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C6 Alchemy Waves

In the afternoon, Chen Chu, who wholeheartedly wanted to share his father's worries, prepared to go out and investigate the trading market that was affiliated with Chen Family. Xiaowan followed beside him, using the excuse of leading the way.

After passing through the Chen Family gate that they had not seen in three years, the two of them walked around the streets.

Wangbei Town was a small city with a flourishing economy. On the streets, there were hawkers and shops, and the two of them quickly arrived at the market which was affiliated to Chen Family. Chen Chu was very famous three years ago, and when they were walking on the streets, they saw many people looking at him differently.

At the intersection of the street stood two martial practitioners in black armor with the word "Chen Family" engraved on their chests. The two martial practitioners first exclaimed in shock before quickly reacting …

He respectfully greeted the young master.

Chen Chu and Chen Chu greeted him with a nod. Then, they merged into the large crowd of people and started walking around.

Chen Chu's ears were filled with the sound of hawkers, so he was not against this sound. At this moment, he stopped in front of a middle-aged man with a stall.

Compared to other shops that sold jewelry materials, the middle-aged man in front of him was selling a much more horrifying thing. The front palms of the Vajra Tiger, the hide of a dark scale cat, and even the head of an unknown Strange Beast.

Most of the Strange Beast's body were used to forge armor or weapons, and only a small number of them could be used to refine pills. Chen Chu didn't have any plans in this area yet, so after a while, he left.

Not long later, Chen Chu arrived at a large medicine store in the marketplace. At this moment, there were quite a few people squeezed outside the door. They were all mercenaries and escorts who licked their lips and licked their blood.

After all, most of the pill were used to treat external injuries, and the mercenaries were all talking about asking the shop owner to repay them with money, saying that this medicine had side effects.

A middle-aged man who was struggling to cope with the besieging beasts was sweating profusely.

Chen Chu frowned. Seeing how the mercenaries were clamoring to smash the shop, a few scheming people rushed in with stones in their hands.

"Everyone stop."

Chen Chu's shout attracted most of the attention. At this time, those people started to size him up with a suspicious look, and suddenly, a voice sounded from the crowd: "Don't think that just because you're the young master of Chen Family can be so unreasonable.

These words exploded in the crowd, and a majority of them slowly surrounded Chen Chu as if they had a debt of grievance. Seeing that the situation was not right, a few Chen Family warriors who were patrolling the street quickly rushed over.

"Everyone, I understand your feelings. In order to express my apologies, I, on behalf of the Chen Family, announce that tomorrow afternoon, you all can bring these pill here to exchange for our new Chen Family s for free."

As soon as he finished his sentence, those noisy voices abruptly stopped. Originally, they only wanted that compensation, but they never expected that such a good thing would happen. Everyone was afraid that Chen Chu would go back on his words, so they immediately shouted:

"Alright, since Chen Family Young Lord has spoken, everyone can hear clearly. This time, my Shuang Feng Mercenary Group will give you face, but if you don't have a pill that can satisfy me tomorrow, don't blame us for being impolite."

After confirming the authenticity of the matter over and over again, they left excitedly. The patrolling people who came to rescue them were also stunned, the owner of the shop looked at everything that was happening, and his heart immediately turned cold. The production of the pill s in the Chen Family had started to decline, and the young master's kind plan to delay the war had actually increased the speed of the destruction of the market, hence he closed the shop to inform the patriarch.

After an hour, Chen Chu had a rough understanding of the pill s sold in the market. Along the way, he asked a few mercenaries about their stalls, but those people only answered with a chatting mindset. They never thought that the Chen Family would produce a new pill.

Currently, the pill s with the best sales in the affiliated Chen Family are respectively first grade pill s, Rejuvenating Powder. The effect is only to supplement a few Genuine Qi, the price is 120 gold coins.

The Origin Returning Pill, a second ranked pill, could heal light internal injuries and replenish the Genuine Qi.

Blood Replenishing Powder, a second grade lower graded pill. It has the ability to repair external injuries and is beneficial to the body's deficiency.

Refining a pill was an extremely complicated process, it required a detailed recipe, a large amount of raw materials, and strong enough alchemist. A high quality medicine recipe once appeared at the Wangbei Town Auction House, and its price was even auctioned for fifty thousand gold coins.

At dusk, Chen Chu returned to the familiar yard and sat cross-legged to cultivate.

Perceiving the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth from the surroundings, removing the impurities and sending them into his body to form the true essence, then flowing it into his Qi Sea … this was a relatively long process, one day at a time.

Circulating the Body Refinement Art, Chen Chu's absorption of the surrounding spiritual energy instantly increased by several times. Wherever the true energy went, his limbs and bones became tougher and tougher.

After an hour and a half, Chen Chu slowly opened his eyes, his Qi Sea was already filled with True Essence, and increasing his strength was an opportunity, but the experienced Chen Chu had already sensed some clues, and might not even need half a month to reach the fourth level of the Qi Refinement Stage.

The journey of cultivation was long and lonely, and he still had a long way to go before he reached the War God.

Crossing the street, Chen Chu came to the yard where his father lived. When Chen Chu looked through the window, he saw two people in the room who were projected by the fire candle.

"Patriarch Chen, in your opinion, how should we deal with tomorrow's matter?"

Chen Chu could feel his father's heavy mood at this moment. Second Elder had betrayed him, and the sudden change in the city square had almost crushed this man who was not even forty years old.

"Uncle Fu, this matter can't be blamed on anyone, don't tell Little Chu, just take out all the stocks and gift them to them, after all with this incident, these pill will not be sold, furthermore there is the Jin family that is eyeing them covetously."

Looking at his slightly dispirited figure under the fire candle, Chen Chu could not help but tightly clench his fists. Just based on his feelings alone, he definitely could not let Chen Family fall.

Thinking about this, Chen Chu pushed open the wooden door, and said with a serious expression to the two people who were stunned: "I will refine tomorrow's pill."

"Stop messing around...!"

Chen Chu couldn't wait for his father to refuse and immediately told him that he knew how to concoct pills. These were all excuses that he came up with.

It was only when he was about to break his lips that his father and Elder Chen reluctantly believed him.

Chen Chu met an alchemist when he was cultivating outside the clan. He got to know him through some small matters. Back then, that alchemist had only taught him some knowledge. Plus, he had been paralyzed for a few years and had studied a lot of alchemy books.

Although the story had some flaws, it was still more than enough to fool his father and the Third Elder.

In order to not hurt Chen Chu's enthusiasm for refining pills, the two of them had no choice but to let him try. At the same time, a trace of hope ignited in their hearts.

After a while, only Chen Tong was left standing by the window.

Watching the leaving figure of the youth, Chen Tong clenched his fists excitedly: "Xinlan, the child is trying his best. I believe that our family's reunion won't last for long."

As his thoughts churned, the lonely moon outside the window covered Chen Tong's weathered face with a layer of silver frost.

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