. They want us to switch tomorrow's materials to the Ghost Leaf Flower and the Mysterious Grass."

The other three were shocked and said in unison, "I'll go, that would be eating a dead man."

"So sinister. I like it, hahaha."

Accompanied by a wave of obscenity. Laughter. The sound of a series of footsteps could be heard. The four of them immediately went silent. Then, all of them started to get busy, as if the conversation from earlier had never happened.

Patriarch Chen Tong walked in front, and the whole process was smooth and unhindered. At this moment, the pill refining room was pushed open and four alchemists walked out with their legs stretched.

When the person in the lead saw the clan leader, his expression immediately lit up. With a respectful look, he greeted the clan leader. The three people behind him followed suit, not a single one of them could tell that they were putting on an act.

At this time, the Second Elder walked over, and handed over a group of pill s that had just left the furnace, and then said earnestly: "Clan leader, look carefully, today you must return me my innocence. I have stayed in the Chen Family for dozens of years, and even if I don't have any merits, I will still have to put in a lot of effort."

Chen Tong turned a deaf ear to Patriarch Two's complaints. He picked up the jade bottle on the side and a plump pill sneaked out.

The size of the pill's thumb was blood-red, it was called the Blood Replenishing Powder, and was at the level 2 low rank. It could replenish the blood and increase the speed of scabs, and it had a good sales volume. Chen Tong put the pill under his nose and took a whiff, and the smell of medicine entered his lungs, refreshing him.

The others who saw the look on their Patriarch's face couldn't help but laugh. Only an expert would be able to analyze the composition of the pill.

The patriarch frowned and placed the pill back into the bottle. He then pushed open the door of the pill cultivating room and started to inspect the herbs.

A few of the alchemists looked at the chief with a relaxed expression. As expected, a few minutes later, the chief's expression became even more serious.

The Patriarch was also quite alert and had actually suspected this place. It was a pity that this profession wasn't something that ordinary people could get their hands on. It was estimated that within a few days, this Chen Family leader would be replaced.

The leader of the alchemists sighed. Just as he was about to ask the chief, he saw a youth in the crowd staring at him coldly. That gaze made him feel uncomfortable, as if his entire body had been seen through.

The second elder's face lit up in delight as he pretended to care, "Patriarch, you don't know what kind of person I am. We are brothers of the elder patriarch, please don't let us be separated from each other."

The Second Elder emphasized the word "outsiders". His meaning was obvious. Just as he was about to give the order to chase Chen Chu out of the house, the young man quickly walked over.

"Old dog, you really won't shed tears until you see the coffin."

Chen Chu quickly walked up and picked up a Blood Replenishing Powder. He could tell at a glance that this was a trick used to trick ordinary people, but it was nothing in front of an alchemist.

Holding the pill in his left hand, he used his right hand's fingernail to lightly scratch the surface of the pill. The fragile skin quickly split apart and a puddle of red liquid flowed out.

Everyone felt their heartache when they looked at it. This second grade pill required more than forty minutes to refine. A dozen different types of herbs would cost more than a hundred gold coins. A pill that was priced at 300 gold coins was destroyed just like that.

Chen Chu's eyes did not even blink as his right hand gently separated the two sides of the skin. He caught the two fingers and gently turned them over, causing the solution to flow out with Chen Chu's action. Finally, a drop of milky white muddy liquid fell down and floated on the surface of the red liquid.

Although everyone did not know much about pill s, they knew a little about this kind of strange phenomenon. It was all because of their admiration for the alchemist profession.

Chen Chu put the white droplet of liquid on his index finger and said coldly, "There are very few herbs that can extract the white liquid. You'll know after checking for a bit."

The crowd was in an uproar, but a young man still raised his doubts, "Although most of the medicinal herbs that can be refined into white liquid are poisonous, they can still have a neutralizing effect. Furthermore, there is also a type of Bone Continuing Grass. This isn't really evidence."

When Chen Chu heard this question, he lamented the ignorance of these people in his heart, but he still patiently explained it to them.

"Those pill that require the neutralization effect are all at least Rank 4, and this Blood Replenishing Powder is only an Inferior Grade pill. As for how to differentiate between the two, it is very simple, whoever can taste it first will know."

Chen Chu raised the medicine and retorted loudly. One of them came to try after seeing this. Chen Chu was relieved when he saw who it was. He could believe his Sixth Uncle.

The four alchemists looked at Chen Chu with a pale face. They never thought that this young man had such vast knowledge about pill. They had originally wanted to run away and hide, but the Genuine Qi warriors in front of them were eyeing them covetously.

If he mixed the diarrhoea medicine into the pill, it would take at least six hours to achieve the desired effect. However, if he were to simply consume the Icy Vine Elixir, it would only take at least three minutes to have an effect.

Being stared at by the burning gazes of the crowd, the four people's faces turned pale and their legs trembled uncontrollably. This flawless plan would only wait for another day before it was a perfect plan. Unfortunately, the heavens' will was messing with them.

Soon, Sixth Uncle Chen Hong's facial features twisted in pain from the diarrhea. Patriarch Chen Tong looked at the Second Elder with a sharp gaze and the Genuine Qi in his body surged out. His cultivation at the sixth level of the Genuine Qi realm pressured the crowd to the point where their breaths quickened.

The Second Elder could not help but curse in his heart when he saw the situation unfolding before him. He then quickly retreated towards the other exit of the Alchemy Hall.

Chen Tong had already made up his mind to keep Chen Yan. With a wave of his right hand, a long blade appeared. The handle was as sharp as a sword, and it was actually a ring blade made from Genuine Qi.

"Where do you think you're going!"

A loud shout came. Chen Yan saw Chen Tong's murderous intent and felt his temples throbbing. In order to protect himself and quickly use martial skills to escape, he, Chen Yan, was only at the fourth level of the Genuine Qi Realm.

Genuine Qi s started to spew out from their sleeves one after another, condensing into a shadow in the air. In mid air, a giant wolf head appeared, roaring as it attacked.

Chen Tong did not slow down at all. The Genuine Qi s covered the blade, and collided with the illusory wolf head. The illusory wolf head transformed from the illusory wolf head, and the two types of energy were eroded and dispersed by the illusory blade.

The shadow of the blade was extremely thick and did not seem to be slowing down at all as it rushed towards the Second Elder's back at an extremely fast speed. The Second Elder sensed the sound of wind breaking behind him and his pupils suddenly contracted.

Bang! The second clan elder endured the pain and shattered the roof, the Genuine Qi s moved with a cloud under his feet, quickly rising in height, he was using one of the profound arts, the high level Yellow Rank martial skill, Cloud-Stepping Steps.

"Chen Tong, I have remembered today's grudge. When your Chen Family is destroyed, it will be the day of my revenge."

The loud roar echoed throughout the Alchemy Hall along with the Genuine Qi. Everyone was silent. Chen Tong's expression was ugly, but he did not erupt in anger. He merely instructed the four alchemists beside him to tie up the four of them.

"Come over tonight."

Before leaving, Chen Tong quietly said something to Chen Chu before bringing everyone away. Chen Chu nodded helplessly. The strength he displayed today was too unexpected. He didn't know how to deal with his father's interrogation tonight.

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