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C4 Death

"Kill me? Goblin, did you forget your days at the University? I'm not someone who could be killed by an old man...Forget it! Give me my locket, I will let you off and also help your little business."

Kim Wentian adjusted his glamorous T-shirt and picked up a branded cigarette packet from the right pocket of his black trouser.


Wentian took a deep sip and intensely looked at the terrible face of his mouth.

Dark blood was continuously running from Raj's mouth.

"No. D28, give him a minor healing medicine, or he would die."

The injury on Raj's mouth was enough to kill him if no one stopped the bleeding.

The previous slap of Wentian crushed Raj's jaw.

Raj was still in chaos, he wanted to take revenge, but he wasn't capable of it.


'This locket!', Raj glanced at the locket which was hanging around his neck.

It doesn't look anything special except for the corners, where an ancient pattern is engraved.

When Raj found it on the ancient relics of America's deep secret Valley, he thought it was just an ancient item of the older civilization.

He never felt that the ring was anything special, only its aura was something ancient.

'This bastard yearned for this locket, but can't take it by himself... Hehe! Now, watch it.'

A bright smile arises on Raj's smashed face as he stares at Kim Wentian.

Raj tries to open his torn mouth and says some broken words in a low voice.

"You need the locket... Ok, take it,"

When Wentian hears his broken words, he feels something ominous.

After saying this, Raj instantly picked up a slab of wood that was lying beside him.

The pointy slab was part of a destroyed wooden chair.

"Not good…" Noticing Raj's action, Kim Wentian hastily leaps toward him.

However, he was late, Raj had fiercely stabbed the wooden slab in his neck.


A piercing sound resonated across the room.

Raj's last words before stabbing his neck were still lingering in Wentian's mind.

'Take it...from my dead body!'

Upon reaching him, Kim Wentian soon analyzed his condition.

Raj's blood pressure was gradually going down and his heart rate was getting faster but weaker and eventually slowing down. Fingers, earlobes, lips, and nails were gradually looking bluish or light gray.

"Quickly give him the highest grade healing medicine...Quickly!"

A sense of crisis overwhelmed his mind.

1000 years!

His family has been searching for it since ancient times, but now due to his error, everything is going to be wasted.

"Master, his life force has reached the lowest level. It is difficult to save him. Besides, his will to live…"


Before the person could finish his sentence, a beam of lights pierces his head.

"Do anything...Don't waste time by giving me an excuse. If he dies, no one will escape alive from here."

All of them gulped down the saliva and instantly started doing everything to keep Raj alive.

Now, their life is connected to Raj. If he dies, they die. If he survives, they will survive.

They are doing everything to keep him alive.

Nevertheless, Raj's body was already weak before he struck himself and now, it was nearly impossible to save him.

13 seconds later, a man hesitantly approaches Kim Wentian.

"Master, we were not able to save him, his condition was already severe, and when…"


In midway through the sentence, Kim Wentian grabs his throat and lifts him in the air.

"I said, he can't die!"

Suddenly, Kim Wentian smashed him into the wall.


"I said, he can't die!"


"I said, he can't die!"

Bang!!! Bang!!!!

Finally, the wall shattered into many pieces and the man's body was disfigured in such a way that his face couldn't be identified.

Kim Wentian quickly arrived in front of Raj's dead body after killing the person.

He notices the gradual disappearance of the locket from Raj's neck. He abruptly pulls it from Raj's neck.

Still, the locket was fading away into the air.

"Fu*k...fu*k you, motherfu*ker Goblin,"

The mysterious locket is activated due to Raj's death.



This was the first thought that came into Raj's mind when he saw endless darkness all around him.

"Where am I? Didn't I die? I clearly remember I had pierced my neck with a wood slab."

Abruptly, he saw a small light amid the darkness.

He tried to move his limbs, but the feeling of touch had something astray from what he was used to.

"What is going on?"

Raj again tried to move or open his eyes but the only thing he could feel was the feeling of being constricted, and the only thing he could see was darkness.

"Strange! I could feel I'm still alive. He must have used some strange superpower or magic," he sighed sadly.

"It seems like I can't even attain death."

Raj was devastated after learning the harsh truth.

He was once a slave of his family killer.

He regrets never standing in front of him. He regrets being selfish and cowardly. He regrets every moment.

"Mama and papa, I am an unfilial son. Sorry, little sister, I couldn't take your revenge... I wish I could change everything."

He wanted to change everything that happened in the past. He wanted to go back to the past and change himself.

All of a sudden, when he said the last sentence. The small light began sucking Raj into itself.

Like a vortex!




Raj felt a terrible pain in his head and cried in suffering.

"Double battery, Is someone fucked you from behind? Why are you crying like a bitch?"

Raj: '...'

A clear confusion appeared on Raj when he saw himself standing in front of the empty wall.

He looked behind and saw three people  laughing at him.

"Ali?" He recognized the boy who was in the middle.

"What? You wanted one more shot," Ali laughed.

"Brother Ali, it is enough, or he will again start crying," A boy on Ali's right side asserted.

"Yeah, brother Ali, besides the next class is of Richard sir. If we were late, he would kill us. Let's go, we will continue this at another time," the Other boy said.

Upon listening to their explanation, Ali threw away the plane stick and said," Go have fun, double battery. We will deal with you after school finishes."

After saying this, all of them quickly ran away.

They don't want to miss Richard Class, or they would have to run three rounds of the school.


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