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Lin Dan was beautiful and tall. Beauties like her were rarely seen in the law firm's high-intensity workplace. They attracted the attention of men and naturally became the object of the collective resistance of women.

No one in the group of colleagues spoke up for her. They were all trying to add insult to injury, wishing that they could step on her and never get up again.

"Chen Danpeng, why do you say that? How could I let you down? You want to do this to me? " Lin Dan sent a message in the end, but Chen Danpeng's profile pic turned gray and didn't reply for a long time.

In the colleagues group, the conversation became even more heated. There were even photos of Lin Dan on the screen from all angles, with the man making all sorts of dirty jokes.

A scholar could be killed but not humiliated. Chen Danpeng's actions had thoroughly ignited the anger in Lin Dan's heart. Initially, she had wanted to disperse after the gathering. Since such a situation had occurred, as long as everyone made things clear, they would part ways here.

He didn't expect Chen Danpeng to turn the truth around and discredit her. Was he trying to ban her in the legal profession?

Lin Dan decided to go to the company and confront Chen Danpeng in front of everyone. If Chen Danpeng continues to turn black into white, then don't blame her for not showing mercy. Lin Dan still had a record of their conversations. She didn't want to delete the love witnesses, but now they were all evidence. How ironic.

Lin Dan pushed open Chen Danpeng's office. The large office was empty. Lin Dan walked around and confirmed that Chen Danpeng was not here. Her gaze fell onto his table, where the flowers and grass, the rabbit ears, the fruit and coffee were all carefully prepared by her!

Unexpectedly … Lin Dan's tears flowed uncontrollably once again.

"Lin Dan, I've already said that Lawyer Chen is not here, why are you so unwilling to listen to me?" Chen Danpeng's assistant ran in breathlessly and looked at Lin Dan with disdain.

"Some women, always delusional, with thick faces and dark hearts, try to break other people's marriages! I don't think this outcome is very good either. "

Lin Dan ignored her sarcasm and quickly opened the office and conference room next door, but still couldn't find Chen Danpeng. She didn't give up and went to the office. At that moment, her colleagues were all complaining.

"Lin Dan, come to my office for a moment." General Manager Li Yan called her over.

"Director Li, I'm the victim. I really didn't know that Chen Danpeng was married. Please believe me." Lin Dan explained anxiously.

"This is a reasonable thing to say. Other than the person in question, none of us are able to make a decision. "This is for you. This is what you deserve. Don't decline it."

Lin Dan held it in her hand and opened it. It was a notice of resignation and a dozen yuan.

"Boss Li …" "I …"

"It's not a good thing. For the sake of the company, this is all I can do. However, you can say that you left on your own accord in the future, and the company is willing to testify for you.

Lin Dan left the company in a daze, a love affair, she lost her lover, and also lost her beloved job.

At this moment, in Director Li's office, Chen Danpeng was sitting in the seat where Lin Dan previously sat, "Director Li, this is all thanks to you. From now on, I will die for the company!"

"Senior Chen, remember that rabbit doesn't eat grass by its nest!" "You have to be responsible for finding me an outstanding intern. You can use Lin Dan's standards!"

"Sure, sure."

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