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C8 Clathrin

Ye Wenhui was usually pampered, and even the Ye Family Patriarch was usually very humble towards him. Now that he was scolded by Hair-raising Boy, his face immediately flushed red and he quickly activated the Genuine Qi in his body and was about to hit him with his palm.

Alchemy was a profession which consumed Genuine Qi and patience. A second tier alchemist was at least at the first level of the Genuine Qi Realm. The current Chen Chu was Ye Wenhui's opponent.

Just as Chen Chu was hesitating whether to use the Finger of Perfection, a Genuine Qi shot out from behind him and collided with Ye Wenhui's palm. With a bang, Ye Wenhui's face changed abruptly and he was pushed back a few steps by the strong Genuine Qi.

A grey figure flashed over. It was the third elder who had just returned. When he saw Ye Wenhui looking at him with unfriendly eyes, he walked up to him and asked with concern, "Oh, I'm sorry, Lord Ye. It's a misunderstanding. Are you alright?"

Looking at the Third Elder's serious face, Ye Wenhui didn't have a good time to react. For the big picture, he could only give Chen Chu a fierce glare before walking back into the alchemy room.

Just as Ye Wenhui walked into the Apothecary Guild, a cold voice sounded.

"Didn't you hear me tell you to scram?"

That person's body suddenly trembled, as if he was trying very hard to control his emotions.

With Chen Chu's experience and boldness, he naturally saw through Ye Wenhui's evil intentions. In order to anger him, Chen Chu directly opened his map cannon: "Hey, scram. Don't tell me your Ye Family is all shameless?"

Even Patriarch Chen Tong did not dare to insult a second tier alchemist like that, not to mention that right now was the time when Chen Family was something that they needed. Originally, they did not have any good feelings towards Young Lord who had been paralyzed for three years.

The Third Elder's entire body shivered in anger from Chen Chu's words. He could completely predict how much of a negative impact these words would have on his Chen Family. His old face was completely red from holding back.

"Good, very good!"

Ye Wenhui had never suffered such humiliation since he was young. The young man in front of him even scolded his Ye Family. If it wasn't for the fact that he was weaker than the Third Elder, he would have torn Chen Chu into pieces.

"Chen Fu, your Chen Family has been blessed. Just you wait, I will make your Chen Family Elders and Young Masters pay a painful price for these words."

The way Ye Wenhui gritted his teeth made Chen Chu happy. After watching him leave, Chen Chu even said 'see him out'.

Ye Wenhui clenched his fist so hard that it almost bled. The killing intent in his eyes didn't show at all.

"Uncle Chen, you actually have some confidence in me. That man almost wrote the words' he plotted 'on my face. Can't you tell?"

Chen Fu looked at Chen Chu's indifferent expression and shook his head. After a long while, he could only let out a long sigh: "Things are already like this, it doesn't change anything anymore. Now we can only rely on you, young master, to create miracles."

Chen Chu walked up to the wooden table with the jade bottle on the side and poured a dark red pill into his hands. He then said with disdain: "With this kind of refining method, it would be a waste for him to use these herbs."

The pill that Ye Wenhui refined followed the rules, but his control over the fire only remained at a superficial level. He also failed to control many of the details, so this kind of pill refining ability could only be called the entry level.

The Third Elder followed Chen Chu into the Pill Refining Room and sat down in a corner.

Chen Chu looked at Uncle Chen's suspicious eyes and could not help but smile bitterly in his heart. Uncle Chen's way of doing things was too old-fashioned. He had not seen it for himself, so it was hard to convince him.

Chen Chu no longer let his imagination run wild as he slowly walked towards the tall copper cauldron. According to the name of Chen Chu, he had seen a lot of excellent quality copper cauldrons, so of course, the scrap iron in front of him didn't enter his eyes. However, Chen Chu's alchemy skills were very experienced, so he quickly familiarized himself with this copper cauldron.

"One for screen grass, one for earth sunflower, and one for dragon and seabuckthorn."

Pressing both of his hands against the fire outlet, Chen Chu instantly entered the refining state and a few common herbs came out.

The Third Elder, who was sitting on the side, was stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly searched through the wooden basket on the side and handed it to Chen Chu.

After throwing the three fresh herbs into the copper furnace, Chen Chu closed his eyes and a wave of Essence Strength spread out from his sea of consciousness and quickly rushed into the furnace.

"Give it to the fire."

Without saying a word, the third elder quickly pulled out the fire shield beneath the copper cauldron, and raging flames began to spread inside the cauldron.

Under the high temperature, the branches and leaves of the three medicinal herbs quickly withered. Droplets of yellow turbid medicinal liquid were refined, and the rest of the dregs fell through the mouth of the dregs.

The thumb-sized liquid medicine churned in the flame and the impurities were quickly removed. Chen Chu once again ordered the Third Elder to capture the medicinal materials and the two of them worked extremely well together.

Looking at the young man who threw all the herbs into the copper cauldron, Chen Fu was shocked speechless. Because he was in charge of selling the pill, he could often see the pill refining scenes of the alchemists.

"Heaven will not destroy my Chen Family."

His old eyes were moist, and the Third Elder was extremely agitated.

Yesterday, Chen Chu had observed the marketplace for a period of time and decided to refine a brand-new pill. Although his strength wasn't high, his mind recorded the refining method of more than ten thousand pill.

Currently, the majority of the pill that the three great families were selling in the market were healing pill, and their effects were already sufficient for those mercenaries to use. Although he knew that there were still many level two pill that were even more effective, but in the face of the market which was already saturated with healing pill, they were unable to achieve a stunning effect.

Furthermore, with his current strength, refining a third stage pill was too difficult.

On the other hand, there were very few Amplification type pill, and the prices of those hundred or so gold coins worth of first grade pill had already risen to the price of a second grade pill, such a popular pill could create a huge profit for the Jin family, and in the past two years, they had been treated as a monopoly by the Jin family.

"It's just a mere first rank pill. I'll let you all experience the charm of a first rank pill."

Chen Chu had already found the appropriate pill s, and the refining speed became a little faster. Clusters of medicinal herbs flew into the cauldron, and were arranged clearly by Chen Chu's abnormal controlling ability.

The Armored Binding Liquid was a superior second-grade medicine. Within a short period of time, a layer of horn formed on the skin of the person who consumed it. Its defensive power was higher than that of the armor.

The price of a normal second tier pill would be around 500 gold coins and the cost of the Armor Binding Liquid was around 200 gold coins. Using this type of product to open up a market would only take half a month to completely destroy the Jin family.

At that time, our Chen Family will have a grudge or revenge to settle. A flash of killing intent appeared in Chen Chu's expression, which quickly disappeared.

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