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The Supreme One/C7 Only Friend
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C7 Only Friend

Hierarchical status greatly changes the life of the ordinary people.

Wealthy children could easily get the Memory renovated drug which could vastly help them in their study, although this drug is still not concocted in the current timeline.

"Hierarchical status!" Thinking about the unspoken division between people, Raj sighed.

Nowadays, commoners wish to climb the ranks and reach the peak of Hierarchical status.

'In my previous life, I was no different from them,' Raj thought to himself.

Yet, his reason behind climbing the ranks was totally different from other people.

He wanted to explore the world and uncover the many mysteries of Earth, whereas most people wished to reach the peak of their lives and placed themselves among high-status people.


A digital bell sound resonated across the class and students began to stand up from their seats.

"Thank you, Sir."

Every student said in a unified voice.

Watching their respected behavior, a smile came on Teacher William's face.

"Tsk! You guys are so excited to go home. Well, the class is over, everyone can leave."

Today is half-day in every school due to the planetary alliance Day.

Students began to leave the class through the door.

Some were muttering about the latest released virtual reality game.

"Do you know all the virtual game companies of earth and stark planet combine to form the 'The Supreme Realm'?"

"Ah! So what? Could we join it? The first two months are for the exclusive members. We have to wait for almost two months."

Listening to their words, Raj sighed. This game would cripple future generations.

In the future, most people will be busy playing this game. Their life would almost end in real life.

Even in his company, all the employees play this game.

In his younger days, Raj also wished to try this so-called 'The Supreme Realm', but its price was enough to bankrupt his family.

In his peak, Raj was too old to waste his days on a game. At that time, he was focused on discovering the secrets of Earth.

Nevertheless, he invested some money in a guild in the 'The Supreme Realm'.

The Guild's name was Vague Commanders, a third-rated small Guild.

At that time, he was quite shocked to learn that the top-rated Guild earns enough money to buy 10 companies like his.

Moreover, from his secretary, he learned that there are some guilds which were above the first rated Guild.

What does this mean?

It means such guilds should also have high authority in the real world.

At that time, Raj regrets not playing 'The Supreme Realm. With high authority, he would have known the answer to some hidden mystery.

'Whatever, it is useless against Kim Wentian. In front of absolute strength, high authority is nothing.' He thought to himself.

Raj mainly focuses on this life is to save his family and take revenge for his past life.

The so-called 'The Supreme Realm' is useless against Kim Wentian.

Suddenly someone placed his hand on Raj's shoulder while Raj was lost in thoughts.

"Raj, are you also thinking about playing The Supreme Realm'?"

Raj shortly came back to his senses and looked towards the source of the sound.


A vague memory of a fat body flooded across his mind.

Alexei Zakharov was the full name of Alex. He was the only friend of Raj in his high school days. However, due to Raj's fault, he died after two years when they were in grade 11.

Alexei's condition was worse than his, He was an orphan from birth. They found him in a bucket with a nameplate on it, where they saw his name.

His name was a variation of Alexander (meaning "defender of mankind" in Greek) manages to be both sweet and strong — two characteristics most parents want in their little guy.

However, he was completely the opposite. His weight reached approx 80 kg this year.

"What Raj? Anything happened?" Alex stares at him.

However, Raj just smiled. He was glad to see his only friend again. In his past life, Alex was killed by Ali's men.

"Raj, what are you smiling at?" Alex asked, looking puzzled at Raj. He was wondering if he had become crazy since he was giggling by himself for quite some time.

"Just being happy! I'm happy to see you, good brother!" Raj stated as he excitedly hugged Alex.

After being ridiculously hugged by Raj, Alex muttered angrily, "Oi, Hero! Who's your good brother, you gay?! Quickly, release me!"

They've just started high school not long ago. They were only acquainted for only two months after a stupid teacher changed his section from 'D' to 'C'. They were not close enough for this level of intimacy.

Even if they were this close, he would never hug a man. He was born to be adored by girls.

Raj didn't loosen his hug. He looked at Alex seriously and chuckled "No matter what you're thinking, in my heart, you're always my good brother! And by the way, I'm not gay."

Naturally, Raj couldn't tell Alex about his past life. They were friends for only two years, but when nobody came forward to defend Raj. He was the one who arrived.

Because of the humiliation that day, Ali secretly instructed his men to kill Alex on the same night.

Looking at Raj's lewd gaze, Alex was stunned and couldn't help saying, "Creep!"

"Haha... me creep?" Raj pointed at himself and burst into laughter.

The famous rascal of the High school calling someone creeps. It is unbelievable.

Nevertheless, this rascal is better than those cowards.

Raj recalls the day when galactic police investigated the case of Alex's death. No one stood to point the finger at the killer except for him.

They all were afraid of Ali's retaliation.

That day, Raj learns only status and strength matter in this world. Besides, without strength, no one can achieve high status in this dog shit era.

That's why Raj strived hard to become a successful man. When Raj suppressed the wealth and status of Ali's family in his previous life, he took revenge and silently assassinated Ali.

Nevertheless, it took him almost 20 years to suppress Ali's family after the death of his friend, Alex.

'In this life, I'll protect you, just like you protected me in the previous life.' Raj thought to himself.


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