The Supreme One/C2 Lord Wentian
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The Supreme One/C2 Lord Wentian
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C2 Lord Wentian

"Don't waste our time, old man. I have already told you what you search for your entire life. This is a meaningless question," The tall man fiercely said.

'As I expected!' Raj thought to himself.

Raj already has guessed that there must be a reason to not directly kill him and seize the locket which is hanging around his neck.

With their power, it was an easy task. Besides, no one cares about a lonely old man who was dangling on the verge of death.

On the contrary, It may bring happiness to his business partners and people who take a loan from him.

"As you said you will answer all my questions, it is your obligation to satisfy me. If not, you can kill me but I wouldn't personally hand over the locket to anyone," After telling a smile appears on Raj's face.

To become an upper-class business in this era. One had to be cunning in the business.


The tall man suddenly grabs an unusual gun from the space and points it into Raj's head.

"Hey old man, just peacefully hand over the locket, and we will let you go or your end would be miserable."

Raj merely smiles and grabs the gun which was 2 centimeters away from his head and then forcefully closes it to his head.

"My days are already over and now, I feel isolated. I miss them and want to unite with them. Maybe after death, I could once again see them."

Raj paused and then continued," Kill me! It is better to be killed by a gun rather than on the bed."

He said in a calm voice.

Unexpectedly, a laughing voice resonated across the area.

The pitch-black area lights up at the corner of the strange compartment. It brightened up the small area and there Raj saw a man smoking a brand new grade cigarette, manufactured by the DM group of associations.

Upon looking at him, Raj notices that he is much younger than these extraordinary thugs.

Compared to them, that man must be in his mid-twenties, while they all are in their thirties except for Raj.

"Raj Maurya… A-Rank student in the US new Howard University 54 years ago. An expert in the New AI system. It's been many years since we last met. Don't you think Goblin…Haha!"

He took a deep sip of cigarette and gazed at Raj. A faint smile appears on his smile.

Unexpectedly a strange expression manifested on Raj's face as his eyes met with the strange man.


Before Raj could continue, the Strange man interrupted him.

"...shhhh! Lord Wentian...have you forgotten about me, or has your age affected your memory, old goblin."

Raj took a deep breath, and his mind was in chaos. It was like he would be killed by a heart attack. He couldn't believe what was happening here.

Before, when he heard the word 'Goblin', Raj thought he must be someone who knew about his past.

Then he saw his face, Raj soon felt this man's face looked familiar to me. Raj guesses that maybe this young man is a grandson of University ruler, Kim Wentian, and he learned about his exact information from his grandfather.

When Raj was in the University, there was no one who didn't feared Kim Wentian. He was the monarch of the US New Howard University. Even the police were afraid of him.

However, When this young man addresses himself 'Lord Wentian' and glares at him with his soul-piercing eyes. He felt for a moment that he was Kim Wentian himself.

But how can this be possible? Kim Wentian was also of the same generation as Raj. Moreover, he was two years senior to Raj in the University.

Raj doesn't know how to reply to him. His mind was already in an uproar.

All of a sudden, a half-burnt cigarette collapses on the ground and instantly, a man appears in front of Raj's face.

"Goblin, you are old now… It is better to speak less and hand over the locket. You were my precious friend in those days. That is why I let you reach the peak of your life and now, I have fulfilled your last wish."

Kim Wantian suddenly moves his head and glances at the tall man.

"Didn't I, Mitchell?"

"Yes, have," Mitchell anxiously speaks.

"Good boy, but why did you tightly rope my friend and even point a gun at his head? Didn't you realize he is old and doing this may kill him…"


As Kim Wentian finished his sentence, a wave of air slash sliced Mitchell's neck.

"Respect old people, they are your elder."

After saying this, Kim Wentian glanced at the stunned face of Raj and said," Didn't they are, old goblin?

Raj broke out in a sweat when he thought about actually witnessing a killing in front of him.

He wiped the sweat from her brow with a shaking hand and blew out a cold breath.

Before Raj was confused by his identity but now, he was evident. This man was Kim Wentian, the lord of the US New Howard University.

Besides, Raj was his personal indirect slave.

He was the man Raj feared the most. At that time, many people pissed their pants when he glared at them.

There were also rumors that he killed many people secretly and even US police followed his orders

He was like a governor on his own. A governor who saw people as ants and playthings.

As Raj remembers the suffering in his University days due to him.

A Fear clutched at his heart with cold old fingers. As Raj looked up at his eyes, fear was flashing through him.

It is with a kind of fear that Raj begins to write the history of his University life.

This fear was something that he didn't even focus on the magical wave of wind which slices Mitchell into two.

Suddenly, Kim Wantian wiped out the sweat from Raj's forehand with his hands.

"Old goblin! What is this? Do you fear your old friend? I just helped you...Didn't I?"

Upon saying this, a creepy smile broke out on his complexion.


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