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It was a sunny day, and the weather was very good. An angry roar came from the playground — — "Listen well! You are the country's chosen ones, the country's future hope! The country spent money to nurture you! Run! Don't slow down! What was the kid doing behind him?! Even turtles can run faster than you! Your parents sent you here in the hope that you would one day become a good cop, not a street hoodlum who ate and fought! It's also good for you to be scum in the past! Parasites! The scum of society! From now on, all of you will start at the same starting line. Whether you become the embodiment of justice or continue to be a bedbug will depend on your performance in the future! Listen to me, I will not give you the so-called education of love. What you need here is courage and boldness! If you don't want to be beaten to a pulp by others in the mission, then train hard. If you don't want to be beaten to a pulp by me here, then show me your strength! In the future, if you are still alive and leave this school, you will be a true elite! I will always welcome you guys to seek revenge on me! Did you hear that? "

"I heard it!"

"Louder!" Is he a man? "

"I heard it!"

Two o'clock in the afternoon, at the hottest time of the day, a group of youths on the field had already run thirty or so laps, each running 400 meters in a row. All of them were sweating like it was raining, their throats were smoking and their tongues were about to drop to the ground.

The former Battle Field was standing by the side of the track. His body was straight and there was a whistle hanging around his neck. He watched his students run around in circles with cold eyes and his hands in front of his chest.

He was an instructor at the largest and only police academy in the city, and was recognized as a strict teacher at the university.

On the first day they entered the police academy, everyone had been deceived by Field Marshal Awesomo's appearance. They had thought that he was definitely a civilian instructor, but in the end … To judge a student by his appearance would make these students suffer a great loss.

"Hurry up! "Run another ten laps. Whoever falls behind will have no dinner tonight!" The battle field roared once again. What responded to him was a more compact formation. Although it was filled with resentment, it would be better to save the energy to run two laps more than that.

At the end of the afternoon training, there was a 'corpse' in the playground.

This was one of the teachers in the field, and his grades were excellent when he graduated from the police academy. Because he was too outstanding, he had been entrusted with the task of nurturing more outstanding talents. He had been hoping to graduate and leave school, but after graduation, he was left behind at the police academy as a teacher. He would never be able to leave school now.

Although he could be considered a police officer, this was still a far cry from his original dream.

For five years, for five years, he had always wanted to get out of school and become a real cop without having to face a bunch of little goosebumps!

Five years, from his initial hope to his present despair, every day he had to contend with a group of teenagers who were in a state of turmoil, and he, a young man, had to be tortured like a training machine.

"Teacher Yuan!" The principal wants you to come to his office! " At the end of the class, a female colleague called out to him just as he was about to go to the lounge to change.

He did not have the time to change his clothes. He went straight to the principal's office, knocked on the door and entered.

The first sentence that the old principal in his fifties, who was in full spirit and was wearing police uniform, said was, "Boy, you're going to stick your neck out."

He was going to come out? God knows how long these three words had been waiting for him.

He did not know why, but he felt a chill run up his spine to his head when he heard the two words and saw the smiling lines on the principal's face. He had an impulse to ask, Principal, can I change my mind today or tomorrow?

There were iron bars everywhere, and every few dozen meters there was one. It was as if there was only black ash in front of his eyes, and there was a taste of death floating in the air. The sound of metal colliding, the clamor, the cold ground, the numbed faces … Field lowered his head and looked at the silver "bracelet" in his hand. It had a learned name: handcuffed. He raised his head and looked at the building he was in — the prison.

That's right! He stuck his head out. Less than 48 hours after the principal had said those words, he had already stepped forward! He was in prison.

What was going on? Zhan Ye frowned. Under the lead of the prison guards, he walked while thinking … It was as if he was called to the office by the principal, and the principal said to him …

"You're going to stick your neck out!"

What do you mean?

The headmaster smiled and gestured for him to sit. The two of them faced each other, and the principal began to talk loudly.

"Teacher Yuan, ever since you graduated, you have been working hard to retain your position in this school. The students that you have accepted are the most outstanding ones! All of us are sure of that. " The principal took out a cup and brewed a cup of tea for Zhan Hu. His personal collection, the best peak, was never brought out when an ordinary person had something to ask of him.

"There's no need to praise me anymore. If you have anything to say, just say it directly!" He was no longer in the mood to put on a tall hat.

"Cough, cough!" The principal cleared his throat, placed his tea in front of the field, and returned to his seat, "This time, our superiors have an important task for us to recommend an outstanding talent to complete. After thinking about it for a while, I still feel that this task belongs to you. How about it? "Are you willing?"

Field Marshal Awesomo raised his eyebrows, "You can change your position if you succeed?" He didn't ask about any missions, nor did he ask about how dangerous it was. He just wanted to know if he could leave school and become a real police officer if he succeeded.

The principal laughed. "The traffic police are armed police officers. You can be any one you want."

"I'll do it!" As long as he could become a real police officer, nothing could stop him.

As if expecting his agreement, a shrewd light flashed in the principal's eyes, fleeting.

He smiled. "I know you've always wanted to leave, and that's true. A talent like you would be a waste of your life to remain here as a teacher, and I can understand your desire to become a genuine police officer. You're very good, and I have confidence in you.

"There's no need to consider it further, I'm willing!" "I'd love to get out of here, but I'm also a cop. I've always taught my students how to be good cops, and I know that myself. "It's my honor to be trusted by the organization. No matter what dangerous mission it is, I've been preparing for it since the day I chose to enroll in the police academy!"

"Good!" I really did not see wrongly, I believe that you will definitely not let me down! "

The corners of Jiang Zhan Ye's lips curled upwards as he asked with confidence between his brows, "What kind of mission is it?"

The headmaster took a folder from a drawer and placed it on the desk. "Undercover."

Zhan Ye looked at the black folder and frowned. "Why would the higher-ups come to the school to find spies?"

With so many policemen around, which one of them was more suitable to be a spy? This was a promising job, right?

The principal sighed, "There are indeed a lot of people who can be spies, but the problem is that this time we have to be spies in an extraordinary place, and the target we have to get close to has a background. He is very familiar with the police, and if we send a full-time police officer there is no guarantee that they won't be recognized, so the superior wants someone who is experienced and knows what the police should do, but is not a full-time police officer to accomplish this task. "You're also a police officer, but you haven't revealed your identity to the police. If you go directly to a spy, you definitely won't be recognized!"

After hearing this, he felt that this made sense, but … "Where are we going to hide? "And what is the target?"

The principal picked up the folder and handed it to him. As he opened it, he saw that there was a document inside, as well as a photo. The document had the name of a man written on it — — Nie Fengyu.

"He is the target of this mission."

He closed the folder calmly and asked, "What do I need to do?"

The principal smiled, "The police recently beat up a Lao criminal group. The boss has already been caught, but without their record of criminal transactions, it should be a USB or magnetic disk or something like that. The tainted witness has given the transaction record to Nie Fengyu."

"Nie Fengyu is also involved in this case?"

"I can't be sure yet. I'll have to wait until I get the transaction records before I know."

"Understood." He nodded and pondered for a moment. Find out the location of the transaction records from Nie Fengyu. "

"Yes." The principal nodded. It sounded simple, but in reality it was not that simple. He smiled and said with a lighter tone, "Speaking of which, this is the first time you are going out of school on a mission. Are you confident?"

Field Marshal Awesomo smiled faintly, "Whether or not you want to try it all, you have to."

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