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The Supreme God of Martial Arts/C9 Fanaticism on the Market
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C9 Fanaticism on the Market

The Pill Refining Room was extremely quiet, and the temperature within the room started to rise slowly. The Third Elder did not even blink as he stared at the large mass of slowly tumbling pill spirit liquid within the medicinal cauldron.

He, Chen Fu, had never heard of Chen Chu refining ten batches at once. Even though he tried his best to conceal it, the strong shock in his eyes betrayed him. According to his knowledge, an alchemist who could skillfully refine several pill at once was at least one tier higher than the pill that he had been refining.

The pill in front of Chen Chu required a dozen different types of herbs. The process was very complicated and was at least of the second tier. Every time he thought that the young man in front of him was a third tier alchemist, his legs would involuntarily tremble.

Chen Chu suddenly opened his eyes, and the Essence Strength swept out from the cauldron like a raging wave. At the same time, the spirit liquid within the cauldron quickly divided into ten parts and shot out. The third elder was quick to react, and quickly put the spirit liquid into the bottle with the ten jade bottles, carefully storing the spirit liquid inside, and only then did he grumble: "It's best to take out this kind of precious thing from the mouth of the medicine next time, it's better to be careful."

After Chen Chu had finished refining the first batch, he became much more proficient in the copper cauldron. He smiled mysteriously: "pill s that are taken out from the mouth of the medicine have no souls."

The Third Elder laughed involuntarily. His gaze that looked like Chen Chu also became a lot gentler.

For his Chen Family to produce such a talented alchemist, that Ye Wenhui was nothing.

Even with Chen Chu's abnormal refining methods, he was still able to refine 100 bottles of medicine in the morning and continued all the way until 2pm.

When the appointed time with the mercenaries came yesterday, Chen Chu let out a long breath and rubbed his sore shoulder. Previously, he did not show any signs of fatigue even after seven days and seven nights in the deep mountains.

Seeing that Chen Chu had stopped, the Third Elder laughed: "Young master you must have had a hard time. Leave the rest to me, I will definitely sell these pill s for the greatest value."

Third Elder's methods were without a doubt. However, Chen Chu still smiled and said, "Let's go together, Uncle Chen. I want to personally see my own achievements."

The Third Elder no longer refused and arranged for a horse carriage to fly towards the city square.

At two-thirty in the afternoon, the marketplace for supplementary Chen Family was abnormally bustling with activity. Many mercenaries who were in charge of purchasing medicine had long since surrounded the medicine shop to the point that not even a drop of water could trickle through. There were even some martial practitioners who were specifically there to watch the show.

"I heard that there's a new drug for sale in Chen Family today, why hasn't it started to sell yet? Dammit, could it be that they were deceiving us?"

"Come on, you guys also believe what that young man said. In my opinion, it's just a strategy to slow Chen Family."

"If you don't give me an explanation now, I'm going to smash his store. I've been eating their Origin Returning Pill for two to three days."

Everyone was talking at once, and the atmosphere was reaching a climax bit by bit. The medicine store owner was hiding in a corner, not daring to come out for a long time.

After a few minutes, someone from the crowd shouted, "Chen Family has arrived!"

Everyone turned their heads and saw a familiar youth quickly walking over from the midst of a group of Chen Family practitioners' guards.

Everyone made a path for Chen Chu and the third elder on the medicine counter. Chen Chu and the third elder walked up to the medicine counter, looked down at the mercenaries who were waiting for the result, and opened a delicate wooden box beside them.

A hundred small jade bottles lined up in a neat row, and a strong medicinal fragrance wafted out in all directions, causing the eyes of the mercenaries below the stage to light up.

Beneath the stage, the third elder unhurriedly picked up a jade bottle and introduced it to the burning gazes below.

"The new pill produced by the Chen Family is called the Armor Binding Liquid, which is one of the highest quality second grade pill. It can condense a layer of keratin on the surface of the body and greatly increases the defense.

After a short period of silence, one of the people below the stage suddenly shouted: "F * ck, your Chen Family is trying to trick us again, all day long you make up some random medicine and sell it for five hundred gold coins. Only an idiot would buy it, this daddy is not going to be fooled."

That person cursed and then walked out. The people around him also squeezed out as if they had discussed this beforehand. Seeing this, the other people became anxious, each of them picked up a dancing stick and rushed towards the stage.

Chen Chu walked in front of the wooden box and took out a bottle of medicine. Then, he shouted angrily: "You don't believe me, right? Your elder will drink it for you to see!"

To deal with these mercenaries who lick their own blood, they could only use facts to prove it. Chen Chu raised his head and drank all of the Elixir in the bottle in one gulp.

Before the crowd could retort, Chen Chu's skin quickly turned into a layer of grey. Within a few breaths, it had spread all over his body and stopped only when it was close to his face.

Under the panic-stricken gazes from the audience, Chen Chu pulled out the blade of a Chen Family Protector beside him, and then slashed at his own chest. Puchi!

The Third Elder didn't have enough time to stop it. With a clang, the blade collided with the cuticle, causing a series of sparks to burst out. The broadsword, which weighed over 30 jins and was forged with black iron, vibrated intensely, leaving only a white mark on the cuticle of Chen Chu's chest.

The mercenaries below the stage became completely silent. After witnessing this situation, they suddenly cursed. The shock Chen Chu brought to them was really too great. Only after seven or eight seconds did people react.

Although the blades that this Chen Family warrior was carrying could not be considered divine weapons, they were still at the average level of a majority of mercenary groups. If two mercenary groups fought each other, and some of the experts used this kind of pill, it would be a destructive blow to the opposing mercenary groups.

"Holy shit, give me five pills, from now on, laozi will not be afraid of the Blood Wolf mercenary group anymore!"

"Damn it, don't squeeze. I need two to deal with the damn Red Ring Poison Bees."

Suddenly, the mercenaries below the stage exploded like a frying pan. In order to get a better bottle of spirit liquid, Chen Chu didn't miss the opportunity to yell: "The Origin Returning Pills that can be produced with Chen Family are worth 250 gold coins, first offset, then sold!"

Those mercenary groups that had originally disliked the Origin Returning Pills began to breathe heavily. They held them tightly in their hands like treasures. In order to obtain the qualifications to purchase them, they even began to purchase the Origin Returning Pills that would cause diarrhea.

Very quickly, the 100 bottles of spirit liquid sold out in less than 20 minutes. The mercenaries who had bought them shouted excitedly, wishing that they could call on their friends to barge into the demon's nest right now.

As for those who had bad luck, Chen Chu repeatedly promised to leave reluctantly. At the same time, he swore to himself that he would come and squat here at dawn tomorrow.

Within the marketplace, a pair of eyes stared darkly at the dispersing crowd before quickly leaving to report to the authorities.

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