The Supreme One/C9 The Mysterious Ring
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The Supreme One/C9 The Mysterious Ring
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C9 The Mysterious Ring

"Hello, mom… How are you?"

While saying, his voice trembled, it was almost more than 50 years, since he had talked to his 'life'

Unbeknownst to him, tears appeared in his eyes. His hearing ability became more sensitive to clearly hear the voice of his mom.

"I'm fine, son, but I'm very angry with you. Why didn't you call us?" A soft voice rang in Raj's ear.

"Sorry… I'm sorry mom, please forgive me." He said with fluttering lips, breaking the uneasy silence.

"Son!... Did someone bully you again? Tell me, I will complain about them to your principal." His mother's furious voice rang in his ear.

"No, mom, nothing happens. It is just, I miss you." Raj replied after wiping out the tears from his eyes.

"Ok, then come here. We are always waiting for you. It also happens that your little sister misses you."

"I will...I will come today. Just wait for me." After saying, Raj canceled the call.

Raj had already decided to visit his home. He was eager to personally see them with his own eyes after so many years.

"Mom, you don't know how many times, I cried thinking about you, father and sister." Raj murmurs to himself.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so Raj decided to stay there for one day.

Moreover, he intends to take the ring from his father's hands. Without that ring, they will probably be safe.

Afterward, Raj begins to pack up his things. It takes him only 10 minutes to get ready.

Raj put only one pair of clothes in his bag. He was just going to meet them for practically 1 day.

Later, he told about his departure to his roommate and then to the hostel manager of his hostel building.

Raj's house was hardly 250 KM away from his High School With the Metro convey train, it takes him nearly four hours to reach his hometown.

Upon glancing at the familiar place, he felt warmth in his heart. He often recalls this undeveloped place in his previous life.

Raj took a Quick taxi to his house. In merely 10 minutes, he reached his house.

As Raj got out of the taxi, he noticed someone standing at the door.

Raj's heart started breathing rapidly, he tried to focus on the familiar but unfamiliar face. His head became hot and he could feel the bulging of veins on his forehead and temples.

Although it was impossible to properly see. The figure was becoming closer until Raj felt a caress on his head. Suddenly a few drops of tears fell out from his eyes. Without a second thought, he recognized the younger face, it was of his Mother. Roshni Maurya.

"Hey, are you still a kid? Why are you crying, you were only away for almost 3 months?" His mother mumbled.

"But, I miss you all."

"It's alright." His mother caressed him.

Later, Raj met his sister. His father was in his construction work.

Raj's sister, Riya, is currently 10 years old, she looks adorable, and a hint of innocence sparkles in her eyes.

However, at a young age, she was affected by Long term Guillain-Barré syndrome (LGBS), a life-threatening disorder that affects the nerves in the body.

It has affected her in many ways, such as decreased feeling in her fingers and toes, trouble walking, and Trouble when swallowing anything.

Currently, She recovered from it, but it leaves permanent damage on both legs.

The doctor instructed that it is almost impossible to normally recover from it without a special drug.

Although, with a healing drug, she can fully recover in a week. However, its cost was something that his family could think of. Nearly 10 million dollars.

"Little sister, how are you?" Raj asked when his wealth reached 10 million in his previous life. He felt unbearable pain remembering his little sister.

At that time, he had money, but the person who needed it wasn't with him.

This lifetime, Raj is determined to change everything. He wanted to live beyond money.

"I'm fine, big brother. What about you? Did anyone bully you in High School?" She asserted.

Raj chuckled and replied," It's alright, nobody bullied your big brother."

Raj smiled, tenderly caressing her hair so it wouldn't bother her. "Sister, Let's play the entire day today. Although I will be busy with school, I will always visit you in a few weeks."

Upon listening to his big brother's words, Riya excitedly hugs Raj.

"You are best, big brother."

After many years, Raj could now feel the emotions of being with family. In a previous life, due to his studies, he didn't spend enough time with his little sister.

Raj's mother looked at the sentimental scene and said," You guys play. I will prepare some food for both of you."

Raj nodded his head in response, he was eagerly waiting for years to eat foods prepared by his mother.

It was already night when Raj's father, Vijay, came from his construction work. His clothes were soaked with sweat. Moreover, his face was dull.

However, upon noticing his son, Raj, his dull face overlaps with a pleasant look. Nonetheless, Vijay doesn't express it.

He never expressed his emotions to his son. He thought it may affect his studies.

Hence, most of the time, he behaves strictly.

"Why are you here? High school just started and you couldn't even control yourself?" Vijay snorted.

Raj ignored his words and delightedly hugged him, "Papa, I miss you."

Seeing the uneasy tension between him and Raj, Vijay just replied," Ok!"

Afterward, Vijay hastily hurries to his room to change his clothes before dinner.

They talk with each other and Raj shares his experience of High School with his family, he intentionally hides his condition in High School.

After dinner, Raj decided to visit his parent's room.

"Son, do you need anything?" Raj's mother asked as he entered their room.

"Yes, mom...I want to talk with father," Raj replied.

"Say, what do you want to talk about?" Vijay coldly asserted.

Raj looked at his father's tiresome face and said," Papa, l always wondering about our family ring. Is it something special?"

Vijay glanced at the ring on his left-hand index finger and thought for a split second.

"No, I believe it is just a normal ring made up of steel about 300 years ago. Your grandfather just said it is our family ring which passed down from generation."

Raj stayed silent for a bit and grinned," Father, I always wanted to have a ring for myself. If there is no problem, can you bestow me this ring?"

Vijay glared at him and shook his head," No, you don't come to the age where I can lend you this ring. It is our family ring. It's not some plaything."

"Mom, It is the first time I've ever asked something from you. Please, I will take good care of it." Raj pleaded.

"Vijay, give me the ring. Hadn't we already decided to give him the ring on his 18th birthday? Let's lend him the ring." Raj's mother supported him.

After some discussion, finally, his father agreed to give him the ring.

Upon receiving it, Raj cheerfully ran into his room.

"So, it was the cause of my family's death. If I don't find anything special about it. I will just secretly hide it." Raj thought to himself.

Shortly after Raj wears the ring on the index finger of his left hand.

Suddenly, a robotic voice resonated in his mind.

[Fusion between Supreme key (Locket) and Supreme Lock(Ring) commence]


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