The Supreme One/C8 A Wierd Senior
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The Supreme One/C8 A Wierd Senior
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C8 A Wierd Senior

After some chit-chat with Alex, Kritos decided to leave for his hostel dorm.

Raj's hostel building name was 5-C, it was quite a shady place compared to the other hostels on the campus.

Most of the commoner's parents in this era prefer their children to stay in hostel dorms because High school provided better facilities than they could.

He rushed out of the electronic gates of the School and passed through the bustling road in front. The famous magnetic cars passed off one after another.

He could see many advertisements on the automated panels of many buildings.

"Glamorous Fairness no. 1 cream for men, now in America- Just for 50$."

"Absolute Stark planet vodka for Absolute people- Just for 80$."

"Light beer from the killer. Everything you always wanted in your beer. Your favorite 'Rhino Beer'. Just for 110$."

Looking at the price of these items, Raj giggled.

After the release of 'The Supreme Realm', the stock price of these items will drastically decrease.

In just 2 days after the release of it, the Market will drastically fall a huge slope.

The vodka and beer in 'The Supreme Realm' gives an ancient taste and you will feel 97% realistic taste. Moreover, your body will not be harmed in real life.

So, most people begin to crave all these kinds of stuff in 'The Supreme Realm'.

Raj came back to his senses and began to walk his way towards his dorm which is 400 meters away from the School building.

California High School of Science and Arts has a huge campus. It is like a town in itself.

The student count of Raj's High school has already reached 5000. It was quite shocking that these many students are just in Grade 9,10,11 and 12.

Raj picks up the old version of the iPhone from his pocket and browses the gallery, he stares at the family photo he took when he entered high school, Raj never realized that his parents had white hair. The corners of his mother's eyes even had wrinkles. They were no longer as lively as before; they were truly old now.

A half-year has already passed since he came here.

Raj noticed how aged his parents were. The large amounts of debt, excessive labor and stress had caused both his parents to look old. The money he tried to earn in the High school days of his previous life was far from enough to clear the debt.

Raj tried everything to collect enough money, yet it was still not enough. Even with trying his all. Finally, after two years, his parents sell their house to complete the debt.

After Raj earned millions of Credits in his previous life, this pain still remained within Raj's heart forever.

In his previous life, he failed to protect his parents and sister.

Thinking about the suffering they felt at their last moment of death, the lava of sadness and anger arouses in his mind.

"Kim Wentian, just you wait. Even if I have to perish with you to kill you. I will not hesitate." Raj swore to himself.

It isn't like Raj wished to die with him, but he doesn't know any path that could give him enough power in the next 5 years.

Money is money and Strength is a strength as well as money.

Suddenly, he thought of something that gave him a wide smile,'' Great! This is just too great! Hahaha! Since I have been reincarnated, I can change the course. I will earn enough money to send them away and I will let them live a life without Kim Wentian." Raj silently swore to himself as he wiped away the tears.

He plans to perish with Kim Wentian if he doesn't find a path to get enough strength to directly kill Kim Wentian.

About his family, he will secure enough money for them before dying.

'My first priority will be to earn abundant money to send them away from this country.' Raj thought to himself.

After walking for a few minutes, Raj reached his destination.

He took a lift to the 2nd floor. His assigned room was F-9.

Raj clicks on the bell ring of the room and patiently waits for the door to open.

Soon, the door opened, and Raj saw a boy with disheveled hair.

He has a perfect and tall figure with whitish skin.

He was Raj's senior, Tim Phillips, studying at grade 11, section 'D'.

Raj doesn't know much about Tim and it is really hard to grasp the character of him.

Tim rarely goes to his class. Most of the time, he spends it in the hostel dorm. Moreover, every night, Tim goes somewhere.

Hence, they hardly talk to each other. Only when Raj arrived at his hostel dorm. He could get a chance to talk to Tim.

"Huh! Raj… Tsk! Today school finished too soon." Tim said while his eyelids were on the verge of falling. His face was also completely dull.

If anyone sees him in this condition, they will definitely think of him as a dopehead.

"Yes, Senior Tim, today is half-day due to the planetary alliance day." Raj shortly retorted.

"Oh... This year Planetary Alliance Day came too soon."

Thereafter, Tim went again to his bed.

Raj wasn't surprised by his behavior. Most of the time, Tim sleeps in the dorm.

Raj steps into the room and glances at the somewhat familiar place.

Afterward, he walked towards the mirror and stared at his younger self through the mirror and at the familiar surroundings. Raj couldn't help but shake his head.

"My body was really weak during my school days."

Raj's height is quite average with a thin body figure. He has light-toned brown skin and a slightly widened oval face shape. Furthermore, his hair is dark black, and he has brown eyes.

All in one, he has an average face.


Suddenly, Raj's phone rang, when he was looking at himself in the mirror.

He picked up the phone from his pocket and glanced at the name written on it.

'My Life!'


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