The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C7 Grade Two Alchemist
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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C7 Grade Two Alchemist
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C7 Grade Two Alchemist

In the morning, the warm light shone through the small window.

Chen Chu was sitting cross-legged on his bed as he circulated the Body Refinement Method to greedily absorb the surrounding spirit energy. Strands of Genuine Qi flowed along the meridians all over his body like a winding stream, and finally entered the Qi Sea in his Dantian. The originally slowly rotating Qi Sea became increasingly bright after being replenished time and time again, and it was already close to the edge of breaking through.

At the moment, Chen Chu's true strength was only at the third level of Qi Refinement Stage. Even with his rich combat experience and knowledge, he was unable to make up for the huge gap in strength between him and Zhao Qianli.

The highest cultivation method in Chen Family was the Intense Yang Method which was considered to be of the eighth level of Yellow Rank, and the martial skill was the highest level of the Howling Wind Slash. These were all things that the clan members knew, so if Chen Chu displayed it in front of others, he would probably be interrogated by his father.

Just when Chen Chu was thinking about how he should ask for a martial skill from his father, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

"Young master, the ingredients have been purchased according to your instructions, you can start concocting pills at any time."

Chen Chu slowly opened his eyes and stretched lazily. He put on some clothes and then left with the old butler.

Along the way, Chen Chu chatted with the old housekeeper about some trivial matters related to Chen Family. After hearing that the Third Elder had hired a Rank 2 alchemist from the Ye Family, his little face couldn't help but reveal a trace of helplessness.

"Third Elder did not do it on purpose. Young Master, please don't be angry."

Chen Chu glanced at the group of children passing by and sighed. "What the steward said. I am quite familiar with the Third Elder's style of doing things safely."

"Right, I wonder what day it is. These children are all preparing to go there."

The old butler turned around and glanced at the youths, as if he had suddenly recalled something. He chuckled and said, "Young Master might have forgotten, the day of Heavenly South Academy's recruitment is in two months, and this is a rare opportunity that occurs once every two years. Those children have all gone out to cultivate, hoping to raise their strength a bit more before they recruit students."

Thinking of Heavenly South Academy, Chen Chu recalled some unpleasant memories, and immediately nodded without uttering a single word.

At the other side of the Alchemy Hall, Third Elder Chen Fu was welcoming a green-robed alchemist off the carriage with a smile. The youth looked to be about twenty-five or twenty-six years old.

In Miracle World, the status of an alchemist was especially respected. This was because of the harsh conditions to become an alchemist and the rate at which the cultivation process consumed money.

It was not difficult for a large family to nurture a warrior with Foetal Stage, but a family with a fourth tier alchemist was extremely rare. This was because the effect of the increase in strength and efficacy brought by the pill, had caused this profession to be extremely noble and deformed.

"Elder Chen, it's been a long time since we last met. You still haven't lost any of your prestige."

"No need for that. We are already old. The future of Wanbei City belongs to a young genius like Lord Ye."

After exchanging a few pleasantries, they both walked into the Alchemy Hall.

"I wonder why elder has invited me?"

Ye Wenhui asked with a warm smile.

Third Elder's face stiffened, he was a little disgruntled in his heart. The entire Wanbei City knew about what happened yesterday, wasn't he asking for it just because he knew?

"Eh …. My Chen Family had a little problem yesterday. There is a problem with the refining of the pill right now, so I have come to ask for your help. After this is over, we will send you a reward. "

When Ye Wenhui heard this, he pretended to be enlightened, and sneered in his heart, this Chen Family had already fallen to the point where there were no alchemists in the clan, and could only last for a few days at most. Initially, he had hoped that he could cooperate with his clan and control the Jin Clan, but now, it seems that he had agreed with Patriarch Ye's words, so he might as well take advantage of this opportunity to snatch this cake from him.

His Ye Family's strength was not weaker than the Jin Family. However, if he gave away such a large piece of fat, the Jin Family's position in the Wanbei City would be threatened.

"Sure, sure. Our Chen Family and the Ye Family are originally brothers. It's just some small matters, so it's only a matter of time."

Looking at Ye Wenhui's harmless looking appearance, the Third Elder with sharp eyes immediately understood the hidden meaning in his words. All these years, the Ye Family had always been neutral with their Wanbei City, the three families had a triangular position with their Chen Family. In the past, the Chen Family and the Ye Family did not have much interaction, so where did the brothers come from?

There must be something strange going on. The third elder was shocked and tried to explain, "We will be supplying the ingredients while Lord Ye is in charge of concocting the Blood Replenishing Powder and the Soul Returning Pill. After the Chen Family is over, he will be willing to pay us twenty thousand gold coins. What do you think?"

Ye Wenhui was silent for a moment, then laughed with his hands behind his back: "Third Elder, you are bold. If you really don't want to shout, then you are going to amaze the world with one shot."

The cost of these three hundred Energy Cultivation Pills and Qi boosting powder are already quite high, even with a 100% Core Formation rate, it would still require more than eighty thousand gold coins, furthermore, the current success rate of refining a second stage pill is not even sixty percent, if you were to give me twenty thousand gold coins as compensation, then your Chen Family would have worked hard for nothing.

With a gloomy expression, the Third Elder could only smile apologetically: "The loss of reputation in my Chen Family is severe, so right now, I can only rely on this method."

Looking at the Third Elder's aged face, Ye Wenhui laughed to himself. The Chen Family Manager was already old, so there was nothing to worry about.

Since they want to rely on this method to turn the tide, then don't blame my Ye Family for being vicious, even if we don't interfere, his Chen Family will not recover much of his profits. On the other hand, my Ye Family, as long as we lower the price of the pill by 20 gold coins, we will lose everything.

When the time comes, Chen Family will face so many debts that they will not even have to sell off the market land. At that time, Chen Family will completely degenerate into a small family, and we'll pretend to accept their mercenary group. As long as Chen Tong dies, Chen Family will be considered to be finished.

"With how passionate the Third Elder is, it would seem like we are being unreasonable. Our Ye Family will do our best to help you out this time."

The Third Elder nodded his head gravely: "Our Chen Family will remember this favor."

Even though they didn't want to argue with the young man in front of them, they had a request. Thus, they gestured and the two of them walked into the Alchemy Hall.

Not long after, Chen Chu and the old butler arrived. When he walked into the room, he saw a strange face.

Ye Wenhui had a habit of not being disturbed while concocting pills. At the moment Chen Chu opened the door, his attention was diverted and he did not control the temperature of the furnace. At this moment, a half refined Jade Bone Vine in the flame was instantly burnt.

Ye Wenhui frowned as he sized up Chen Chu in front of him. When he realized that Chen Chu did not even have a drug refining robe, he immediately became furious, "The Pill Refining Room is a room that random people like you can enter, get out of here!"

Heh, Chen Chu became angry the moment he heard that, and his tone became ice-cold: "A mere second rank alchemist is so arrogant, I give you three breaths of time to get out of my Chen Family!"

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