The Supreme One/C3 Shocking Truth
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The Supreme One/C3 Shocking Truth
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C3 Shocking Truth

Raj gulped down the saliva through his throat and flashed his eyes for a second.

'Why are you afraid, Raj? You are old now! What can he do to you? He is just your younger days' nightmare.'

Raj internally talked to himself. He tried to calm his mind with some excuse.

Raj took some heavy breaths and opened his eyelids.

"Are you Kim Went… Lord Wentian?" In the midway of his sentence, Raj quickly changed his words.

He recalls the demeanor of Kim Wentian if someone doesn't assign Lord to his name. Besides, no one dares to call his full name.

If someone saw the famous businessman of the US acting like a scared cat, they wouldn't believe their eyes.

However, barely anyone knew his condition at the University in Raj's younger days.

The torture he suffered and the anguish he saw in people when Kim Wentian tortured them to death is something Raj could never forget.

Perhaps someone would say he is a scared cat, but only if they have never met Kim Wentian in their life.

The aura he excluded wasn't something anyone could withstand.

"Yes, Goblin, I'm your Lord Wentian. I'm glad that your brain is still working at this age. You know Goblin, I miss those days...those interesting days!" Kim Wentian smirked.

This creepy smile in front of Raj's face could make anyone fear death.

Raj nodded his head.

Those interesting days! It was hell for him.

"Good boy, now give me my locket which I've been searching for years. I will reward you for your good work."

While talking, Kim Wentian keeps slightly hitting him on his forehead with his right-hand index finger.

It was Kim Wentian's way when he expected positive answers from anyone.

If he wished to peacefully die, then Raj's only option is to nod his head in agreement.

Besides, this locket is useless to him. Raj only wore it because it was the only thing that was with me from the start. It was merely a sentiment to him.

As Raj was about to remove the locket from his head, he saw something that shocked him to his core.


Raj stared at the Ring absently on Kim Wentian's index finger. When Wentian was continuously hitting Raj's forehead with his index finger.

This ring was exactly similar to the ring of his late father except there was a drop of blood on the exterior of the ring.

The ring was magnificent with a blue Cobra imprint on its surface. It omits an aura of a superior being.

'Father's cobra ring! If I remember correctly, Father said it was a unique ring that was passed to each generation by the previous generation of our family. Besides, when I searched for it after my father's car accident, it was missing. How come it is in Wentian's index finger.'

Raj's mind was in chaos, he was sure it was his family ring. Besides, Wentian never picks things from the roadside.

Raj gazed at the red eyes of Kim Wentian and anxiously asked," Lord Wentian, where did you find this ring, it looks amazing on you?"

He asked in such a way that Kim Wentian couldn't find anything unusual. Raj was just behaving like a curious businessman.

"Goblin, are you changing the topic?" Kim Wentian fiercely glared at him.

"No, no... Lord Wentian! I was just curious. It looks fabulous, I also wished to buy it after this," Raj worriedly replied.

"You wanted to buy it... Hahaha! Goblin, my friend, this is a unique piece that I seize from a stubborn person."

All of a sudden, Raj's heart was thumping rapidly. He gulped down the saliva and again asked.

"Stubborn person! Who dares to be bull-headed in front of you? Is he not afraid of death?" Raj awkwardly laughed.

Point to be noted, Raj says 'he', when addressing the unknown person.

If Kim Wentian casually replied to his question, then Raj would learn the gender of that person.

However, Raj saw an unusual reaction on Wentian's face for the first time, like he had recalled something terrible.

"Don't waste my time, quickly hand over the locket," Wentian furiously replied.

Raj thought for a second,' At Most I would be tortured and killed,'

Suddenly, Raj started to maniacally laugh," Hahaha! Is the famous Lord Wentian afraid of someone? He must be a tough man. I wish I could meet him someday."

Kim Venetian stood from the crouching position and glared at him for a second and then a cruel smile arose on his face.

"Meet him! Goblin, you know, How I brutally killed him? He begs for me to not kill his wife and daughter, but he dares to challenge me. So, I raped both of them in front of him. Poor man! Hahaha," After saying that, Kim Wentian licks his lips.

While Wentian was talking, tears were continuously falling from Raj's eyes. His heart was thumping rapidly due to the shock.

"Bastard! I will kill you."

All of a sudden, Raj stood up with the chair and tried to grab Wentian's throat with his old trembling hands, but was only able to grab his T-Shirt due to the chair which was binding his body.

"You killed my family, I will kill you, bastard!" While saying, tears were constantly falling from his eyes.


Kim Wentian violently slaps Raj on his old face.

Due to the power, Raj flew a meter with the chair and banged on the wall.


Blood splatter out from Raj's head and the chair breaks out into pieces.

Raj felt dizzy for a second before he heard a voice.

"So they were your family, haha! It was unexpected. Sorry goblin, but they tasted good. I hope you forgive your good friend." Kim Wentian smiled.

Kim Wentian never thought that they were Raj's family. Nevertheless, even if he had known, he wouldn't have changed his decision.

"Motherfu*ker, I will kill you…" Raj tries to talk but his face hurts like hell.

For 54 years, he thought that the killer of his family was killed by the government. That day, Raj even attempted to kill the killer with his own hands in court.

Nonetheless, that man was finally sentenced to death.

Now, Raj learns that the man was just a scapegoat. The real killer and rapist was fully enjoying his life outside.


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