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"Hello, the call you made is temporarily unreachable …"

Lin Dan threw her phone on the bed in frustration. He couldn't get through again!

Ever since that day, Chen Danpeng had been out of contact. No one answered his phone and his WeChat message did not reply.

"Ah …" "Ahh!" Lin Dan had her head in her hands as she squatted in front of the bed. Her voice was weak and desolate. Tears fell from her eyes.

Why did this happen? She just wanted to have a good relationship, how did she become mistress who was involved in other people's marriage?

My heart hurts so much that I can't breathe. Chen Danpeng was Lin Dan's first love. The deeper the love, the deeper the pain.

"Dandan, it's best you don't come to the company anymore. Everyone is very nasty. I know you're not that kind of person, but people's words are scary …"

Lin Dan's belief in finding Chen Danpeng was strengthened by her friend's message.

She liked the job. She couldn't afford to lose it. She didn't mean to be mistress. At the moment, she could only find Chen Danpeng to explain to everyone that she was also killed. Now, only Chen Danpeng could prove her innocence.

Lin Dan dialed Chen Danpeng's number again. The phone rang for a long time before finally answering.

"Lin Dan, what's the matter?" Chen Danpeng's voice sounded a little haggard.

"Dan Peng, when I was with you, I didn't know you were married, but you chased after me on your own accord. Now, everyone thinks I'm mistress …"

Before Lin Dan could finish her words, she was interrupted by Chen Danpeng. "Lin Dan, by your words, you have already vilified the sacred true love between us. They had agreed not to interfere with each other. I didn't expect you to come into contact with my wife in private and harass my family! "

"I did not... "I didn't even know you had a wife …"

"Keep pretending!" If you hadn't told my wife, would she have kept us in the office? You seduced me and purposely let my wife see! You made me lose my credibility in front of my family! I was wrong. I didn't expect you to be so scheming! "

Lin Dan held the phone for a long time. She had not expected Lin Danzhu to say such a thing and place all the blame on her.

She admitted that she had taken a liking to Chen Danpeng at first glance and felt that he was mature and courageous. However, without Chen Danpeng's hints and his flowers, gifts, and sweet words, would she be with him?

A new message came from "Di Di". Lin Dan opened her phone and saw Chen Danpeng among her colleagues. She pitifully said, "I confess, I'm guilty. I couldn't control myself. I was seduced by a young girl." I was going to be a good man, a good father, but it was all destroyed in one night. I insisted on telling them the truth because I hoped that they would not follow my path and would not repeat the same mistake. Women are tigers, so you have to be careful. "

"Supporting Brother Chen!"

"No matter how good a man is, he can't resist the allure of beauty! Brother Chen is innocent! "

"Being mistress's woman is too despicable! In the name of love, to destroy the marriage of others! "

"This kind of woman should be exposed. When she goes out, she gets robbed. It's her turn at home!"


There were all sorts of nasty things to say.

The tears fell again. Lin Dan stared at Chen Danpeng's profile pic again and again. She wanted to say something, but her hands were shaking and she couldn't type a single word.

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