The Supreme One/C1 Secrets of Earth
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The Supreme One/C1 Secrets of Earth
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C1 Secrets of Earth

Splash! Splash!


A 74-year-old man opened his closed eyelid and took a deep breath.

He was sitting in the wooden chair and his body was wrapped by the ropes, only his hands were free. He looked around the surroundings and saw a group of people standing in front of him.

The old man gazed at the tall man who was standing in the middle of the group.

"What you want from me?" Raj stared at him and confusedly asked.

Raj never saw this man in his entire life, nor did he ever had enmity with anyone.

He was a kind and easy-going person who rarely committed evil in his whole life. Even in the school days, he always stays quiet to avoid problems.

Although he was the top student, not many students wanted to associate with him. Moreover, he was a valuable individual for the school bullies.

Raj remembers they kidnapped him from his office directly.

When he was working on his secret welfare project, they suddenly appeared nowhere from space.

"Old man, I will fulfill your life's curiosity and answer the questions you are searching for your entire life but in exchange, you have to hand over the locket you are wearing on your neck?" The tall man said.


"Yes, the locket which you found in the America deep secret Valley in your younger days."

Raj glanced at the locket which was always a kind of mystery for him.

Nonetheless, it is not equal to the answer, he has been searching for his entire life.

For some people, it may look childish, silly, or ridiculous but for him, the purpose of his life was just to find the answer to his question at any cost.

Now, he felt happy to be kidnapped by this group. Raj had already seen at his office that this group of people are capable enough to answer his questions.

Life? Nah! He never cares about it. On the other hand, it was his fantasy to see the afterlife.

One can say that death was the last option to know the answers to all his questions.

Raj again looked at the tall mysterious person and thought for a second.

'Maybe he is capable enough to resolve all my doubts. I have already seen that he can travel in space. So from this, it is clear that my long last doubt is clear "Real Magic exists in the earth". It can't be fake.'

"Are you able to clear all my doubts and answer my question?" Raj asked.

"Maybe not, but you don't have many options." The tall man Chuckled.

Raj stared at him for a second and then nodded his head.

"Does magic exist on earth?"


"From how many years?"

"From the birth of planet earth, you can say magic exists even before the earth."

"So, why not a single person on the earth knows about it? Even after searching for 45 years, I can't find a single solid proof."

"Really, haha!"

"Let me tell you, I think you have seen or noticed something which was secretly hidden by us. But due to the rules of the Great Magic Alliance, your memories are altered."

"Ohh! So my assumption was correct."

"What assumption?" The tall man asked.

"That's I had already found the answers to my questions but someone powerful one altered my memories," Raj replied

"Why did you think so?"

"I believe this is the only reason that no ordinary people know about the real earth."

After saying that Raj continued," Well, it is true that some extraordinary humans and other races live with us, ordinary humans? Like a vampire and werewolf."

"Vampire and Werewolf, are you living in fantasy stimulation? The werewolf has been long extinct from the earth since the age of colonization. In contrast to werewolf, some say vampires are on the line of extinction."

The tall man gazed at Raj and said," Any other question?"

Raj moved his head down and thought for a few seconds.

He had already asked the basic questions which he had been searching for a long time.

However, there are many mysteries he wanted to cover now. Many of his questions come from the myths and stories of different countries.

As an Indian American, Raj learned about the mystic saga of Indian culture as well as Christian theology. Moreover, he also knows about the different myths of different countries.

One of them was Greek and Norse Mythology.

People say in ancient Greek and Norse there were people who could control elements.

Some say they are immortals, some say they are the people who had high longevity.

What is truth no one knows, but on modern earth these stories just become fairy tales.

Raj internally thought," Is he able to tell me the reason why some mysterious event happens in some countries? How would I know without asking him?"

"Are events like 'dancing plague' which struck Strasbourg Alsace in 1518 and Miracle of the sun were real?"


"I am giving you a chance to ask any questions you want but you are asking this silly question. Well, ok I have to do my work."

The tall man motions his hands in a strange movement and when his hand stops in front of his chest, a white light shows up in Raj's vision.

Suddenly, his vision started circulating and a motion of pictures appeared around Raj.

It was like he was experiencing time travel. He saw parts where people wear ancient clothes.

The culture of Ancient Egypt!

Rome's army expanding territory!

Ancient Sculpture!

The tribe which ruled ancient America!

Finally, he saw the answers to his questions. It is weird, but he learned and discerns many ancient things which nowadays have become a myth.

While Raj was stunned after learning about many shocking incidents. The tall man laughed and inquired," Is anything else which you wanted to know?"

Raj takes a huge breath and relaxes his old body. He calms his intense mind and then closes his eyes for a second.

"My last question, who are you? Why did you want this locket and why couldn't you take it by yourself?"


"Someone has told the truth, curiosity kills a man."


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