The Supreme One/C6 Digital Era
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The Supreme One/C6 Digital Era
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C6 Digital Era

Raj went out from the isolated corridor. He decided to take a look at his High School from which he once passed out.

As he walked on the corridor, Raj looked all around. He realized the wall and the structure of the building were quite familiar. He touched them and many emotions arose inside him.

He always misses his younger day when his body started to wither.

At that time, he realized he didn't have any good memories of his school and university days.

He was just a study worm who isolated himself from the outside world.

Every time he saw a meme or movie of school days, he always felt terrible.

"When people like me make notes on the first bench, the one on the last bench makes memories," Raj sighs.

The air was warm and disturbing.

On his way, he saw many people, but Raj didn't recognize any of them, nor did they pay attention to him.

He was the target of school bullies and their favorite person, so no one wants to associate with him.

He always had loads of schoolwork due to the famous tyrants of school. Even then, he didn't slack on his studies.

After a few minutes of walk, Raj arrives at his class door. On the way, he even asks some people about the location of Grade 9 section 'C' class.

A strange feeling overwhelmed upon reaching there.

He looked at the class and saw a person writing on the holographic board.

"William Sir?"

The dose of the memory drug was working quite well. Raj even remembers the surname of one of the teachers of his High school.

"Sir, may I come in?"

Everyone looked at the new source of sound and after a bit second, Teacher William glanced at the newcomer.

"Raj, didn't you know what time the class started? You're already 30 minutes late, and you dare to ask permission to enter class."

Raj lowers his head down, he doesn't know what to say in such a situation.

Upon noticing Raj's behavior, William quickly said," Forget is your first time, but I will not let you off another time, even if you are a 2nd topper of the class."

Raj quietly nodded his head and stepped inside the class.

On each desk, there was a holographic screen. Some students were operating it with their index fingers.

As it was the era of peak Tier 1 civilization, pages were banned, and in exchange for it, the Personal Digital holographic screen was replaced.

Students could get access to their accounts by face lock and fingerprint. Their account is unique to them, only teachers can get access to their account through the main holographic screen of the class. Still, they could view it and couldn't directly change anything without student permission.

Raj can only sit on the first bench as all the backbenches are occupied by backbenchers.

Afterward, he opened his digital holographic screen and scanned his face with his finger touching the digital mouse.


[Data found…]

[Raj Maurya, CSSA, Grade 9, Section 'C']

A blue transparent screen opened where he could see many options.

Abruptly a notification appears on his Screen.

[Digital Math Class is going on! Tap to Join the class.]

This notification was sent by Teacher William. It is known to everyone that without joining the class, you will not get the attendance of that particular class.

Raj moves the computerized arrow to the join button from the wireless mouse.

[Welcome to the class]

Raj looked at the outdated Digital holographic technology which would be replaced after 20 years in the future.

"There isn't even Alpha hacking security on the system," Raj murmurs to himself.

Raj adjusted himself in a comfortable position and thought about his plan.

To change the direction of the future, he must have to change himself first.

Kim Wentian isn't a small fry who could be easily overthrown.

Additionally, Kim Wentian was absolutely not an ordinary person. He is able to cast magic and regain his youth which is impossible for ordinary people.

At the age of 75 years, he looks almost like a person who was in his twenties.

The vision he saw with the help of Mitchell. Raj understands that Earth is not normal as it looks.

The real Earth is hiding from the public eyes and the position, he achieved in his previous life was merely a footing on the real world. He may be a great figure in public eyes, but he was nothing in front of those people.

He has merely 5 years to achieve absolute great power which could suppress Kim Wentian's actual underground force.

Even with his vast knowledge of the future, it seems it is an almost impossible task without great powers.

Indeed, Raj couldn't fight them with ordinary means.

Besides, Nothing is more frightening than the unknown.

He doesn't know which power is supporting Kim Wentian. Yet, He thought of killing Kim Wentian.

While Raj is deeply thinking about the current situation, a small object strikes behind his head.


Kritos looked behind and saw a group of people soundlessly laughing at him.

Upon watching them, Raj calmly moves his head forward and focuses it on the screen.

'Triple-A! They still look exactly like it in my memories.'

Triple-A was his class gang but they are good people. When he was at his peak in his previous life, they approached him for a job in his company.

They were commoners like him. However, for money, they work for the class boss which slightly affects their personalities.

After Earth technologies reach space and find another peak Tier1 civilization. Many laws of the Earth have altered, which result in the superiority of the powerful and wealthy people.

The government becomes a clone for the powerful peoples.

Even technologies rapidly reach another level. A single S- level Mecha could single-handedly annihilate a town.

And an unspoken law starts to divide the people into a hierarchical status.

Raj sighed, thinking about the peaceful era of 2000 where people could freely elect the government of their choice.


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