The Supreme One/C5 Rebirth
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The Supreme One/C5 Rebirth
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C5 Rebirth

After a while, Raj slowly came back to his senses. He couldn't help being confused by the scene in front of him.

"Where am I? Was he Ali, High School bully?" Raj quietly asked himself.

The memory of old Raj was enhanced by the latest drug which cost him almost 1/5th of his company's annual profit.

So, it wasn't strange that he could remember the memories of his young days.

But memories are only memories, nothing more.

Raj looked at his body and was utterly shocked as he realized that his hands became smaller and his skin became a lot more tender.

They are far different from his old fragile hands.

Upon understanding his current situation. Raj clearly remembered that this was the year he attended his High school, California High School of Science and arts.

They were bullies who are famous for being rich. Their targets were always weak and poor students.

Unfortunately, Raj's fit both the criteria, poor as well as weak. So, he was constantly bullied by them, and this was the day they punished him because he wasn't able to stop the goal as their team goalkeeper and eventually lost the match along with 10,000$.

Additionally, to compensate them for his mistake, Raj's have to do their AI assignment for this year.

Because of them, Raj was unwilling to attend High school for quite some time.

"I am actually reborn?" Raj was deeply shocked. He remembered committing suicide. It seems his soul was reborn to the time when he was fifteen years old and was studying in grade 9, section 'C'.

Raj looked around at the surroundings and noticed that it was the famous isolated bullying corridor on the ground floor. Just close to the boy's toilet.

Raj was extremely excited to the point that he almost choked.

"I actually went back in time, is this real? Not a dream?" Raj asked himself as he severely pinched himself. The clear pain told him that this wasn't a dream. Suddenly he thought of something.

"The ancient locket. It must've been the ancient locket!"

Raj lowered his head and immediately searched for it, but could not find the Locket, which was always hanging around his neck.

Raj could not believe that his rebirth, this mysterious phenomenon that happened to him, was not related to the mysterious Ancient Locket!

He always believes it is an ordinary ancient item. Yet, after being kidnapped by Wentian men, he discovered it must have some strange power in it.

And now, by watching his current situation, Raj was confident it must be the work of that locket.

He clearly remembered that when he stabbed himself in his neck with the wooden slab, his blood had thoroughly fallen on the locket. It must have been the ancient locket that brought him back when he was only fifteen.

The sudden shock brought his mind into chaos.

Don't know what to do, Raj slowly crouches down on the clean floor by bending his knees.

It is better to calmly think about his current situation in a comfortable position.

Well, it was better than continuously standing.

'Although I was weak, my thirst for unknown knowledge allowed me to become an upper businessman in the business world.'

If it wasn't for the book, Raj wouldn't have been able to come back in time.

"That mysterious ancient locket, actually brought me back through time! But how is it able to do this?" Raj muttered to himself.

He was brought back before his parents, family and sister's death by Kim Wentian. Before he met Kim Wentian in University.

"Since I'm back, the heavens have given me another chance. I will not let them die!" Raj said under his breath, gritting his teeth. He firmly made his decision.

"I will take my revenge in this lifetime. Just you wait Lord Wentian, I will show you the power of a goblin." Raj declared.

He vaguely remembers that half a year had passed in High School after his admission and he should be fifteen years old. Raj laughs happily, 'I'm back, it feels nice! The young body is really energetic."

He vaguely remembers the state of California in the year 2221, Within the state, there are three Major families. The Ferran Family, the Stanley Sacred Family, and the Nkosi Ancient Family. They represented the supreme power of California, the pinnacle of any family. The Governor is usually chosen from one of these three families. After the three Major families were the seven top business families.

Due to the civilian war act at 2087, all the cities in the greater Los Angeles region were combined together to form a new city called New Los Angeles.

And the names of many other cities were adjusted and modified.

After 9 years of it, in the year 2096, new laws and rules were introduced to the entire United States of America.

All this happened after the alliance of the Stark Planet of the Milky Way galaxy with Earth.

Some say, due to the Stark Planet, the civilian war was carried out across the US, the most powerful country at that time.

The Raj family belonged to the group of migrants who settled in the US in the year 2190.

His grandfather came along with his father at that time from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Raj didn't know the exact reason for the migration, but it is related to the gradual increase of population in Indian.

India was in chaos at that time due to its huge population and the extreme new laws released by the new government.

Raj came back to reality and firmly stood.

"With my current background, wanting to change anything was simply impossible." He murmurs.

But, with a firmness that flashed across Raj's eyes, since he was reborn, is all this still an issue? Although his current family foundation is currently poor, with the vast knowledge from his previous life, increasing his status isn't impossible.


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